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Monday, 15 September 2014

Back to School

So, this week is Back to School week. I don’t know about you, but it has certainly been a very long summer break. Master C certainly needs to be back amongst his friends and Mummy really needs to get back into work mode and get her focus back to ME and all things that surround ME! Ten weeks is really far too long for the schools to be closed in my opinion.

I spent a good chunk of my time hang out with my favourite trainer, playing at his farm and being generally quite spoilt, while Mummy and Master C gallivanted across the globe in search of inspiration for new styles and Mummy tells me she even wrote a new Zuma the Dog book. Can’t wait to start seeing that come to life.

Mummy said she was sorry that I couldn’t come with her and was sad I couldn’t experience all the fun they had in Brazil and England. She took stuffed Zuma with her to make up for it and it does look like he had a great time. To be honest though, I know I had the best time where I was and as much as they enjoyed seeing lots of new things and making friends with strange new creatures, rolling around in a dusty old farm, digging up rotten old balls and long walks on the sunset beach is a much better holiday for me.
Apparently Stuffed Zuma got really good at photo bombing and here are some of Mummy's snap shots to prove it. 
Relaxing and enjoying the river in the Rainforest of Brazil
"Look Mummy, this is where they grow Bananas"
"Don't you think this would make a great location for a photo shoot for Zuma the Dog?"
The locals are so friendly
Super fun ride on the cable car. Mummy and Daddy zipped lined down this.
Awesome view of Balneario Camboriu from Unipraias Adventure park
We loved all the animals and birds at the Botanical Gardens in Joinville
A romantic trip through the Rain Forest by train
So many palm trees at Rua da Palmeira


I am relaxed and ready to face my public and enjoy what is ahead for Zuma the Dog. New school term equal new adventures for us all. Bring them on!


Much Love


Zuma XX

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Back to Business

We love learning language at our office, new words every day. I’m learning Pekingese, Dachshund and Shih Tzu. and I have to say the accent on Shih Tzu is quite difficult to get to grips with. Foreign language learning for children is really important in the world we all live in today and here at Zuma the Dog HQ we are continuously looking for new ways to promote our new bilingual books series as well as the books of our affiliates.

Our original book series can be bought online and in goodbook retailers, but our bilingual range is a little more niche and we have come up with a plan to get this range into your homes with Zuma the Dog – Books at Home. This is the chance for you to get the books at home. Sell the books and earn commission on sales. Meet new people. Hold parties and events. Build a network and earn commission on their sales and work all this around your daily routine. Sounds pawsome to me!

Print & colour activities for parties
and events
It’s simple to get started just email us at zuma@zumathedog.com to order your starter kit, which includes 15 books, 10 stuffed dog key rings, our printable Books at Home catalogue and order form and other children's activities. 
Stuffed key rings comes in your
starter pack
Build your network and become a team leader and watch your income grow. Below shows a simple diagram of how this can work for you.
 It's up to you how many team members you have on level two and how many team members your level two team want to take on. Remember the bigger your team, the more you earn!

 It's easy, simple and fun! I am here to take your enquiry. Get in touch today! 

Much Love


Zuma xx

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Born Flea!

I’ve now been living in paradise for two years and it occurred to me just the other day that since I’ve been here I have not once had a single flea. In the UK it felt at times that I was the only dog in the world that hosted these annoying little pests. That they all came to live on me and no matter how many times mummy washed and Frontlined me and sprayed the house I would always remain the most desirable host for fleas. The summer months were particularly the worst and she would often worry about the chemicals she was putting on my skin and how they would affect both me and Master C, if he was to get any on him. How harmful are these pest control cures to the environment and the home?  It wasn’t something I thought about much until I was sat scratching my ear with my back foot, just yesterday and then remembered that this was something I used to do more often than I care to admit. This got my little mind thinking. What has changed? Why am I now completely critter free? What has changes about me? Am I truly Super Zuma?

After a little research online I soon discovered the little known fact that FLEAS DON’T LIKE SALT! Pawsome! This means, now my lifestyle has changed, becoming a beach bum, all the surfing and paddle boarding I’m doing is not only giving me a great doggy cardio workout, but it’s also repelling the fleas. More online research says that even pool water that contains chlorine will also repel the little parasites as chlorine is also salt. This is possibly the best news I heard all week!

I understand that I am a lucky pup living by the sea and having a pool in my garden which gives me access to as much salt as my little fluffy body can take, but we have thought that perhaps there is a way you can tell your humans about this natural way to get rid of those pesky fleas.  I suggested to Mummy that a mixture of salty water put into a spray container and sprayed all over your fur could help prevent infestation. Give it a try. I’m sure you will be amazed with the results.

I’m heading out to beach for another dip in the sea and to try out my new wetsuit! Let me know how you get on with our natural flea repellent remedy.

There's no fleas on me!


Much Love


Zuma XX

Monday, 5 May 2014

Lights! Camera! Action!


This year seems to be flying past so fast, spring has certainly settled in and before we know it summer will be here. There has been so many bank holidays just lately and Master C has been off school, so Mummy has had less time for me. I’ve spent some time woofing at the postman and the builders working on the house next door and dreaming about what I would do if they accidentally fell off the wall and landed in the garden. I’m pretty sure I would give them a nice fright, just for my own pleasure. It’s funny seeing humans jump when they hear my high pitch woof.

Mummy and Master C have spent some time over the Easter break being creative and making animated movies starring yours truly. Master C has had fun creating his characters, making the Popagami army and drawing the scenery and I’ve enjoyed watching them focusing on ME! Even though it is indirectly. The movie has made me out to be the hero (as I am), fighting the evil alien invaders and It’s been nice seeing my human family have fun together doing creative activities. For a small boy Master C really does have a great imagination. The result is pawsome! Check it out here and feel free to share his talent. It would be dogtastic to see this go viral!

I’m pretty sure Mummy will find a way to use this as a way to market my clothing brand. There is always something going on here at Zuma the Dog HQ and often I get dragged into being involved one way or another. I'm seven and a half now and getting too old for all this silliness! I think I’m going to just sit here for a while, staring out to the garden and dream up other ways the world can focus it’s attention on me.

Much Love


Zuma XX

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

We made it!

We made it!

It looks like we have finally come through what appears to be the wettest winter for hundreds of years! I feel we are starting to come out of hibernation, out of our homes and we have certainly started spending more time at my favourite location. I think Mummy is getting me to meet lots of new doggy friends and wearing me out as much as she can at the beach so I don’t woof so much at home.
Love learning new beach activities
We have started with some fun activities which has included Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP), which I wasn’t so sure about at first, but as long as I remember not to jump head first into the sea I will be fine and will probably enjoy it more as time goes by. Mummy tells me there is a Dog Surf competitions coming up at Praia do Guincho in May and would like me to take part. Do you think I can get myself trained in time?

Fun and Frolics at Praia do Guincho

The beach is coming back to paradise after it took some serious battering from the storms in January and it even looks like the sea is starting to deposit the sand back in its rightful place. With the plants coming back to life and Easter on its way we definitely have a good positive feeling about the new season ahead.
New and exciting projects and developments are happening at Zuma the Dog HQ and the most recent to be rolled out this month is our new Zumathe Dog – Books at Home programme. We have designed this for our customers who enjoy our books, can sell them and earn commission for sales of our Zuma the Dog Book series. With the world becoming smaller we recognise that foreign language learning for small children has become more of a necessity to get ahead in our competitive world. Our original book series have been made into a bilingual range to include popular European languages like Spanish, French, Portuguese and German. More are on the way and teamed up with our product partner Popagami we have come up with a tight range of books both parent and child can enjoy and learn from.
We are encouraging people worldwide to join and become team leaders and develop their own network where commission can be earned on team sales. We would love to hear from you, so please get in touch with me at zuma@zumathedog.com

The sun is still beating down on the garden and this blog post is taking up precious sunbathing time. While mummy has her back turned I’m going to sneak off and get some more sun time before it disappears behind the fence.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Much Love

Zuma XX

Monday, 3 February 2014

Happy New Year and happy year of the horse! It already seems like ages ago and January seems to fly by so fast. For many it’s been an interesting start to the year. With snow storms in the USA, high winds and rain battering most of the west coast of Europe bring destruction and floods to many households. It’s almost in a biblical sense.
Boardwalk blown away by winds
High tides destroy Praia do Guincho

The destruction we saw in Portugal was sad. The beaches torn up and we lost my favourite boardwalk to the beach from high winds, but I am fortunate that the beach is still there and I am able to run and play like any other day. My thoughts go out to those from home who are not so fortunate. My home county of Somerset has been hit so badly by the storms almost all of the levels are submerged in water. Mummy recalls times as a child when the river near her home would burst its banks and the field below her childhood home would fill up with water, but never in her days has she seen such massive floods and so much devastation. She remembers that after the floods came the freeze and the field below her home would freeze over and all the children from the neighbourhood would come to ice skate. The floods brought fun and fond childhood memories not destruction of homes and loss of business to the farmers.
Burrow Bridge Mount in the Floods

Somerset Levels overcome with floods
I was told by a family member that the local council stopped the dredging of the rivers in Somerset many years ago due to cutback by the government. With global warming and the extra rain that has been falling the rivers have not been able to cope, bursting their banks and causing these floods. I’m sure there is more to it than that, but surely the cost of this devastation out ways the cost of keeping the rivers clean? Here Mummy has found and interesting video which touches on the real cause of the problem.
It’s so sad to see my home where I grew up covered with water and seeing very little help coming. It’s been almost two months since the start of the floods in Somerset and will anything be done to compensate these people? A message to the UK government: Remember, Charity begins at home!
Much love
Zuma XX