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Tuesday, 25 August 2020

When Enough is Enough?



Life has its ways of twisting and winding taking us on a road we never expect. It is an exciting world, life is full of love and joy, ups and downs. Weird things happen and 2020 has been something out of a science fiction novel. We bob along on our merry way quite nicely for the most part, muddling along, minding our own business. Then BAM! Life decides you need another lesson to learn and it certainly a revelation when too much adventure having can really take its toll.

Luckily during lockdown Mummy was quite busy with work, it kept her occupied with some none related Zuma the Dog projects (I must state that she’s really very naughty for not working on me) and some money dripping in why others struggle to pay their rent. We felt fortunate to be able to spend longer together as a family pack, working, playing, growing free food in the garden, and generally having a nice time. As lockdown eased, we all crawled out of hibernation and that’s when reality slapped Mummy across the face with a wet fish. Now, my Mummy has been through some stuff in her time. She is a tough old bird. She has survived domestic violence, she manages autoimmune disease, which can sometimes leave her chronically fatigued for weeks, just to mention a couple of things, but grief is a new one for her.

We lost the matriarch of our family pack last month. Nanny Zuma the Dog.

While she had been ill for some time. The last couple of months she was doing well. Covid had kept us apart since March. None of the usual visits could take place. The monthly flights were put on hold and all reduced to regular phone calls and a video call once a week. It was difficult, but Mummy knew Nanny was in the right place, being cared for properly and judging by their last video call Nanny looked happy and as lucid as she had been in months. Making jokes, laughing, and gossiping as any normal mother daughter relationship. The new meds were working, Yay! And everything was great. Her departure from this world just a few days later was completely unexpected. I had never seen Mummy so upset. The loss of a parent is something we all go through and no matter how much we think we prepare; the grief hits you like a truck. Crawling and crying with dangling snot. It’s not a good look for Mummy, but I understand the emotions overtook her every being and for a while she was just not herself. Emotional relief at times like this is essential. I get very emosh when I lose my ball. Oh the grief,………….that I put the famalam through. So, I can relate.


I guess grief has several stages?

 Mummy pulled herself together for the practical things. With Auntie Zuma the Dog living in the US. Us in Switzerland and Nanny in the UK a clear head was needed to organise and make decisions via three different time zones and the Covid pandemic. Another layer that life threw our way to overcome. We must remain thankful that Mummy and Auntie Zuma the Dog are very close. While some families break down at times like this my family pack pulled together, leant on each other, loved on each other, consoled each other, which goes to show that distance should never be a factor in family breakdowns. Both Mummy and Auntie worked together in their grief. Dealing with decisions, working on solutions, with practical minds they coped. It only seemed like the little things would set Mummy off. Making the big decisions for the coffin, the flowers, music, the eulogy, didn’t seem to faze her. It was the video call from an old friend, the quiet moment at dinner in a restaurant. Little moments like that which turned her back into a dribbling wreck.


Is that normal for grief?


It’s been six weeks since Nanny crossed the rainbow bridge. In that time Mummy had to drive across Europe twice and take two flights, all to ensure her Mummy had a good send off, while in a Pandemic and socially distancing during a time when all that’s needed is a hug. Since her return the twists have not stopped and believe life hasn’t yet given her the opportunity to grieve properly. I can see in her eyes, the past couple of months have weighed down on her and I can’t help thinking its time for her to think about her mental health and slow down. Something must give and I am not going to allow anxiety not caused by me creep in. (Note to self: Be nicer and more helpful to Mummy).


Can the lack of time to grieve play on ones mental health? Can emotional upset from many different incidences over a period of years be a factor of poor metal health? I guess, for now time will tell and I will most definitely be keeping an eye on my human Mummy.


With this last note, I remember Nanny Zuma the Dog with love in my doggy heart. She took care of me when Mummy was away and despite destroying many of her shoes, she loved me unconditionally. I will hold on to her forever in my heart. RIP Nanny Zuma the Dog.


Much Love 

Zuma XX


P.S. Many exciting things going on. So next time we will return to a post that’s more about me, myself and I

Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Beat the Boredom

It's been five weeks since we returned from our little trip to the UK and I haven't left the comfort of my home since, except for quick walks out in the forest opposite my home. While organised lessons have been set up by schools to keep us busy, there are only so many times I can run through my times tables, read books and bounce on the trampoline. The boredom is starting to set in, without a doubt.
PopJam post from this week
For those who know me, know I like to keep busy and being creative is one of those things that stop my mind from cooking. So, to help myself and you beat the boredom I've set various creative activities on my website. You can find them by clicking on my activity button at There's colouring in, crafting and sewing activities for all to join in and download for FREE. I love free, don't you?
I love to see what you are getting up to, so please remember to share with me on social media your creations and use #ZumaTheDogCreations with a chance for me to share.
 I'm defo looking forward to all those adventures once the lock down is lifted. How about you?
Until next time............stay safe and keep well.

Much Love


Friday, 13 March 2020

Living La Vida London

The shocking news of London Book Fair2020 being cancelled due to the ongoing situation with the Corona Virus did not stop my hooman Mummy from heading off to the big smoke. She’s a huge believer in adventure and with a couple of more meetings put in place she was going out there to see what the universe will bring.

Whilst I didn’t go with her per se, she never leaves home without little me and by Jove she took him out whenever she could. Obviously protected by a little mask………of course. I'm precious. Right?😉

Here’s a little run down of what Little Stuffed me got up to in the big smoke.

Cute cocktail bar perfect for meetings 

First stop the hooman had a meeting that didn't involve me. Hmmmppff! But this cute bar called The Marylebone on Marylebone High Street made the best place for a meeting. Lovely interior with hops dangling from the ceiling, the staff warm and friendly. They don't serve food, but you can order in your own which is a cool idea. 

 We wandered on through the streets after. Down to Oxford Street and took a peek into the Disney Store and randomly bumped into a fellow PopJammer and You Tuber known as Showbiz Jamie . We were very excited to meet him and after a lovely chat, they may be some collabs coming soon to PopJam.

A red carpet moment
Further on down the street, we crossed a few roads, made a few turns and oooppppss! Huh? Whats that? We're on a red carpet outside the London Palladium on The Princes Trust Awards night. Well of course, I had to have my photo taken. But where are the celebs? Hang on.......I'm the only celeb needed. Aren't I? 

Mummy felt like we were gate crashing, so she didn't let me stay long for photo's. Such a shame, I would have loved to be papped. 😉 One day maybe?

China Town

Such a beautiful evening in London, the walkies continued into China Town and then up into Soho for our final meeting at The Groucho Club. A private members club for those in the publishing, writing and arts world. I could sense Mummy was feeling a little like a fish out of water, but as always she graciously entered the stunning reception area, where we were greeted by a very nice, helpful lady who showed Mummy to her meeting. Our meeting went well and as always I'm sworn to secrecy about what's discussed in these meetings until contracts are signed. 

The Groucho Club 
What I can say is, it was a fantastic meeting and a lovely dinner that followed. It goes to show that when your plans change for unforeseen circumstances, keep adventuring on. The plot twist will bring you to something else and often something better. This positive meeting with one of Britain biggest talents in comedy and writing  has got us excited about the next step for making me the most famous dog in the world. 

Mummy hanging out with Roger Planer 

Much Love



Monday, 10 February 2020

Zuma the Dog and the Blustery Day

Today we cling on the our maintain with all our might as we experience gusts of up to 200 k/ph, I fear that we will end up in Kansas if this continues for much longer. Yesterday’s walkies through the forest was quiet, peaceful, sunny with a hint of spring in the air. The calm before the storm perhaps?

As I watch the trampoline fly across the garden for the umpteenth time, not only am I happy to not go for walkies today, but I can’t help noticing how different the weather has been this season compared to other years. It’s my third winter in Switzerland now, I don’t have many to compare, though the first two winters here were your stereotypical Swiss winters. Exciting, cold, snowy, long and very beautiful. And many days where we’ve had to dig ourselves out (my favourite). Snow almost a meter high, definitely way over my head. We were told by our neighbours, that snow like this on our little mountain was unusual, that it snowed, but not to a point where we couldn’t drive the car or even get out of the house. 
Winter 2019
The first snow arrived at the end of October and continued on and off until May. We had two winters like this and believed this was how winter was here and our neighbours were wrong. As the summer of 2019 disappeared into autumn, I got excited about the coming winter. The forest doesn’t change that much due to it being mostly made up of pine trees, but those that do, their leaves start to change stunning colours, crisp up and fall. October came and I knew it wouldn’t be long before the fun stuff came. I waited by the window each day, staring out in anticipation, shaking with excitement, pining, hoping. I waited for the powder to fall. November, December, still nothing. January brought hope with a day of dumpy white fluff, but it didn’t last. Rain followed and it all but disappeared. Was this the usual Swiss winter neighbours told us about?

I watch the mountain opposite. At the top it’s the same usual snow filled peaks, but further down the line ends abruptly giving way to green fields and forest. I hear the neighbours say, “No snow at all is very unusual.”

Winter 2020

So, as I help Mummy bring the garden furniture into my bedroom to stop it from blowing away, listening to her telling me to get inside (I believe she thinks I might blow away), this made me ask the question. Is this evidence that Switzerland is also being affected by climate change?

What do you think?

Much Love


P.S. I turned 13! National Zuma the Dog Day was 24th January. Here's my birthday cake. :-)  #NationalZumaTheDogDay


Monday, 23 December 2019

A Year in Review

When I posted the last update from the world of me, I didn’t expect it to be my last in over a year. Like for many, 2019 has been quite the roller coaster. While December started of with promise, with me being awarded “Best Children's Entertainment Brand 2018 – UK” by LUX Life Magazines Global Excellence Awards of 2018 and the ongoing work towards my animated series, we were all very excited for the new year ahead. But as January took hold it was evident 2019 was to be a challenging year ahead.

Two family cancer diagnoses, one celiac disease diagnosis, one pending, an extreme case of iron and vitamin B12 deficiency, a dementia diagnosis and an ageing dog (that’s me). It’s quite a lot for one small family, but as families do, we drew together in support of each other. While the cancers have been beaten and the autoimmune diseases managed, we still stand by helpless as we watch a beloved member of our family decline and taken away from us due to the cruellest of diseases. Dementia.

An unexpected, rapid decline since diagnosis. Memories are lost, family members and loved ones forgotten as confusion sets in and we all watch, hands tied as our loved one relies on memories of a childhood suppressed. Calling out for their long-departed mother in tears. Difficult to watch as a childhood, filled with abuse are memories most remembered as events are relived. Forgotten family members stand by as we work together to love and support each other. With tides between us all, we cry, console and listen, like blind people In the darkness we feel our way through the endless forms, meetings and legal jargon that comes with a family member in care with dementia. We work our way through the process to make sense of what is right for our lost loved one.  

I use the word “lost” as I feel there is no other word to describe it. A physical presence is with us still, but the rest is gone only for brief moments of clarity, lucidness where the old person revisits before leaving us again with only the body of the loving, caring, beautiful person who once resided in this now empty shell.

What can we do? How do we all live with and manage something so wicked? We live with hope, though I guess time will tell, as a family, together we follow each other down the rabbit hole of dementia.

As we kiss goodbye to an eventful year for all, I can proclaim it’s not all been doom and gloom. While still under non-disclosure agreements, I am limited to what I can tell you. Just that while I take some family time to enjoy Christmas, snuggle under a blanket in front of the fire while the snow falls and winds howl outside, it won’t be long before we, and in “we”, I mean, Mummy will be full steam ahead for some exciting things for 2020.I hope it won't be too long before I can spill the beans on all the exciting things happening.

With much love from

Zuma XX

P.S. I won’t leave it so long next time, I promise.

Monday, 12 November 2018

It's Anti-bullying Week.

Bullying and gender stereotypes are precursors to larger social issues such as domestic violence. My puppy life exposed me to conflict where my human Mummy couldn’t always be there to protect me. I was loved dearly and the only way Mummy felt she could protect me, and the rest of my family was to pluck up the courage to move far, far away, so that we could make a new life and recover from our trauma.

As an experienced survivor of bullying, I love learning languages and is a stand against bullying. I am all about healthy communication and helping my friends to feel understood and to understand them. My understanding and use of foreign language and experience in living within different cultures and difficult situations gives me compassion and the ability to understand others and resolve issues quickly. I want to show the world what I have learnt and share my experiences to help others, so they don’t have to experience what I did.

I believe that by teaching children, with the help from my pals, about healthy communication, conflict resolution and acceptance of diversity, we will break down traditional gender stereotypes and learn about equality and consent. Creating healthy relationships while raising good self-esteem and eliminate bullying from the inside out.
It’s only by educating children from an early age that we can create a loving and tolerant generation and put an end to bullying and I will aim to be that role model of love, tolerance and the anti-bullying go to for children.

‘A bully won’t stop until his mindset is dropped.’

Much Love

Zuma XX

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Brand Licensing Europe 2018 - What a show!

Seems like weeks ago now that we visited BLE, but we are still excited from the buzz and opportunities that are following. Another day where everyone gets to talk about me all day and we really did have a lot of fun. Yay! The weeks after BLE are always busy with follow up meeting and talks with our agent and marketing team and it’s not until November that everyone will be back in the office full time to get on with the next phase.

Some highlights from the show and look.....there's a Pikachu
on Mummy's head.

It’s the third time we’ve attended BLE and this time we had some wonderful meetings and met some great people and we would like to thank those who took the time to meet with us and talk about licensing opportunities with Zuma the Dog going forward.

We’d like to tell you all about these meeting but unfortunately, bound by secrecy until contracts are signed. At least I can give you some highlights and thank those who met with us personally.


We won! Yes, that’s correct. We won a prize from the Twitter competition leading up to BLE. It was very exciting going to pick up our personalised ‘Love Island’ water bottle from ITV Studio. The fact we’ve never seen an episode of Love Island didn’t deter us.

Dragging the boy around a big show like BLE, did make us stand out and it can be a little monotonous at time for him, but when we passed by the Sega stand (the boy being a big Sonic the Hedgehog fan besides me of course), we were delighted when Toby Rayfield handed the boy a Sega goodie bag. Totally made his day.

The characters are always the best part of BLE for us. Meeting them, hugging them and having our photos taken. I'm hoping that next year Rainbow Productions will have seen the light and realise they need my in their line up too.


Martin Lowe from Roy Lowe &Sons Ltd. Always a pleasure to meet with Martin. Socks are a fun necessity and we love his ‘Keep it British’ philosophy.

Marcie Kubik from Emoji One. So friendly and fun to meet. Thank you for allowing us to show you our ideas for Zuma the Dog emoji’s and hope to see you again at future events.

Brain Smith from Popagami. We love your enthusiasm and working with you is always a pleasure.

Ruth Leonard and Johnathan Rose from Hello Communications. We loved meeting you………. finally. Your energy and ideas really bring live to Zuma the Dog’s brand philosophy.

Stephen Gomez from Ty Toys. What an absolute pleasure. We loved your passion for TY and positivity for Zuma the Dog. Thank you for your time and energy.

And finally……………….

Sarah Camp from Weird Lime. She worked tirelessly the whole time. Meeting with licensors, publishers, toy manufacturers, talking all things Zuma the Dog. Hustling, wheeling and do deals all for our benefit.

What a star you are!

We are already looking forward to next year and who knows, we might even have a stand of our own.

 Much Love

Zuma XX