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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Born Flea!

I’ve now been living in paradise for two years and it occurred to me just the other day that since I’ve been here I have not once had a single flea. In the UK it felt at times that I was the only dog in the world that hosted these annoying little pests. That they all came to live on me and no matter how many times mummy washed and Frontlined me and sprayed the house I would always remain the most desirable host for fleas. The summer months were particularly the worst and she would often worry about the chemicals she was putting on my skin and how they would affect both me and Master C, if he was to get any on him. How harmful are these pest control cures to the environment and the home?  It wasn’t something I thought about much until I was sat scratching my ear with my back foot, just yesterday and then remembered that this was something I used to do more often than I care to admit. This got my little mind thinking. What has changed? Why am I now completely critter free? What has changes about me? Am I truly Super Zuma?

After a little research online I soon discovered the little known fact that FLEAS DON’T LIKE SALT! Pawsome! This means, now my lifestyle has changed, becoming a beach bum, all the surfing and paddle boarding I’m doing is not only giving me a great doggy cardio workout, but it’s also repelling the fleas. More online research says that even pool water that contains chlorine will also repel the little parasites as chlorine is also salt. This is possibly the best news I heard all week!

I understand that I am a lucky pup living by the sea and having a pool in my garden which gives me access to as much salt as my little fluffy body can take, but we have thought that perhaps there is a way you can tell your humans about this natural way to get rid of those pesky fleas.  I suggested to Mummy that a mixture of salty water put into a spray container and sprayed all over your fur could help prevent infestation. Give it a try. I’m sure you will be amazed with the results.

I’m heading out to beach for another dip in the sea and to try out my new wetsuit! Let me know how you get on with our natural flea repellent remedy.

There's no fleas on me!


Much Love


Zuma XX