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Monday, 16 October 2017

All Change Ahead for Zuma

It seems like forever since the last time I put paws to keyboard to update you on life as the muse of a kid’s brand, so much has happened, including moving countries. Yes, that’s right, I left the beach of my precious Guincho Beach in Portugal and swapped it for the mountains of Switzerland. Mummy said it was a good move for everyone and I get to meet new doggy friends and learn another language. Language is important for a multi-traveling dog like me, so now I find myself learning to woof German and living on top of a hill with fields and trees all around. The view across to a mountain is breath taking and I have funny four-legged neighbours that eat a lot of grass, who wear these large bells around their necks, ding-donging all day and make a kind of Moo sound. I’ve never seen such a funny looking creature, but they keep themselves to themselves and I’m happy to watch them all do their thing.

I’ve taken my time to settle in. It’s been a big change. I’m enjoying the long walks through the forest and there’s always something that catches my interest. New sounds, new smells and lots of new people. I had a little run in with an electric fence while on a bog walk down a mountain, but I'm ok. Something new to learn about. I think I’m going to like it here.

With all the changes with our home, Mummy seems to have still found time to work and she tells me she now has a sales agent who will be working alongside her and the licensing agent to sell our clothing range into retailers within the UK. She seems to be very happy about that. She’s busy working on the Winter 2018 collection, creating fun styles for you and these items will be in stores and online next winter to buy.
Can you imagine how exciting it is to see your own face on the T-shirt in the front window of a shop?

Until next time

Much Love

Zuma xx