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Monday, 24 October 2016

Small Dog Join Pop Up Squad

It's always Go Go Go at Zuma the Dog HQ and as if Mummy didn't have enough to do working for ME on my brand, she's also got herself involved with other projects too. Sounds to me this is quite a worthy one, where Mummy can pass on the benefit of her expertise and advise those looking to start up for themselves. Here's the press release below.

Glastonbury based children’s brand Zuma the Dog become adviser with You Tube Channel.

Brand owner Samantha Morgan-Bertish is proud to announce her collaboration as an adviser with new You Tube Channel My Perfect Pop Up Shop. After working for several years with pop up shops to launch her children’s brand, Zuma the Dog, Samantha was asked by fellow entrepreneur and author Daisy White to join her new initiative in helping other small business owners when setting up their own pop up shops.

“My Perfect Pop Up Shop has been designed to inform, inspire and create the biggest global archive of pop ups. There’s advice from experienced Pop Up shop owners and entrepreneurs too”. Explains Daisy White. “The Do’s the Don’ts and tips from Pop-ups from around the world”.

 The channel was launched in September this year and has been gaining popularity in recent months. “I am excited to be asked to join this fantastic new project as a “Pop UP Squad” member”. Says Morgan-Bertish. “Believe me, I’ve not exactly got it right in the past and have a lot of advice to offer”.

You can subscribe to My Perfect Pop Up Shop on You Tube for free and see Samantha’s video from Portugal and advice from other Pop Up Squad members.

 You can also follow on Facebook too.

That's certainly something I would look out for if I was starting out again. But you know what? The best place is being the boss. Have everyone do it all for me.It's not so easy for me to do the hard work. I don't have thumbs!

Much Love