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Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Small Dog's Big Book Release


A bittersweet thought came over mummy just last week as grief reared its sad little head once again, for a brief moment. An email popped into her inbox with the final proof for the cover of our long awaited book and with excitement she wanted to share the moment with those who had been along with her on this journey since the beginning.

“Mum would love to see this, I’ll call her and tell her.” She thought with excitement. “It seems like ages since the last time I spoke to her. I wonder how she’s doing?”

Then the pang in her chest thumped and tears welled in her eyes as she remembered - We lost Nanny Zuma the Dog three months ago.

Nanny was the best supporter of me, and of course why wouldn’t she? I’m the awesomest! She loved me, looked after me when Mummy was off gallivanting and best of all, she loved my stories. The first of which is now being published and due for release before Christmas. Zuma and the Jack Pack is a compelling story of me in Portugal. A journey that went from disaster to love with a little adventure along the way. I learnt a few lessons in loyalty, friendship, and loss. I found strength in sadness, overcame trauma and became something I thought impossible until then. which is probably why I’m the best candidate for helping Mummy through her grief.

It’s so sad that while Mummy’s dreams as a published author are finally realised, Nanny is not here to see her daughters hard work come to fruition. I believe it will take more time as grief runs its course. The double-edged sword of excitement and sorrow will continue to twist for a while longer, refusing the wound to heal. But I truly believe it will, in time………….

The positive thing about this moment and despite all the other things going on in the world right now is, It’s happening! My new book. My first children’s novel. The first in a series is coming out soon and there are plenty of supporters and family members who know our story, know the difficulties we overcame. Who love us unconditionally. Who are proud of us and know the real-life experiences that inspired our book and they are here to celebrate this moment with us.



This moment is dedicated to you and Nanny Zuma the Dog.


Zuma and the Jack Pack by Samantha Bertish will be available to buy as paperback from all leading book retailers in the US, U.K, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand from November.

For licensing opportunities to accompany the book can be obtained through Sarah Camp at Weird Lime.

See you for the next adventure!

Much Love

Zuma XX