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Thursday, 30 June 2022

It’s Thirsty Work for Little Zuma

 Without water none of us can survive. No organism, from you, to me, all the way down to the little annoying bitey friends that live in my fur. It sustains us all and according to various studies, it has been estimated that water levels worldwide will drop to 40 percent capacity by the end of this century, which makes the issue a big threat to the sustenance of humanity. Conserving it is as important and the vessel we keep it in.

Each year, millions of tons of single use plastic go to land fill or end up in our oceans and most of this waste derives from plastic cups and water bottles. The world is changing rapidly, and we all have to do our part to be more sustainable and take regenerative approaches to the way we work, play, and drink our water. We all have a part to play, little me included and that’s why I asked my team at ZTD HQ to come up with a couple of water bottle designs that are reusable, and in the essence of me, just plain fun to be around.

We call them our water bottles for life. Just like a dog, they are cute, loyal, will follow you everywhere and come in lots of varieties and design. We have kicked off the range with four styles of water bottle in many designs which work perfect for adults, kids and teens and they all feature…….yep ahhhhh, me! Here’s a little something about them all.  

Our eco-friendly insulated water bottle is easy to clean and durable. Featuring a stainless-steel spill-proof screw-on cap, this premium double wall insulated stainless steel bottle keeps your drinks either hot or cold. Comes in five designs and perfect for work. Don’t you think?

Add flavour and personality to your water with a single move – with our “Love Island” style infuser water bottle. Twist the base off to access the infuser and add fruits, tea leaves, or anything you desire to enhance the flavour of your water. On the top, you'll find a twist-on lid with a flip-top drinking sprout for a seamless drinking experience. This infuser is excellent for using at home, during outdoor excursions, or at the gym as a sports bottle. Plenty of colours with two summer vibing designs, you’re guaranteed to find your perfect bottle.

Stay hydrated while out on adventures, at the gym, at work, or anywhere your day takes you. This sport bottle with 13.5 fl.oz capacity is available in 9 colours over two designs to choose from. Its lightweight and compact design, it makes the perfect outdoorsy companion or even the school lunch bag to keep the kids hydrated too. 

Made for grabbing beverages on the go, this double-wall insulated acrylic cup will keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. The cup, the plastic lid, and the straw are all BPA-free and comes in five different designs. My hooman ordered one of these to try out and she made an unboxing video especially for you. 

Look. Here it is!.

We love these new water bottles and we know you will too. And remember, they are not just for Christmas; they are water bottles for life. 😉

To check them out online, click here, or visit www.zumathedog.com

Did you know these water bottles are available for wholesale too? Any enquiries, please email sam@zumathedog.com

To partner with Zuma the Dog on other products for licensing, please contact sarah@contagiousmediagroup.com

Much Love

Zuma XX


Wednesday, 15 June 2022

Little Zuma's Big Notebook

The Notebook……..It sounds like a title of a novel or a movie to me, but alas, it is the latest in the products I am launching on my website this month.

Sand Design

A pretty notebook ends up as a day-to-day companion and storage place for things like to-do list, planners or even that story you need to get onto paper. Your notebook scribbles can easily fit into your handbag (pawbag in my case) or backpack, rather than hiding inside your laptop and the perfect design can shout volumes about your personality.

Sitting Like a Good Boy

Make a statement this season with the only companion you need for all your notes and with me at the centre of every design, you’ll never need another dog hanging out in your bag again. I make the perfect companion for anyone and look, can you see how well I sit on that coffee table? I’m a good boy, I am. As we delve further into the Zumaverse, my team at ZDT HQ have come up with a range of notebooks that will suit everyone, and they also mix and match with other products in our range to complete the look. These A5 journals feature a full wrap around hard cover and a choice of lined, plain or squared paper. Think that covers most peoples needs right?

My hooman was so excited about these new notebooks that we ordered one to see what they looked like in real world. We made an unboxing video to feature the event so you all could see how cool they are. And I know you’ll love them too.

To check them out online, click here, or visit www.zumathedog.com. These notebooks are available for wholesale too, so any enquiries, please email sam@zumathedog.com and to partner with Zuma the Dog on other products for licensing, please contact sarah@contagiousmediagroup.com

Much Love

Zuma XX


Thursday, 2 June 2022

Jubilee Celebrations for Zuma

My very own crown

 I just love a jolly good ol’ knees up and although I am an expat, I never like to miss the opportunity to celebrate my culture. This weekend’s jubilee celebrations are the perfect opportunity to bring out the Britishness that we all know and love that resides in myself and all people of Great Britain. Street parties, community gatherings and getting to know our neighbours. So, with that in mind, I will don my crown, bring out my bunting and fly my flag in anticipation of a good time!  

Weeks and weeks of preparation have gone into this weekend. Probably years even. Well, 70 of them if you want to be precise, and as a part of these celebrations I have decided to release Platinum Jubilee activity colouring in sheets to honour The Queen’s 70 years of service. I’ve never actually met the queen, have you? Though, I do have friends who have and once my Hooman rubbed shoulders with a real princess once, so I am told. Anyhoos, the activity sheets are available to download for free from the activities page on my super cool new website. Click on the Colouring In button, scroll down a little and you’ll see them right there. Click on the download button, and save. 

Designed for younglings these worksheets can be printed, but I believe its a good idea to save them to a digital device where they can be coloured in time and time again - digitally. It's better for the environment too, but if you want to make your own bunting from them, then printing is the best option. 

Unless you want to hang up your device as a decoration too?

Free to download

See, they are so versitile and guaranteed to keep little ones occupied long enough to allow you to sneak off for a cheeky slice of Vicki sponge or that extra dollop of clotted cream on a freshly baked scone.

Yuuuuhuuummm! My mouth is salivating thinking about all that yumminess. Yummies I'm not really allowed to eat. Think there's going to be a lot of begging eyes and sneaking around under the table for food droppings and an antisipated tummy ache. Nom nom nom.

All of us at my HQ hope you have a wonderful time. Eat, party and be merry. Enjoy this special bank holiday and Happy Platinum Day your Majesty. 

Much Love

Zuma XX


Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Zuma the Dog Launches New Website


 Bertish and Company Ltd, the creator and owner of children’s character brand Zuma the Dog, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new website, www.zumathedog.com. A website update that was long overdue and tells more of the brands story.

Welcome to our Homepage

The site, now character lead tells the story of Zuma the real dog along with everything the character dog represents. It focuses more on diversity education, tolerance and antibullying, which has always been a part of the brands philosophy since its creation in 2009, It incorporates an activities section full of resources designed to help teachers and parents. These can be downloaded free of charge and used within a classroom or homeschool environment.

Diversity Education worksheets

There’s a contact section for all to get in touch with the brand for further educational resources and discussion. The blog section gives Zuma a voice to tell stories as he adventures with his human family. Written in Zuma’s point of view the brand hopes to give Zuma the Dog fans an insight into the Zumaverse in a subtle, humorous way. The site is light and bright with clean, concise easy-to-use functions and not to forget all the new Zuma the Dog merchandise now available to buy. Remaining true to the brands original philosophy the basic product range is kept gender neutral with seperate ranges for traditional customers. Keeping sustainability in mind, the new merchandise works on a make on demand basis, eliminating the need to buy in stock and keep the brand carbon footprint down with direct to customer distribution.

 “We are all very excited about this new website,” said Samantha Bertish, brand creator. “We really feel we can get Zuma the Dog’s story across in a big way and bring Zuma the attention he deserves. Our focus has been to grow our export market and with a website that works for both desktop and mobile shopping with international landing pages and currency options we really feel this can be achieved.” 

Bertish and Company has invited visitors to explore the new website. Paying particular attention to Zuma’s blog for funny and entertaining stories and the shopping page for all the new merchandise. 

 For licensees who want to collaborate with Zuma the Dog on new products for the website shop and concessions, please contact Brand Manager Sarah Camp at sarah@contagiousmediagroup.com

Friday, 1 April 2022



Second concession shop opens for Zuma the Dog

Brand creator of Zuma the Dog and company director Samantha Bertish made an exciting visit to their second concession store at Pop Up Leatherhead in Surrey last week. Working closely with Mole Valley District Council, the Pop-up Leatherhead initiative is the second in a series of shops oraganised by The Pop-Up Shop Agents that aims to bring small brands into the high street who wouldn’t necessarily have the opportunity. With a bright, modern interior, the shop creators bring a luxury feel to their customers shopping experience and, by bringing in exciting new brands it aims to increase footfall to rejuvenate high streets after what has been a devastating blow to many established high street brands over the past years.  

After the success of the Horsham store at the end of 2021 Zuma the Dog will be appearing in the new Leatherhead shop for the next three months, bringing his usual bright and happy products with him. Samantha Bertish spent the day in store to meet the shop managers, check on products and make sure everything in their concession conformed to all company branding. The shopping experience remains the same as Zuma the Dog combines conventional shopping with tech demands and with an exciting new website set to launch in the next month, the brand expects to grow with new licensed on demand products via its online and bricks and mortar shopping experiences.

“This store looks amazing, bright and modern.” Said Bertish. “The High Street location brings a lot of footfall and I can already see people’s interests are peaked by the store front and window display. It was lovely to spend the day with the store managers and other concession licensees, getting to know them and other products in store with Zuma. I’m also proud to be able to be a part of this initiative for a second time. I’m so grateful to The Pop-Up Shop Agents for all their hard work in bringing this project to life. Can’t wait to get stuck in with the next Pop-Up Shop project , wherever that may be.” 

The New Pop-Up Leatherhead shop opened in The Swan Center on the 18th March, and Zuma the Dog will be available to visit in store over the next 3 months.

For licensees who want to collaborate with Zuma the Dog on new products for the shop and new website, please contact Brand Manager Sarah Ann Camp at sarah@contagiousmediagroup.com


Monday, 14 February 2022

Little Dogs Adventure at Big Spring Fair 2022

Tuesday, 8 February saw my human head up to Birmingham’s NEC with The Pop up Shop Agents founder Charley Crocker and two former pop up shop sellers to take to the stage as a guest speaker at Spring Fair.

Spring Fair is a highlight in the annual retail calendar as a vibrant marketplace for wholesale homes, gifts and fashion. As the definitive “shop for shops”, Spring Fair is held across four days, designed around three key buying destinations – Home, Gift and Moda Fashion.

Little me at Spring Fair 

Talking with Karina

Charley, who was invited to attend to speak about The Power of Pop-Ups, took three pop up shop sellers from the Pop Up Horsham store which included Karina Berry Creator of Plane Jane, Kim Billings, Founder of KimmyB@ and my human, author and brand creator Samantha Morgan-Bertish.

The Pop Up Shop Agents provide a wide range of opportunities for small businesses to promote their products and services and Spring Fair, which focuses on inspiration and trends is a great platform for small businesses to meet and showcase their businesses to larger retailers.

Products look lovely on display

It was such a fun day and my human told me, dispite feel very nervous, she enjoyed chatting about her experience running our Zuma the Dog shop remotely from Switerzerland and the success of the customer shopping experience using QR codes to check out directly via our website. This exciting new way of shopping is something we are going to explore more going forward with new similar projects for the high street. Seeing stock selling in real time means we can replenish quickly, see what our best sellers are, gauge trends with customers and work with the season when ordering new stock. 

Getting ready to go onstage.

The interest from retailers was high and the auditorium was packed with people wanting to know more about our experience and my human was surprised with the amount of questions and interest after the event. 

Certainly an experience not easy to forget and my human would definitely do it again if the opportunity arises 

You can catch the full talk on YouTube here.

Much Love

Zuma XX

Friday, 26 November 2021

Children’s IP Ventures into the Edutainment Sector

 So, I'm updating my blog quickly with this exciting news from the HQ of Zuma the Dog. My PR department have been busy with this press release, so please continue reading. I can't wait to see how the animation develops. Can you?

The creators of children IP Zuma the Dog are excited to announce the incorporation of their new joint venture company, Zuma the Dog and Friends Edutainment Ltd. The partnership combines the talents of Transcendent Media Capital Ltd, venture studio who focuses on driving capital to systemic change through media, technology and advocacy driven ventures and Bertish and Company Ltd, creator and owner of award-winning Children’s character IP Zuma the Dog.

Zuma the Dog and Friends Edutainment Ltd will focus on creating children’s media, technology and education content with character Zuma the Dog at the heart of each project. The new entity will kick off with its own animation series, Zuma the Dog and Friends, which provides children with diversity education, where Zuma, an anti-bullying role model adventures with his friends to overcome social challenges to teach empathy, communication and problem-solving skills.

“This is an exciting step forward for Zuma the Dog as a character brand.” Says Samantha Bertish, IP creator. “The hard work starts now, and I can’t wait to get stuck in and contribute to making a positive impact on our children’s futures.”

Peta Milan, CEO of Transcendent Media Capital commented, “Our research shows us that communities without access to diversity tend to be intolerant of it. Highly diverse communities, more often than not, embrace their diversity, so we are working to provide a solution to the challenge of providing communities, and in particular, our young children with greater access to diversity education.” Peta added, “We are also establishing an advisory board of youth, so it will be a company for kids, driven by kids. This is in line with our mission to apply regenerative principles to our venture building practices”.

Building on the popular brand’s philosophy there are 45 episodes planned to go into production early 2022. The series will include characters from Zuma the Dog’s pre-school books as well as new characters developed specifically for the animation. These include dog characters with special needs and diverse backgrounds, tackling subjects that have not yet been attempted in the children’s entertainment sector to date.

“We’ve also had celebrity interest in the animation project already.” Continues Samantha. “And we’re expecting this to really get this project off to a great start”.


For licensees who want to collaborate with Zuma the Dog and Friends, please contact Brand Manager Sarah Ann Camp at sarah@weirdlime.co.uk

Can you believe this exciting news? 

Much Love