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Friday, 13 March 2020

Living La Vida London

The shocking news of London Book Fair2020 being cancelled due to the ongoing situation with the Corona Virus did not stop my hooman Mummy from heading off to the big smoke. She’s a huge believer in adventure and with a couple of more meetings put in place she was going out there to see what the universe will bring.

Whilst I didn’t go with her per se, she never leaves home without little me and by Jove she took him out whenever she could. Obviously protected by a little mask………of course. I'm precious. Right?😉

Here’s a little run down of what Little Stuffed me got up to in the big smoke.

Cute cocktail bar perfect for meetings 

First stop the hooman had a meeting that didn't involve me. Hmmmppff! But this cute bar called The Marylebone on Marylebone High Street made the best place for a meeting. Lovely interior with hops dangling from the ceiling, the staff warm and friendly. They don't serve food, but you can order in your own which is a cool idea. 

 We wandered on through the streets after. Down to Oxford Street and took a peek into the Disney Store and randomly bumped into a fellow PopJammer and You Tuber known as Showbiz Jamie . We were very excited to meet him and after a lovely chat, they may be some collabs coming soon to PopJam.

A red carpet moment
Further on down the street, we crossed a few roads, made a few turns and oooppppss! Huh? Whats that? We're on a red carpet outside the London Palladium on The Princes Trust Awards night. Well of course, I had to have my photo taken. But where are the celebs? Hang on.......I'm the only celeb needed. Aren't I? 

Mummy felt like we were gate crashing, so she didn't let me stay long for photo's. Such a shame, I would have loved to be papped. 😉 One day maybe?

China Town

Such a beautiful evening in London, the walkies continued into China Town and then up into Soho for our final meeting at The Groucho Club. A private members club for those in the publishing, writing and arts world. I could sense Mummy was feeling a little like a fish out of water, but as always she graciously entered the stunning reception area, where we were greeted by a very nice, helpful lady who showed Mummy to her meeting. Our meeting went well and as always I'm sworn to secrecy about what's discussed in these meetings until contracts are signed. 

The Groucho Club 
What I can say is, it was a fantastic meeting and a lovely dinner that followed. It goes to show that when your plans change for unforeseen circumstances, keep adventuring on. The plot twist will bring you to something else and often something better. This positive meeting with one of Britain biggest talents in comedy and writing  has got us excited about the next step for making me the most famous dog in the world. 

Mummy hanging out with Roger Planer 

Much Love