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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Zuma the Dog: New Styles

Zuma the Dog: New Styles

Something for the Summer

It's one of life's great sensations - slipping on some warm clothes on a summer evening when it starts to get a bit nippy and pulling a hood over your head.
After running around on the beach, a family barbeque or simply after playing in the garden, you'll want to dress your kids in bright, summery clothes that match their mood.
Zuma The Dog has four designs that fit the job nicely for children - an orange, yellow or white with two choices of contrasting lining are the sort of colours for winter warmers that they will love wearing when they're allowed to stay up past their bedtime.
And when it comes to hugging them goodnight, you won't want to let go as you feel the softness of the fluffy fleece
All have the distinctive and friendly Zuma The Dog logo on the front. The white designs not only have Zuma's cute tail printed on the back, I've thrown in a key chain as a bonus.
You'll find the hoodies on the webiste at www.zumathedog.com in sizes up to 10 years.