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Monday, 27 June 2011

Too hot to Trot

Things have been pretty quiet around here for me just lately. The recent hot weather has made me feel a little queasy, so I’ve just settled for chillin out in the garden or snuggling under Mummy’s duvet. Hot weather is not so good for dogs. I’m lucky as a short haired Jack Russell, but there are some breeds of dog that are very fluffy and get overheated very easily in scorching hot weather. Over heating with dogs can lead to heart problems, so it’s always important to let your owners know when you are hot. Panting is a good sign. This also helps with your cooling process.
When it’s hot like this Mummy will always put out lots of water for me and fills up the paddling pool with cold water so I can jump in and cool off whenever I need to. She also puts a little sun cream on the end of my nose, just to protect me from the sun. I have white bits that need looking after and dogs can get sunburn too you know.
Mummy looked like she had a busy week. As an advisor for the BA (hons) Fashion course at Somerset College of Art & Technology, she went to give a prize to a lucky fashion student who will now be coming to help out with the business in August. She also met some lovely people who are in Fashion, cloth manufacturing and the arts in and around our local area. Having our intern though will be so much fun. There are plenty of things she can do. I think Mummy is planning to give her a great design project, which involves the sound track I did a couple of weeks ago. Looks like my woof will be coming to life on Zuma the Dog t-shirts very soon. You’ll have to keep an eye out for the sample when it comes and give us your opinion. Mummy usually previews all of our new samples on our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Zuma-the-Dog/105101743853 Come and have a look.
The suitcases from last week are now fully packed, which means Mummy and Master C will be heading off very shortly. I’m going to spend 3 weeks with my Auntie Venetia and Uncle Karl. So much fun is coming my way and I think I’m going to wee myself with excitement. My tail just cannot stop wagging. It may wag so much I might just take off.
Anyway, I’m sure I will have some stories to tell you about my adventures with V and Karl and in the mean time please remember to check out my website www.zumathedog.com.
Much Love

Zuma XX

Monday, 20 June 2011

Zuma's Facebook Frenzy

Well last week was such a brilliant success for Mummy. She worked really hard all week on Facebook promoting and pushing our Zuma the Dog brand that we achieved our week’s goal and got to 300 fans. One lucky fan now has a Zuma the Dog hoody winging it’s way to them right now. So, from now on the only way is up, up, up and Mummy is busy preparing for the new goal of 600 fans, where one lucky fan will win one of our long sleeve top. http://www.zumathedog.com/prod/7/long-sleeve-top-yellow.
Our June promotion is still running, where you can get 20% discount at our website www.zumathedog.com on any of our STOCK items. All you have to do is enter the code FBZUMA6 at the checkout. But remember you only have until midnight on 30th June 2011 to make the most of this offer. So quick, quick chop, chop get those paws clicking.
I have actually had a bit of a quiet week. Apart from my usually weekly visit to Doggy Day Care and the trip under the fence to visit the children next door, not much has happened. Mummy has got the suitcases down from the attic, which must mean she is heading off back to Portugal again. I can see Master Caleb has filled one suitcase with toys already, so I guess it can’t be long before they go. Mummy keeps telling me that soon I will be flying to Portugal with her, which could be fun I suppose. But actually I quite like being left behind. It means I get to go play at Auntie Venetia’s house. I love going to Auntie V’s. She lives in the country and has lots of fields for me to run around in and rabbit holes for me to dig. She even takes me to the pub and out for dinner. Brilliant times to come. I can’t wait. Also, I have to mention that she is our official company photographer and spends a lot of time taking pictures of me. :0D I love it!! All attention on me and me alone. To see some of her amazing pictures you should check out http://www.firetopphotography.co.uk/ My last few words this week is to remind you to check out our fanpage on Facebook, “Like” and “Share”. While you’re at it, make the most of our June offer too.

Much Love

Zuma XX

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

"Ouch" My nose!

OUCH!!!!!! I cut my nose on Monday morning while out for a walk with Mummy and Stephen (my Daddy). I was running through a field of Elephant grass, minding my own business and then out of the blue I felt a stinging sensation. A blade of grass caught me on the end of my nose, just like a paper cut. There was a lot of blood and Mummy was very worried. She rushed me back home to clean up the wound, but one lick from my super healing tongue fixed it in a flash. It’s still a little sore, but I am ok and back to zooming around like I always do.
This week at the Head Kennels of Zuma the Dog, it’s been quite productive. We launched a new campaign to gain more fans on Facebook and worked on the new images for our “Print & Colour” button, which i mentioned last week. Mummy came up with some great images, which are a play on the word “Zuma”. We have Zumazilla, Conzuma and Satzuma amongst others. You should check them out. Go to http://www.zumathedog.com/13/print-colour and download them. Great fun for the kids to colour in!
Facebook has been very busy. We launched new campaigns to gain for fans, which include a giveaway and the June promotion of 20% off all STOCK items. To get involved, just simply follow this link http://www.facebook.com/pages/Zuma-the-Dog/105101743853 and “Like” our fanpage. There you will be able to see the discount codes which will enable you to get the discount through our website www.zumathedog.com. Also by “Liking” our fanpage you could be in the running for winning one of our Zuma the Dog hoody’s. Yay!!!!!
So, it’s all go go go here and Mummy, as always, is striving to come up with the most fun and colourful designs for our customers and I am, as always “woofing” my opinion to make sure Mummy is kept on her toes. I’m sure by next week my nose will have recovered and I will be back to my normal cute self.
Have a wonderful week

Much Love

Zuma XX

Monday, 6 June 2011

Zuma's pushing the button

Now what a surprisingly nice week we had for half term? Mummy was able to get a few things done, but as my owner, Caleb was off school, we spent most of our time playing in the garden and going to the park and hanging out with friends.
Mummy had a couple of meetings to go to and with us off school or doggy day care she had to take us along with her. It was so much fun watching Mummy trying to be professional while Caleb was squawking for attention. I’m usually pretty good. I like to sit under the desk and find some wires to chew or a computer to cock my leg against (Got to make sure everyone knows I’ve been to visit). ;-) That usually keeps me quiet, but the people who Mummy was meeting with didn’t find it very amusing. I have no idea why?
This week was catching up with our web design company week, Evosite ltd. They have just moved to new offices and Mummy wanted to be nosey and have a little look. We also discussed new ideas and ways to develop our website and take it forward into our highly competitive market. We have many new ideas, but one stood out the most, which we are going to put into work immediately.
We strive to make shopping with Zuma the Dog a fun experience for both parent and child. We want our customers to keep coming back and always receive a high level of service. We also want to make our website not just about shopping, but also an interactive experience for your child too. So from the very beginning we have included our “print and colour” button, which enables you to download a PDF file of me, Zuma the Dog. This you can either print straight away or save to your hard drive and print another day. We love this option so much, that Mummy is busy creating new images of me with some of my friends, which can be added to our “print and colour” button and gives you more choice.
To make the most of our interactive option just come and visit us at www.zumathedog.com and click on the “print and colour” button at the bottom left hand side of the screen. As always you can also find us on Facebook. Look for Zuma the Dog, “Like” and share with your friends for a chance to win one of our hoody’s. We love to meet our new friends and hear what you have to say about our woofilicious brand and we hope you have a wonderful week.
Much Love

Zuma XX