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Monday, 30 April 2012

Zuma's new clothes

Hummmmpppffffff!!!! I don’t know what Mummy is trying to do to me. As much as I love the beach, my poor little self is not used to 3km runs every day. I blame Auntie M. She came last week for a visit and made us run to the beach and back every morning. The first day was such hard work I was actually sick on the boardwalk. Now I’m so exhausted after each run, I’m unable to get up to much. Just lying around in the sun or moving to my bean bag when it gets too hot and then to my water bowl for a little drinkies every now and again. I do believe it’s a little plot to keep me out of mischief, but you just wait as soon as I get used to this new regime I’ll be back to my naughty self. With all this beauty that surrounds me I really shouldn’t grumble and be grateful that Mummy has brought me to a place where I can be free and inspired to get up to fun things that, in turn makes Mummy happy and inspires her to create new ideas for our Zuma the Dog clothing brand. Brand awareness is increasing and sales are picking up, which means Mummy now has to come up with a new range. She’s busy researching, jotting down things I get up to and making up new slogans to go on to t-shirts and hoodies. She’s got a few goodies up her sleeve and can’t wait to see her new designs. You should really check out the styles we already have at www.zumathedog.com Kids designer jeans, boys designer hoodies and girl designer t-shirts. Come and see us on Facebook and Twitter too. We love to hear from our fans. After all, your opinion counts. I need to get back to my lazy lying around. Need to let Mummy know that she is killing me off with all this exercise. See you next time (hopefully).


Much Love Zuma XX

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Zuma's loving the Sun

My new life in Portugal is turning out to be the best decision Mummy ever made. I am very comfortable in my new Zuma the Dog Headquarters, with my old beanbag bed from England and a new bed for the front room. I’ve done a lot of digging in the new garden and made myself perfectly at home. I get to go out for lots more walkies and the beach is only a short walk from Zuma the Dog HQ. I go there every day. Power walking Mummy down the hill into the sand dunes and straight onto the white sand. At first it was an odd feeling between my paws and running on it was difficult, but it didn’t take long before I was running faster than everyone else. You’ll find all the doggies walking their owners at the beach and I’ve even heard a story about a lady who lives near the beach who owns 15 Jack Russell’s. Can you imagine that?! 15 of me running around your house!! You’d love it!
I’m not sure if dogs can catch the sun, but it’s been super hot and as much as Mummy tries to keep me in the shade at home, I love to crash out in the sun. My under belly was pink, but now it’s a lovely shade of brown. I think I’m going to have to be careful as I’ve also noticed a few more black spots appear on my back.
This raises the point about sun safety. Mummy has been putting sun factor 30 on my nose, which is a really great idea. You can never be too careful with the sun and here at Zuma the Dog we know the importance of protecting ourselves from the sun’s harmful rays. We also believe that getting some sun is important with many health benefits. Not only does it make you feel happier and lift your mood, but it is also the best source of vitamin D. Recent studies have shown that many children are not getting enough sunlight into their system. For many years, as a parent you have been told to cover your child in the highest factor sun block possible to protect them from sunburn and skin cancer. I have seen Mummy cover Master C from head to toe in the past with factor 30 then jeans and a t-shirt on the beach. This religious sun worshiping ritual is actually stopping the Vitamin D getting into our children’s system, which can cause, in extreme cases rickets. This disease in most cases is caused by malnutrition, but a Vitamin D deficiency is not helping.
It is important that our children get the benefits from the sun without having to suffer the consequences, so perhaps consider what Mummy has been doing lately and let Master C play in the sun for an hour and then cover him in sun block.
To see more of what I’ve been getting up to in my new home. Find me on Facebook and Twitter too.
Play safe in the sun.

Much Love

Zuma XX