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Monday, 26 April 2021

Little Stuffed Zuma Goes Sledging

Winter is over and we had such a blast. Best season ever! 

The one thing we were allowed to do during lockdown was ski, snowboard and sledge. Mummy Zuma the Dog spent at least one day a week on the mountain. She told me it was good for her mentawelf.........or.......something like that anyway. Dunno what an elf would have to do with sking? I'm sure most elves are ramping up for the new season of toy making in Lap Land by now. 

So, one day she decided to take me (little stuffed version of me) along for a ride. I've been feeling a little caged in at our teeny cabin in the woods, so I wanted to see at first paw what the fuss was about. 

Switzerland has what we (my family) call "Big Sky". It always looks big, wide, clean and clear, even on cloudy days. We took the gondola up the mountain. Luckily it was a clear day, just a few fluffy white candy floss clouds in the sky. I could see snow as far as the eye could see. Lots of people milling around, crying out with joy as they clip on their skis or strap on their snow boards and speed off down the piste.

It's so high up. I couldn't help be in awe of the view as the swinging box danging from the small wire swayed in the breeze as it ascended to the top. People looked ant like from that height. formed in great black lines as they swoosh swoosh through the powder. I'm sure I would look even smaller, but it was fun to imagine myself this size against ickle biddy teeny hoomans. Like Godzilla.........Ha! No! Dogzilla........ No, Zumazilla, gobbling them up one by one and roaring as I stomp through the snow drifts. 

Anyway, just at the top of the gondola is a short tail wiggle to the magic carpet. A hop up onto the magic carpet took me on another ride where I took in more views of children laughing and playing in the snow. Thankfully I was protected by the clear plastic tunnel, but it didn't stop my naughty brother Zuma the Dog throwing little ice balls at his friends narrowly missing me as we made our way further up to the tippy top.  

We grabbed hold of the sledge we took with us with both paws, then. WHOOSH! The wind blew through my fur, flapping my ears and folding them into all sorts of strange shapes as we slip-slided down the piste on the moulded piece of polished plastic. I held on for dear life and took in a large gulp of clean air as my jowls were pinned back, forcing an expression somewhere between a smile and fear as we sped off  gaining speed as we soared down the slope narrowly missing other thrill seekers on the way.

And just like that, we were at the bottom. The excitement was exhilarating and as I bounced around in circles I indicated to Mummy Zuma the Dog I wanted to go again, again. AGAIN!

So......If this is what we do to help with our mentawelf, bring it on.  

What are your techniques for maintaining a good mentawelf? Seems to me it's not difficult to maintain if you continue to have fun, right? Comment below and share with us how you stay in good health. 

Much Love



If you want to take Little Stuffed Zuma on an adventure find him on my website link below. 

Friday, 5 March 2021

Life after Lockdown


Letting loose after lockdown. What will you do? Where will you go?

There’s hope on the horizon for all of us now the Rona vaccine is being rolled out everywhere. Lockdown has come to an end and we are all feeling positive for the summer as we start to appear out of hiding, sigh with relief and reboot our lives. The zombie apocalypse is almost done and kudos to everyone who safely got through this unprecedented time. It's been a doozy!

Shopping in Zurich
While we still have a long way to go, we can allow ourselves a glimpse of our post pandemic future. Dream of what we will do? Where we’ll go? Who will we visit first? Family, loved ones, friends, colleagues perhaps?

I am dreaming of heading home to the UK. It’s been a long time since we all saw our family and relatives and all I want is a big hug with Grandad Zuma the Dog and Auntie Zuma the Dog.

Helping out in Pisa

This means more traveling for me and as many of you know I like to travel and if I can’t make it personally, I send my ambassador, Little Stuffed Zuma.

Little stuffed Zuma has visited many places in the world. Some dog friendly some not so. His favourite was the leaning tower of Pisa and the ride through the rain forest of Brazil. He loved seeing the wild animals living in their natural habitat and cute fluffy monkeys swinging in the trees. Some so tiny they would fit in the palm of your hand. With all those wonderful memories of far-flung place Little Stuffed Zuma has many more places he wants to visit, and you can help him do that.

This is the time of year we think about our holidays. Where will you visit? What will you do? Whatever you choose, little stuffed Zuma wants to go with you as your post pandemic / lockdown puppy. He wants to add more landmarks to his world trip photo album and only you can help him do it.

Adopt a Little Stuffed Zuma online today via www.zumathedog.com and take me (him) with you on your post pandemic summer holiday. Photograph him at a famous landmarks and email it, like a postcard to zuma@zumathedog.com or share on social media with #ZumaTheDogOnHoliday. We'll share as many as we can.

I can’t wait to see where I go! This is soo exciting!


Much Love


Zuma xx

Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Small Dog's Big Plea............for reviews.



We’re a few weeks into 2021 and things are quiet for the most part. Lockdown is having a considerable affect on business, like it is for most. We are back to school, back to home office, driving each other mad and beavering away as best we can.

Our home is barely seen under all the snow
Last week brought us a massive snowstorm. The biggest storm I’ve ever seen with the snow line covering almost half of our kitchen window! The whole valley is covered in that white cold fluffy powdery stuff and while we are stuck indoors most of the time, I’m driving Mummy nuts pawing at the door to go out and in and back out of the house to make pretty yellow patterns in the snow and eat as much of it as I can, avoiding the yellow bits, of course.

With my latest book Zuma and the Jack Pack published just weeks before Christmas, we experienced a busy time promoting the book for Christmas sales, which appeared to have paid off. Our first editions of the book arrived at our home, and Mummy got busy signing them for future competitions planned with the children’s press and our celebrity friends. We still have a long way to go with sales, though it does appear the book has so far been a success. Amazon has sold out a couple of times and replenished stock and we’ve received some very encourage reviews.

Reviews are of the upmost importance to a little unknown pooch like me. They help customers find me in Amazon rankings and help with sales. So, while I beg Mummy to dig out a small patch of snow for me to poop in, and if you’ve already read your copy of Zuma and the Jack Pack, please click on the link (left) and write me a review. It’ll be the best thing you do all day.

More books to accompany Zuma and the Jack Pack are in the pipeline. Zuma and the Mysterious Monster is book two in the series and is ready to submit to publishers. Book three currently untitled is coming soon.


More products from my brand Zuma the Dog are coming soon and for licensing opportunities to go with the book, please contact Sarah Ann Camp at Weird Lime. sarah@weirlime.co.uk Tel: +44 (0) 116 262 0840


Until next time. Stay safe.


Much Love


Zuma XX

Thursday, 26 November 2020

Small dog's big book publication day


Zuma the Dog gets ready to release his debut novel to the world

Author and business owner Samantha Bertish, creator and IP owner of Zuma the Dog is excited to announce the release of her first children’s chapter book Zuma and the Jack Pack.  

 This exciting adventure of little surfing Zuma’s accident and his search for home is the first in a series of books aimed at 8 -12 year olds. The growing brand addresses key issues such as conflict resolution, acceptance of diversity and breaking down traditional stereo types.  Teaching about equality, consent and understand why someone would bully, to create healthy relationships and raising self-esteem in young people. 

“This story was born out of real-life experience and the willingness to help others navigate through life’s difficult times.” Said Bertish. “If I can help and inspire just one person, then my job is done.”

Zuma and the Jack Pack by Samantha Bertish is available to buy from all good book retailers and online from 26th November. Order today from Amazon, Waterstones or direct from Pegasus Publishers online. 

More products from the Zuma the Dog brand are coming soon and for licensing opportunity, please contact Sarah Ann Camp at Weird Lime. sarah@weirdlime.co.uk Tel: +44 (0) 116 262 0840

Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Small Dog's Big Book Release


A bittersweet thought came over mummy just last week as grief reared its sad little head once again, for a brief moment. An email popped into her inbox with the final proof for the cover of our long awaited book and with excitement she wanted to share the moment with those who had been along with her on this journey since the beginning.

“Mum would love to see this, I’ll call her and tell her.” She thought with excitement. “It seems like ages since the last time I spoke to her. I wonder how she’s doing?”

Then the pang in her chest thumped and tears welled in her eyes as she remembered - We lost Nanny Zuma the Dog three months ago.

Nanny was the best supporter of me, and of course why wouldn’t she? I’m the awesomest! She loved me, looked after me when Mummy was off gallivanting and best of all, she loved my stories. The first of which is now being published and due for release before Christmas. Zuma and the Jack Pack is a compelling story of me in Portugal. A journey that went from disaster to love with a little adventure along the way. I learnt a few lessons in loyalty, friendship, and loss. I found strength in sadness, overcame trauma and became something I thought impossible until then. which is probably why I’m the best candidate for helping Mummy through her grief.

It’s so sad that while Mummy’s dreams as a published author are finally realised, Nanny is not here to see her daughters hard work come to fruition. I believe it will take more time as grief runs its course. The double-edged sword of excitement and sorrow will continue to twist for a while longer, refusing the wound to heal. But I truly believe it will, in time………….

The positive thing about this moment and despite all the other things going on in the world right now is, It’s happening! My new book. My first children’s novel. The first in a series is coming out soon and there are plenty of supporters and family members who know our story, know the difficulties we overcame. Who love us unconditionally. Who are proud of us and know the real-life experiences that inspired our book and they are here to celebrate this moment with us.



This moment is dedicated to you and Nanny Zuma the Dog.


Zuma and the Jack Pack by Samantha Bertish will be available to buy as paperback from all leading book retailers in the US, U.K, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand from November.

For licensing opportunities to accompany the book can be obtained through Sarah Camp at Weird Lime.

See you for the next adventure!

Much Love

Zuma XX

Tuesday, 25 August 2020

When Enough is Enough?



Life has its ways of twisting and winding taking us on a road we never expect. It is an exciting world, life is full of love and joy, ups and downs. Weird things happen and 2020 has been something out of a science fiction novel. We bob along on our merry way quite nicely for the most part, muddling along, minding our own business. Then BAM! Life decides you need another lesson to learn and it certainly a revelation when too much adventure having can really take its toll.

Luckily during lockdown Mummy was quite busy with work, it kept her occupied with some none related Zuma the Dog projects (I must state that she’s really very naughty for not working on me) and some money dripping in why others struggle to pay their rent. We felt fortunate to be able to spend longer together as a family pack, working, playing, growing free food in the garden, and generally having a nice time. As lockdown eased, we all crawled out of hibernation and that’s when reality slapped Mummy across the face with a wet fish. Now, my Mummy has been through some stuff in her time. She is a tough old bird. She has survived domestic violence, she manages autoimmune disease, which can sometimes leave her chronically fatigued for weeks, just to mention a couple of things, but grief is a new one for her.

We lost the matriarch of our family pack last month. Nanny Zuma the Dog.

While she had been ill for some time. The last couple of months she was doing well. Covid had kept us apart since March. None of the usual visits could take place. The monthly flights were put on hold and all reduced to regular phone calls and a video call once a week. It was difficult, but Mummy knew Nanny was in the right place, being cared for properly and judging by their last video call Nanny looked happy and as lucid as she had been in months. Making jokes, laughing, and gossiping as any normal mother daughter relationship. The new meds were working, Yay! And everything was great. Her departure from this world just a few days later was completely unexpected. I had never seen Mummy so upset. The loss of a parent is something we all go through and no matter how much we think we prepare; the grief hits you like a truck. Crawling and crying with dangling snot. It’s not a good look for Mummy, but I understand the emotions overtook her every being and for a while she was just not herself. Emotional relief at times like this is essential. I get very emosh when I lose my ball. Oh the grief,………….that I put the famalam through. So, I can relate.


I guess grief has several stages?

 Mummy pulled herself together for the practical things. With Auntie Zuma the Dog living in the US. Us in Switzerland and Nanny in the UK a clear head was needed to organise and make decisions via three different time zones and the Covid pandemic. Another layer that life threw our way to overcome. We must remain thankful that Mummy and Auntie Zuma the Dog are very close. While some families break down at times like this my family pack pulled together, leant on each other, loved on each other, consoled each other, which goes to show that distance should never be a factor in family breakdowns. Both Mummy and Auntie worked together in their grief. Dealing with decisions, working on solutions, with practical minds they coped. It only seemed like the little things would set Mummy off. Making the big decisions for the coffin, the flowers, music, the eulogy, didn’t seem to faze her. It was the video call from an old friend, the quiet moment at dinner in a restaurant. Little moments like that which turned her back into a dribbling wreck.


Is that normal for grief?


It’s been six weeks since Nanny crossed the rainbow bridge. In that time Mummy had to drive across Europe twice and take two flights, all to ensure her Mummy had a good send off, while in a Pandemic and socially distancing during a time when all that’s needed is a hug. Since her return the twists have not stopped and believe life hasn’t yet given her the opportunity to grieve properly. I can see in her eyes, the past couple of months have weighed down on her and I can’t help thinking its time for her to think about her mental health and slow down. Something must give and I am not going to allow anxiety not caused by me creep in. (Note to self: Be nicer and more helpful to Mummy).


Can the lack of time to grieve play on ones mental health? Can emotional upset from many different incidences over a period of years be a factor of poor metal health? I guess, for now time will tell and I will most definitely be keeping an eye on my human Mummy.


With this last note, I remember Nanny Zuma the Dog with love in my doggy heart. She took care of me when Mummy was away and despite destroying many of her shoes, she loved me unconditionally. I will hold on to her forever in my heart. RIP Nanny Zuma the Dog.


Much Love 

Zuma XX


P.S. Many exciting things going on. So next time we will return to a post that’s more about me, myself and I

Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Beat the Boredom

It's been five weeks since we returned from our little trip to the UK and I haven't left the comfort of my home since, except for quick walks out in the forest opposite my home. While organised lessons have been set up by schools to keep us busy, there are only so many times I can run through my times tables, read books and bounce on the trampoline. The boredom is starting to set in, without a doubt.
PopJam post from this week
For those who know me, know I like to keep busy and being creative is one of those things that stop my mind from cooking. So, to help myself and you beat the boredom I've set various creative activities on my website. You can find them by clicking on my activity button at www.zumathedog.com. There's colouring in, crafting and sewing activities for all to join in and download for FREE. I love free, don't you?
I love to see what you are getting up to, so please remember to share with me on social media your creations and use #ZumaTheDogCreations with a chance for me to share.
 I'm defo looking forward to all those adventures once the lock down is lifted. How about you?
Until next time............stay safe and keep well.

Much Love