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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Family Shoe Madness

Who clears away the shoes?

All families have their little quirks and as I watch my skin family in their daily activities each day I believe they are getting worse with their family madness. I spend a lot of time observing others (let’s face it, being the inspiration of a kids brand means I get to sit around and be cute most of the time) and I can see the patterns of silliness as they progress. I remember reading a hilarious article on Huff Post a few weeks back on my ZPad about a Mum who documented one comical quirk that her family has…………….leaving socks around the house.

Well, this got me noticing a few things and all of a sudden I could see a similar pattern occurring in our house. This time, not socks, but shoes! Clearly not a personal problem for me as my skin family feel my paws don’t need shoes, but two other members of the family are very obvious culprits of this new family quirk.

Like the article on Huff Post I took to taking photographs to document this silly past time and it only took me a couple days to get all these snaps.

 Now that's a lot of shoe neglect from only two people in just a couple of days!

I hope by showing you these photo's I can highlight to my family that their shoe abandonment is not only cruel shoe abuse, but it's driving me crazy too. My sense of smell has been working on overdrive these past few days and it's not been pleasant.

I think it’s time to send the family to get some training. What do you think?

What does your family need a little more training on?

Much Love

Zuma XX