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Friday, 18 December 2015

Little Dog signs Licensing Agent

So, this is why Mummy has been so busy just lately. Would have been nice to know she was signing me to an agent. I guess now I can say "Talk to my agent!"
Zuma the Dog finds growth through Licensing

Glastonbury based start up Children’s brand Zuma the Dog is excited to announce they have now signed a Licensing Agent. Those Licensing People based in North Yorkshire is set to grow the brands awareness outside its original clothing line.

  TLP will represent Zuma the Dog, with an initial project being a TV series aimed at 4-6 year olds to be broadcast worldwide via its YouTube Channel Zuma the Dog TV. This will open up Zuma the Dog to an international market and give the ability for the brand to extend outside its current online market with licensed products such as stationary, plush collectibles, toys, gifts and apps. Award winning marketing company Weird Lime will be heading up all the marketing to compliment all licensed products. “This is an exciting step forward for Zuma the Dog”. Says owner/creator Samantha Morgan “we are really looking forward to working with TLP and Weird Lime and will continue to make sure Zuma the Dog’s core brand philosophy stays in the forefront of the TV series and any new licensed products.”

Samantha will continue to concentrate her efforts on the clothing line and hopes the licensed products will bring more brand awareness and free up time for her to continue designing fabulous fashion for kids.

Little Stuffed Zuma is all ready
for Christmas
What exciting news this is to end what has been a fabulous year for the whole family. I can't wait to see myself on TV and going over right now to subscribe to Zuma the Dog TV. I suggest you do the same to be sure you get the very latest on the TV show.         
With Christmas just around the corner there is still time to get your hands on some of our award winning Zuma the Dog products and our books make great stocking fillers too.
We hope you enjoy this special time with your families and we will be back in the New Year with more news and updates about our TV series and other escapades from Zuma the Dog HQ.

Much Love

Zuma XX