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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Zuma's Celebrating

It’s been a while now since Mummy, Master C and I arrived in Portugal and it appears we are all settling into our new life quite nicely. Master C is settling into school, making friends and learning the new language well. I’m spending some time running to the beach, playing fisbie or sunbathing. I’m bonding with Daddy S more each day and have allowed him to teach me to roll and stand (it makes him feel better).

Each week there has been something to celebrate and the Portuguese really do know how to party. Any excuse for a festival. Music festivals, Festival of the Sea, Motor bike festivals, we even had one to celebrate a Queen. Can’t imagine what that was about. My personal favourite has been “Dia de Crianca” or Children’s Day. This is a lot like Mothers Day only for the kids and lasts for three days. The town was full of children and parents having a great time. Bouncy castles on the beach, climbing walls, giant chess and many stalls where the kids could have their face painted, do arts and crafts and even learn how to make their own soap. Cool hey?!

Mummy appears to be celebrating a lot too. She’s been working on many new ideas and designs and she tells me I’m going to be world famous. She has now appointed a sales representative for Zuma the Dog in a place called Down Under. Looking at my world globe I think she means Australia. It seems like a very long way away and very big too. I wonder how many people live there. Now she tells me she’s looking to appoint a Sales Rep in the USA and once she has done that I will have to start behaving myself as my choices of actions could have consequences on our clothing brand. MMmmmmmm Naaaaaaaaa. I think the naughtier the better. People love an adorable dog being sneaky and mischievous. Makes us seem more human. That is why we are man’s best friend.

So, now that we have representation within the ANZ marketplace it makes life easier for you to get your hands on Zuma the Dog products in that territory. If you would like to enquire about our range of kid’s jeans, boy’s designer t-shirts, boy’s designer hoddies then please contact Luke Condon from LJC Consulting. You can also enquire via our Facebook page and Twitter too.

Now, I spotted a flower pot earlier, which looked ripe for digging. Think I’m gonna give Mummy another reason to tell me off. *chuckles*

Much Love

Zuma XX