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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Zuma's Christmas

Jingle bells, Zuma smells, Mummy flew away............ tra la la la la la do be do be doooooooooo..........Hey!

After my previous years of digging out the Christmas gifts and tearing off the wrapping paper to eat all the chocolates that Mummy had bought for gifts. This year I’ve decided to be a lot more helpful and pose as Santa’s little helper.  I haven’t pulled down the tree once, so far and I’ve been helping to keep it alive by watering it regularly in my own special way (if you know what I mean) and keeping a close eye on the chocolate decorations to make sure Master C and Daddy don’t secretly steal them.

With only a few days to go I think we are all definitely in a good mood and looking forward to spending time with our family and friends. It’s been a busy time for Mummy, with the Christmas shopping rush and our white fluffy fleece hoody has proved to be a winner again this year. We just love that winter warmer and you do also, by the looks of it. We’ve had many promotions, business has been moving on and while you are busy buying from our winter range, Mummy has been busy working and selling the summer range. With the usual bright coloured designs and funky motifs, stripes and patterns have been added to bring you more diversity. This new range is so much fun and I am happy to be at the centre of it all.

Orders are being taken on some summer items with small minimum order quantities and to view what is available visit our Facebook page. Instructions on how to place your order is in the photo album. I’m now wondering which style in our summer range is going to be the best seller. Our winter items are still available to buy and these can be ordered through our website www.zumathedog.com.
The last of the Christmas presents have been bought and there is still some wrapping up to do. Mummy has asked me to help and as I’m now trying to be a reformed dog I should really go and do as I am asked. I think she wants me to hold down the wrapping paper while she cuts the sticky tape.

On behalf of me, Mummy and the Zuma the Dog team we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Much Love


Zuma XX

Friday, 26 October 2012

Zuma's Expecting

Wow!!! With just eight week to go till Christmas we are fast approaching the busiest time of year for shopping. I'm sure you are all Halloweened out and can't wait to start your Christmas shopping. Mummy has been frantic buying gifts which I thought were for me, but found them on the dining room table this morning and Master C tearing the wrappers off them with sheer excitement and delight. I guess it must be his birthday and I’ve been forgotten about again. But that’s fine as I’m expecting Santa is going to be extra busy this year with all the gifts my fans are going to be sending me. Have you put yours in the post yet?
As the build up to Christmas goes on most of you are looking for gifts and ways to spend your money wisely treating your little ones and looking towards the online flash sale and voucher sites. Mummy has been busy working with many of your favourites to try and bring the best offer of Zuma the Dog winter items she can to you. This week it’s the turn of Savvy Mummys. Starting on the 30th October we have an outfit option available to you at almost 60% off, a winter warmer that will keep your little one snug while looking stylish and bright. As in most cases with the flash sales sites they are members only, so in order to make the most of this offer pop along today and register in plenty of time and your reminder will be emailed to you in time for the promotion.

Remember we have other items on our own website from softtoys, to books, which make great gifts and our greeting cards are perfect for your little ones to give to their friends.

Master C rushed off to school quickly this morning wanting to show off his birthday boy’s badge to all of his buddies. He left the wrapping paper all over the floor and I’m now going to assist Mummy by tearing it into tiny shreds and spread it across the floor. I’m sure she’ll appreciate it as it’ll be much smaller and easier to get in the trash bin. Gosh! I love it that I’m so helpful. Wonder Dog should be my new name, Zuma the wonder dog. MMMMMMmmmmmm I like the sound of that.


Much Love


Zuma XX

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Zuma's Flashing

For me in my little paradise I notice the nights are drawing in and a small change to the weather, mostly in the evenings. During the day we are still experiencing highs of around 25 degrees C, but the evenings are feeling much cooler. I’m sure the UK is feeling the change much more and as we move closer to Halloween and Guy Falk’s night the need to dress in warmer snugly clothes is becoming increasingly noticeable.

Autumn is a wonderfully colourful time of year, when the leaves change colour showing us oranges and browns of a vivid nature. But as the leaves fall away the colour disappears with it, we want to help bring colour back into your child’s life while the world around looses it as the winter comes and the darkness draws in.


 At Zuma the Dog HQ, Mummy has been working closely with the flash sales sites to help bring our snugly colourful winter warmers to the UK at affordable prices for all. Our deals offer up to 60% off selected styles and this week you can find these offers at www.mumsway.com . Mumsway is a member’s only site who carry many well know children and baby wear brands including Zuma the Dog where you have to register to join and receive weekly emails telling you what’s on offer. Register now in time to receive our Zuma the Dog offer, which starts Monday 15th October.

Along with our designer children’s clothes we also offer greetingcards and books, which you can find in our accessories section to our website. With all this going on why shop anywhere else?

The day is starting to warm up a bit today and Mummy has promised to take me to the beach. For me this is another great reason why I love the winter months here. Dogs are allowed back on the beach and I’ve certainly been making up for lost time. Frisby on the beach is my favourite game and best of all I love to see Mummy running into the sea to save the frisby after I’ve dropped it in there. It gives her a workout. Mwaaahhhhhh!!!!!

My lead is on and frisby in mouth ready to go.


Much Love


Zuma xx
P.S. If you want to know more about what we get up to at Zuma the Dog HQ come fine us on Facebook.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Zuma's Looking Forward

The summer holidays are over and all the kids are heading back to school. We have been very busy here at Zuma the Dog HQ during the school holidays and even Master C has been busy preparing for his first day at big school.

It seems that only yesterday the summer has started to move away giving room for autumn and already we see posts on Facebook of people looking forward to the festivities that lead us up to the year’s end grand finale.  In our household we have Mummy birthday, which marks the end of summer. Master C’s birthday which co-insides with Halloween, then Guy Falk’s night followed by Thanksgiving and Christmas (we are quite a mixed family so find ourselves celebrating everything). With all this in mind we too are ready for the new season with many new products and gifts and greeting cards.

Our latest product launched only this week is our "Adventures of Zuma the Dog" story books which are designed in bright colours and illustrated with bold images to capture your child's imagination. Based on true events, I get up to all sorts of fun and adventures, with basic learning elements of time, colours and numbers in each book. Your pre-schooler will enjoy getting to know the basics while having fun with me.

These books are available to buy online as well our greetingcards for all seasons and our winter clothing rage of kids hoodies, which is perfect for keeping your little ones snug and warm.  

Now I need to go. I’ve got some babies that need my attention and Mummy wants me to show my more caring side and take care of them. Remember, you can keep up with our day to day shenanigan's by following us on Twitter and liking our Facebook page too.


Much Love


Zuma XX

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Zuma's day at the shelter

What a fun an educational day out yesterday. Mummy took me to Bianca animal shelter to show me how the other half live. I was surprised to see so many abandoned and abused dogs and the simultaneous woof from 300 dogs took me by surprise.

Bianca works around the clock to give these dogs a secure place to stay until they can be re-homed and work with animal associations all over Europe including the U.K to make sure these doggies get new homes, which can be anywhere within the EU and make sure these homes are the right place for them, so they don’t end up abandoned or abused again. Ana, the co-ordinator at the shelter was explaining to Mummy that this year has been the worst for abandonment with an amazing 56 dogs left at the shelter just last month. Can you believe that!?
                                          Me with Ana and some doggies in need of a home

All the dogs looked very happy and well looked after and all did their best to look adorable with their take me home eyes.  I did wonder for one minute that I was going to end up having to share my bed with a new dog that night, but managed to be cute enough to stop Mummy from bringing someone home and opted to sponsor a dog instead. It’s just 24€, that’s only £20 per year to sponsor a dog at the shelter. That’s enough to feed and give a dog all the medical attention it requires. That’s very little indeed and you can make a donatation via paypal at Bianca's website.

The charity t-shirts that Mummy designed for Bianca looked amazing and can now be bought via our Zuma the Dog Facebook page, www.zumathedog.com and www.bianca.pt at £10 for a kids t-shirt and £10 for an adults t-shirt  it really is very little to spend and show your support to such a deserving cause. Mummy can ship these t-shirts’s worldwide too, so there really is a great reason to buy.


    Mummy, Master C and me with a new friend

We had a wonderful day and the staff were really hardworking and lovely. Reliable volunteers are desperately needed, but still the dogs have such a lovely time during their stay with Bianca that we were told some don’t like to leave.  The dogs are very sweet and all they really just want is a loving home with lots of attention and walks. It certainly made me realise how lucky I am to have such an amazing family that love and adore me. Perhaps the reason Mummy took me there was to teach me a lesson. I think behaving myself more should be my priority and appreciating my family should be my priority. As lovely as the people are at Bianca, I wouldn’t like to be put in that position and loose my family.

Much Love

Zuma  XX

Monday, 30 July 2012

Zuma's feeling quite charitable

It’s been a while since my last post and Mummy has been so busy she’s barely been able to let me near her laptop to write anything. This is usually the time for vacations and winding down, but not here at Zuma the Dog HQ.

Things have been moving along quite nicely and I still continue to have fun and inspire Mummy with all my naughtiness. A new range has been designed and samples made with our factory. We’ve found someone to publish our books and it’s now even easier to buy Zuma the Dog product online with Kiddiebase.co.uk and The G.B. Sore here in Cascais. There was a moment though when I fell quite poorly and couldn’t move for days. Even jumping on the sofa was quite difficult. The vet thought I’d gotten a bug from those nasty tick monsters, but after a few days of little yellow pills and yakking up half the tennis ball I forgot to tell Mummy about, I felt much better and back to my usually bouncy self.

During that time Mummy took good care of me and made sure I was comfortable. She got thinking also about those doggies that don’t have a family to love and take care of them. You see it every day, doggies wandering the streets, looking for food or a bed or someone to love them. I feel most fortunate to have all of that even though my naughtiness has probably brought me close to living on the streets.  So, after a lot of thinking Zuma the Dog has decided to choose Bianca.pt as their official charity to help wherever we can. Bianca is an animal shelter for abused and abandoned cats and dogs, who nurse these animals back to health if necessary and find them new homes with loving families.  We have designed a range of t-shirts for men, women and children, which you will soon be able to purchase via our Zuma the Dog website, our Facebook page and via Bianca’s own website too. We are very proud of these t-shirt and hope that you will be able to support us and Bianca by buying one of these specially designed t-shirts. All money that is made goes straight to the charity to help buy food and medicine for these worthy animals.

We are hoping to go and visit the shelter soon. I’m looking forward to meeting doggies and hearing their stories and possibly offer some comfort at the same time. Keep an eye out for my next blog post about my visit to the animal shelter.

Much Love

Zuma XX

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Zuma's Celebrating

It’s been a while now since Mummy, Master C and I arrived in Portugal and it appears we are all settling into our new life quite nicely. Master C is settling into school, making friends and learning the new language well. I’m spending some time running to the beach, playing fisbie or sunbathing. I’m bonding with Daddy S more each day and have allowed him to teach me to roll and stand (it makes him feel better).

Each week there has been something to celebrate and the Portuguese really do know how to party. Any excuse for a festival. Music festivals, Festival of the Sea, Motor bike festivals, we even had one to celebrate a Queen. Can’t imagine what that was about. My personal favourite has been “Dia de Crianca” or Children’s Day. This is a lot like Mothers Day only for the kids and lasts for three days. The town was full of children and parents having a great time. Bouncy castles on the beach, climbing walls, giant chess and many stalls where the kids could have their face painted, do arts and crafts and even learn how to make their own soap. Cool hey?!

Mummy appears to be celebrating a lot too. She’s been working on many new ideas and designs and she tells me I’m going to be world famous. She has now appointed a sales representative for Zuma the Dog in a place called Down Under. Looking at my world globe I think she means Australia. It seems like a very long way away and very big too. I wonder how many people live there. Now she tells me she’s looking to appoint a Sales Rep in the USA and once she has done that I will have to start behaving myself as my choices of actions could have consequences on our clothing brand. MMmmmmmm Naaaaaaaaa. I think the naughtier the better. People love an adorable dog being sneaky and mischievous. Makes us seem more human. That is why we are man’s best friend.

So, now that we have representation within the ANZ marketplace it makes life easier for you to get your hands on Zuma the Dog products in that territory. If you would like to enquire about our range of kid’s jeans, boy’s designer t-shirts, boy’s designer hoddies then please contact Luke Condon from LJC Consulting. You can also enquire via our Facebook page and Twitter too.

Now, I spotted a flower pot earlier, which looked ripe for digging. Think I’m gonna give Mummy another reason to tell me off. *chuckles*

Much Love

Zuma XX

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Life's a Beach for Zuma

Wooooo hooooooooo!!!! Yay! Yay! Yeeeeeehhaaaaaaaa!!!!!  I’m having soooooo much fun these days I think my head is going to fall off. My tongue spends most of its time out of my head, dribbling and dangling in the sand and 90% of the time I’m either wet or completely covered in sand. I permanently have a big smile on my face that only surgery will be able to remove.

Each morning I pull Mummy down the hill to the beach. She has real trouble catching up, but we’ve now halved our trotting time from 20 minutes to 10. We are definitely getting better and this jogging malarkey is something I believe I was born to do. RUN!!!!

I’ve taken up a new sport. Frisby. It’s so exuberant and brings me so much pleasure. Mummy throws it as hard as she can and I scamper as fast as I can to try and catch it before it hits the ground. Mummy likes to throw it into the sea to make me go in the water and for that I roll around in the sand to get as grubby and grimy as possible. He He He!!!!!! You should see the look on Mummy’s face. Not amused, as she knows she’s gonna have to shower me and clean up the sand when we get home. Still, keeps her on her toes and I guess it will stop the fleas from settling as there’s not enough room in my fur for the sand. Mwahhahahaaaaaaa!!

We are working hard too. All this play time is creating design time too and although it’s just starting to be summer for you. It’s almost winter in our world of design and manufacture. We are working on autumn / winter 2012 design and sales, which appear to be going well so far. Mummy has secured some deals, which means our Zuma the Dog hoodies, boy’s designer jeans and kid’s designer t-shirts can be purchased from other retail sites apart from our own. This is such great news for our brand as now we are able to reach new customers that wouldn’t necessarily locate us Google searches.

You can still find us on Facebook and Twitter and we always love to hear from our customers. Why don’t you pop along and tell us what you’ve been up to on the beach?

Much love
Zuma XX

Monday, 30 April 2012

Zuma's new clothes

Hummmmpppffffff!!!! I don’t know what Mummy is trying to do to me. As much as I love the beach, my poor little self is not used to 3km runs every day. I blame Auntie M. She came last week for a visit and made us run to the beach and back every morning. The first day was such hard work I was actually sick on the boardwalk. Now I’m so exhausted after each run, I’m unable to get up to much. Just lying around in the sun or moving to my bean bag when it gets too hot and then to my water bowl for a little drinkies every now and again. I do believe it’s a little plot to keep me out of mischief, but you just wait as soon as I get used to this new regime I’ll be back to my naughty self. With all this beauty that surrounds me I really shouldn’t grumble and be grateful that Mummy has brought me to a place where I can be free and inspired to get up to fun things that, in turn makes Mummy happy and inspires her to create new ideas for our Zuma the Dog clothing brand. Brand awareness is increasing and sales are picking up, which means Mummy now has to come up with a new range. She’s busy researching, jotting down things I get up to and making up new slogans to go on to t-shirts and hoodies. She’s got a few goodies up her sleeve and can’t wait to see her new designs. You should really check out the styles we already have at www.zumathedog.com Kids designer jeans, boys designer hoodies and girl designer t-shirts. Come and see us on Facebook and Twitter too. We love to hear from our fans. After all, your opinion counts. I need to get back to my lazy lying around. Need to let Mummy know that she is killing me off with all this exercise. See you next time (hopefully).


Much Love Zuma XX

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Zuma's loving the Sun

My new life in Portugal is turning out to be the best decision Mummy ever made. I am very comfortable in my new Zuma the Dog Headquarters, with my old beanbag bed from England and a new bed for the front room. I’ve done a lot of digging in the new garden and made myself perfectly at home. I get to go out for lots more walkies and the beach is only a short walk from Zuma the Dog HQ. I go there every day. Power walking Mummy down the hill into the sand dunes and straight onto the white sand. At first it was an odd feeling between my paws and running on it was difficult, but it didn’t take long before I was running faster than everyone else. You’ll find all the doggies walking their owners at the beach and I’ve even heard a story about a lady who lives near the beach who owns 15 Jack Russell’s. Can you imagine that?! 15 of me running around your house!! You’d love it!
I’m not sure if dogs can catch the sun, but it’s been super hot and as much as Mummy tries to keep me in the shade at home, I love to crash out in the sun. My under belly was pink, but now it’s a lovely shade of brown. I think I’m going to have to be careful as I’ve also noticed a few more black spots appear on my back.
This raises the point about sun safety. Mummy has been putting sun factor 30 on my nose, which is a really great idea. You can never be too careful with the sun and here at Zuma the Dog we know the importance of protecting ourselves from the sun’s harmful rays. We also believe that getting some sun is important with many health benefits. Not only does it make you feel happier and lift your mood, but it is also the best source of vitamin D. Recent studies have shown that many children are not getting enough sunlight into their system. For many years, as a parent you have been told to cover your child in the highest factor sun block possible to protect them from sunburn and skin cancer. I have seen Mummy cover Master C from head to toe in the past with factor 30 then jeans and a t-shirt on the beach. This religious sun worshiping ritual is actually stopping the Vitamin D getting into our children’s system, which can cause, in extreme cases rickets. This disease in most cases is caused by malnutrition, but a Vitamin D deficiency is not helping.
It is important that our children get the benefits from the sun without having to suffer the consequences, so perhaps consider what Mummy has been doing lately and let Master C play in the sun for an hour and then cover him in sun block.
To see more of what I’ve been getting up to in my new home. Find me on Facebook and Twitter too.
Play safe in the sun.

Much Love

Zuma XX

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Zuma's Moving Adventure

Oh my good gracious!!! What an adventure!! Mummy said we
were moving, but I didn’t quite understand what that meant until now. Over the
last two weeks I couldn’t understand why Mummy was making sleep downstairs in a
big plastic box. I thought she didn’t love me anymore and couldn’t work out
what I had done. I kept finding little white and blue pills in my food too. I
always eat up my food so went with it and ate them too. After a few days the
box became almost like home and I accepted it and calmed down enough to sleep
in it every night. Something very strange has come over me and rather than the
usually panic mode of anxiety that usually takes over my body, a calm wave of
acceptance that everything is really ok has taken its place. I like this
Two days ago Mummy bundled me into the box and packed me
into the car with Master C, a whole bunch of suitcases and Grandad drove us all
off to a very strange place where they put me onto what they call a pallet and
fork lifted me onto a very big metal bird. Crikey! It was a bit scary. It was
quite dark and at one point I was thrown to the back of my box. I thought I was
going to be sick, but managed to keep it down. I don’t remember too much, but I
know it took a while and when I was eventually fork lifted out of the big metal
bird it was very sunny and hot outside. Looking out of my box I could see Mummy
and Master C getting out of the big metal bird too, but from another exit. I
barked to let them know I was there, but I don’t think they could hear me. They
got on a bus and went off in a different direction and I was driven off to
somewhere miles away from Mummy.
After another hour of waiting I was finally reunited with
Mummy, Master C and Daddy S. It was so amazing to see everyone together. I was
so happy. I thought I was lost and forgotten about. Mummy tells me we are in a
place called Portugal and this is where she has been coming all this time to
prepare a home for me and Master C. I love it here already. I am relaxed and
enjoy the freedom that I couldn’t get back in the old home. I have been out for
dinner with my family and power walked Mummy to the beach this morning and met
the sea for the first time. Woweeee those waves are big!! I’ve dug a big hole
in the sand and found a ball to bring home. I feel happy and inspired and ready
to help Mummy design a whole new range for Zuma the Dog. Let’s just hope I can
keep up this new positive attitude and not go back to my naughty old ways. He
he he he he he.

If you want to hear more about my everyday antics and about my Zuma the Dog clothing brand come and like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

Much Love

Zuma XX

Friday, 9 March 2012

Zuma's almost on the move

I must be paranoid because there are some odd things happening right now. A big boxy cagey type thingy arrived at the house last week and Mummy is making me eat all my dinners in it. My toys are all in there and every now and again I find little treats and tip bits in there too. Mummy was sleeping with my towel all last week and now that’s been put in the box too. I guess it’s supposed to make me go in there, but I’m not so sure, something is really very odd about the whole situation.
I do recall Mummy saying when she got back from her last trip that the next time she goes away I would be going with her, but I thought I'd go along with my packed suitcase like her and Master C. Not sure if this box has anything to do with it, but it’s freaking me out. I’ve also found a package of anti anxiety pills with my name on it too. What is that all about? I don’t get anxious? Do I? Hyper sensitive maybe, but not anxious.
Anyway, this week at the Headquarters of Zuma the Dog we’ve been working on new products. Our favourite has to be the crochet hat. With its floppy ears and googly eyes, it really is very cute and would make any child feel loved. While sourcing this product, Mummy decided to go down a different route and go local. She found someone very near to our HQ who could make these special hats be hand and with all the love and fun that our brand stands for. These are not mass manufactured, but made to order only, which mean your child will be thought of during every stitch in the making of this product. I love this hat so much that when Mummy tried it on me I wouldn’t take it off. Imagine that, Zuma wearing a Zuma hat. Too funny
To order you very own Zuma the Dog hat visit our website www.zumathedog.comand look for Crochet Hat. You’ll also be able to check out our other products while you shop.
For more gossip on our day to day goings on find us on Facebook or Twitter
Mummy has just made my dinner which she is just serving up in the box. I’m gonna go and woof it down quickly and hopes she doesn’t shut the door on me in the mean time.
Much Love

Zuma XX

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Zuma's in protection mode

Having now finished beating up on and eating the last of the
cushions that live on the sofa, I’ve now turned my attention to anything I see
lying around the front room. The house is now almost empty of furniture and
Mummy and Master C have disappeared again with the suitcases. There’s not much
left for me to chew on, so I guess it’s gonna have to be the book Nanny has
left on the side. Nanny is here taking real good care of me as always. She
tells me the next trip Mummy does I’m going with her and she can’t wait for me
to go. She’s says if I tear up another one of her books she’s going to tear me
up into little pieces. I can’t understand why. What does she mean by that? I’m
only doing what Jack Russell’s do. I’m protecting her by letting her know
people are on the property. Not my fault she leaves her things lying around. A
bit more gratitude for the free protection, thank you very much! I don’t know.
These humans just don’t know how good they have it with me around.
If you take a look at our Zuma the Dog range, you will
notice the bright colours. These bright orange, yellow and greens are designed
to make your child stand out in a crowd. This gives your child an element of
protection. The wearer is seen from a distance, which means you as a parent can
keep a good eye on your little on in the playground or at the park. I don’t
just like to protect my family. I also like to protect my fans and customers.
Zuma the Dog is designed with your child in mind and made with love.
To see our full range visit us at http://www.zumathedog.com/ Our designer boys hoodies, colour full cool
for girls and kids designer jeans will give your child the edge and make
them stand out for all to see. Your child will explode with excitement just
like me when they see the Zuma the Dog package arrives from the postman. To
stay closely in touch with my team, you can also find us on Facebook and
Twitter. Why don’t you pop over now and say Hi?
I need to get back to Nanny and make sure she is ok. I guess
if Mummy is back next week it can only be a short time before I leave with her
on the next trip. I got some packing of my own to do and better get on with it.

Much Love

Zuma XX

Monday, 23 January 2012

Zuma's Great Escape

HHHmmmmpppfffff!!!! Why do humans have to talk so much? Why
do they have to tell each other everything? My little garden escape hole has
been discovered by Mummy all because the neighbour told her I was in their
garden chasing the cats around. That’s my fun foiled for now.
Those brilliant badgers keep making me
new holes in the fence so no matter how many times Mummy covers them up new
holes appear each day. There’s always some way of me getting out and visiting
the neighbours. Two doors down even offered me some water. Brilliant! They
never seemed to tell me off or chase me away, so I thought they wanted me to
play in their garden.
Big boxes of stock have been leaving the house just lately
and Mummy tell me they are for a big order from the American e-tailer Zulily.
Firstly they need to have new labels put in them to comply with US import regulations
so we all went up the warehouse and counted out all 3100 units ready for the processer.
What a job! Master C who can barely count to 10 got most of the boxes mixed up
and I really was too cold to do anything so spent most of the time sat in a
bush waiting for everyone to finish. I’m the star of this set up and I don’t
want to die of the cold thank you. Mummy said we all needed to work as a team,
but really? Moi? What could I possibly do?
It took a few hours, but eventually the job was finished and
all the stock was sent off and now we are getting ready for its return at the
end of the week. Our sales event is being held on http://www.zulily.com/ next week. So all of our
American fans please keep an eye out for it as you may be able to pick up a
If you want to check out our full range of kids designer
, t-shirts and kids designer jeans then please hop over to http://www.zumathedog.com/ and also come visit us
on Facebook and Twitter. We love to hear from you.
It’s time for me to go sniffing out some more badger holes. I
can hear the neighbour’s cat calling to me and I really want to see what she

Much Love

Zuma XX

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Zuma's Indulgent Christmas

It seems so long ago now, but really only a couple of weeks. Christmas for us was really wonderful. Mummy had some brilliant news about our big move. Daddy S came over from Portugal and spent the whole of Christmas and New Year with us. Mummy is obviously less stressed, as busy as she is, still finds time to sing as loud as she can (really badly mind) and mess about play rough housing with Master C and me. I love this new less stressed Mummy. She’s ace!
We were all very spoilt over the holiday season and even I am carrying a few extra pounds. I was given a basket of special homemade terrier biscuits, which I’ve been told were made just for me, by a Zuma the Dog fan (Thank you Stacey). Gosh, I’m, so lucky. They were actually quite yummy and didn’t last long. They were like cat nip for dogs; I had absolutely no self control over them. You should try them, Facebook Paw Prints by Masquerades and order some for your pampered pooch.
Mummy is back to full swing with work and with our latest big order from America, we will soon be out of stock with our winter styles and Mummy will be ordering in our spring / summer stock. We have some great new Ideas here and would love for you to Facebook us with your comments. What would you like to see in our range? We strive to come up with fun and funky ideas for your little ones to enjoy and love to hear what you think of our ideas. After all it’s you that buy’s our product, so it’s you that matters.
To see our full range of kids designer hoodies, kids designer jeans and boys designer t-shirts visit our website www.zumathedog.com. You can also find us Twitter too search zumathedogshop. We would love to see you there and please introduce yourselves as we love to meet our Zuma the dog fans and friends.
I know my first blog of this year is short and sweet, but we are on a deadline and Mummy needs all the help she can get. Yes! Me being helpful! A part of my new year’s resolution. I wonder how long I can make it last?

Much Love

Zuma XX