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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Zuma's day at the shelter

What a fun an educational day out yesterday. Mummy took me to Bianca animal shelter to show me how the other half live. I was surprised to see so many abandoned and abused dogs and the simultaneous woof from 300 dogs took me by surprise.

Bianca works around the clock to give these dogs a secure place to stay until they can be re-homed and work with animal associations all over Europe including the U.K to make sure these doggies get new homes, which can be anywhere within the EU and make sure these homes are the right place for them, so they don’t end up abandoned or abused again. Ana, the co-ordinator at the shelter was explaining to Mummy that this year has been the worst for abandonment with an amazing 56 dogs left at the shelter just last month. Can you believe that!?
                                          Me with Ana and some doggies in need of a home

All the dogs looked very happy and well looked after and all did their best to look adorable with their take me home eyes.  I did wonder for one minute that I was going to end up having to share my bed with a new dog that night, but managed to be cute enough to stop Mummy from bringing someone home and opted to sponsor a dog instead. It’s just 24€, that’s only £20 per year to sponsor a dog at the shelter. That’s enough to feed and give a dog all the medical attention it requires. That’s very little indeed and you can make a donatation via paypal at Bianca's website.

The charity t-shirts that Mummy designed for Bianca looked amazing and can now be bought via our Zuma the Dog Facebook page, www.zumathedog.com and www.bianca.pt at £10 for a kids t-shirt and £10 for an adults t-shirt  it really is very little to spend and show your support to such a deserving cause. Mummy can ship these t-shirts’s worldwide too, so there really is a great reason to buy.


    Mummy, Master C and me with a new friend

We had a wonderful day and the staff were really hardworking and lovely. Reliable volunteers are desperately needed, but still the dogs have such a lovely time during their stay with Bianca that we were told some don’t like to leave.  The dogs are very sweet and all they really just want is a loving home with lots of attention and walks. It certainly made me realise how lucky I am to have such an amazing family that love and adore me. Perhaps the reason Mummy took me there was to teach me a lesson. I think behaving myself more should be my priority and appreciating my family should be my priority. As lovely as the people are at Bianca, I wouldn’t like to be put in that position and loose my family.

Much Love

Zuma  XX