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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Competition time!

With Halloween over for another year we take a quick breather as we move into the next set of end of year celebrations. Guy Falks night in the UK this week, Thanksgiving at the end of the month in the USA and the grand finale that everyone looks forward to. YAY!!!!!! Christmas is coming!!!!!!!

We are starting to see sales increase as people start to shop early and buy Christmas gifts for loved ones. We also like to help out in other ways and team up with our online partners where we can. Zuma the Dog is available to buy on many websites, which include. www.loubilou.com www.zulily.com www.zulily.com.uk www.casabu.com www.amazon.co.uk www.amazon.com as well as our own website www.zumathedog.com. This month it was time to team up with Casabu and we got involved with their "Baby Raffle Extravaganza". For just £2 per ticket you could be the luck winner of £2000 worth of nursery and baby items.

Win the Casabu Raffle of the year!

The Casabu team has pulled together a fantastic raffle with one lucky winner set to receive an unbelievable prize bundle of over 50 items of essential nursery, baby items and toys.....one ticket gets you entry to the raffle of the year!
Prize draw will take place on November 5th
Click here for further information
Fingers, or paws crossed for you all and good luck.
Much Love
Zuma xx


Thursday, 10 October 2013

Colour Me Better

Great news, Daddy Zuma is back on his feet and able to play again, well, almost. I think it will still be some time before he's able to take part in the kind of play I enjoy. While he was getting better from his accident he worked on some of the new print and colour pictures of me which are on my website. I'd rather run around the garden or a beach all day, but when we're stuck inside I like to see pretty pictures of me which other people have done. Mummy has put eight different drawings of me on the website, including three which are specially done for Halloween. Now that Halloween is nearly here the weather is drawing in and there is less time for outside play, why don't you get creative? Colour in one of my pictures and then tweet them to me. There's Franken Zuma, Jacko Zuma and Zuma Potter to choose from.


You can find my twitter account, and so many other things about me on the website. Every picture I get I'll share with all my other friends so they can see how well you've done.

I look forward to see what you all come up with and show the world how talented you all are.

Much Love

Zuma XX

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Ending Summer

The summer is starting to come to an end and for many of us it feels like it just got started. I’ve had a great time off, a wonderful doggy holiday, but now we are getting back into the full swing of it. The kids will soon be back at school and it’s only a matter of week before we start to celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! Can you believe that?

Samples heading out to new distributors
Zuma the Dog head office was at a standstill for a while, due to Daddy Zuma having a serious accident, an eight week hospital stay and weeks of hospital treatment and physiotherapy. Now we have slipped into a nice little routine which includes the hospital visits, HQ is moving forward again. We’ve been busy catching up and Mummy Zuma has been hard at it again securing new distributors, covering the USA, Russia and Ukraine. Along with the licensing deals signed at the beginning of the summer Zuma the Dog is set for large growth in business over the next year. Summer 2014 order are being taken, winter 2014 range is designed and research for summer 2015 is under way. So much going on that we really now need to stay ahead.

Samples heading out all over the world
On top of all this great news we are also being featured in two great magazines over the next two months. Firstly is with Beebo magazine, the Southwest’s must have family magazine. Here we get to tell you all about our brand for those who are not familiar with us and with a cute colouring competition we get to give away one of our hoodies with various other surprises.

In October we are honoured to be featured in CWB magazine, which will expose our brand to all of the Children’s wear stores and boutiques throughout the UK.

For our tiny little family run brand all about me (the family pet) we really are making waves in the big wide world and with all my recent trauma issues almost solved. Life is becoming most pleasurable for Zuma the Dog.

Can I get a high five?

Much love


Zuma XX

Friday, 2 August 2013

Summer Holidays

Zuma is off having a wonderful time running around the Quinta of his trainer Altino with his other dog buddies and enjoying his summer vacation, so while he is having so much fun. I am left to fill in his work obligation which means writing his blog for this edition.

We visited Zuma yesterday to see how he was getting on and it turns out he’s loving every moment and Altino tells us he is the best behaved dog there. I find that hard to believe, but we are happy that he is calm and relaxed and having a nice time.
Zuma with his Trainer Altino. Loving his holiday time

We are now moving into summer holiday time and we all start to think about what we are going to do with our little ones to keep them occupied during these 6 weeks. For many you will be going on vacation to a sunny resort with family, maybe summer camp is calling, but for most the summer holidays are a time where we can spend time with our kids, choose fun activity and play outside (weather permitting).

We at Zuma the Dog HQ are working away creating new product ideas and designing new ranges to keep you all up with the latest styles and kids trends, but while all this is going on we have also found some time to search for and recommend some activities you can do if the weather changes and need something to do indoors.

We have listed five of our favourites.

1.       Colouring-in crazy? Visit www.zumathedog.com and click on “print & colour” to download free our simple Zuma the dog characters

2.       For creative indoor fun you can download for free our Zuma the dog pop-ette with pals. Go to www.zumathedog.com and click on “print & colour” to see our Popagami Zuma the Dog to colour in and make.

3.       Love Popagami? We recommend you go to www.popagami.com  where you can download full colour versions of Zuma the Dog and other characters to make and create plays and stories with.

4.       We love Tilly and Tam. Doggy friends of Zuma with new stories every week and games to play check out www.tillyandtam.com/playtime/

5.        Lots of free download able craft fun here at http://www.activityvillage.co.uk/crafts

We certainly know that Zuma is playing outside and has gathered together a football team with his other dog buddies. As he is having such a wonderful time I am wondering whether he will want to come home.

Enjoy your summer holidays and play safe whatever you do.

Much Love

Sam (Zuma’s Mummy)


Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Press Release

Mummy has been busy again and look what she has been up to..............

Press Release

Glastonbury based business owner, Mum-entrepreneur and owner of the kids lifestyle brand Zuma the Dog, Samantha Morgan announced this week that a license agreement has been made between Zuma the Dog and the Dragon’s Den contestant Brain Craik author and creator of Popagami(R).

Free download now available on
The origami lover wowed the dragons last October with his new take on paper folding and has since approached Samantha to develop his lovable pets into a dog styled for Zuma the Dog. It will be accompanied by a book to help children develop their language skills. “With the world becoming such a smaller place the emphasis is on language and giving children the opportunity to learn more than one language early in life is becoming more prevalent,” Said Samantha “and partnering up with Brian and his Pop-ettes gives us the opportunity to take my Zuma the Dog brand into new categories, creating more brand awareness whilst developing a product that is indicative to our brand philosophy.”

Samantha pictured with the first pop-ette
prototype and the cheeky inspiration, Zuma

“Zuma the Dog fans everywhere should expect great things from the fusion of Popagami puppets,” said Philip “Working with Samantha the author of the Zuma the Dog books, a new “cutting-edge” dimension can be added!” 


Samantha’s original story books “The Adventures of Zuma the Dog” have already been translated into bilingual stories for children growing up in multinational families. Based on personal experience, Samantha believes in getting children to interact and playing games with such activities like Popagami gives a child confidence and promotes good self esteem, while helping with their language development.

To kick off the partnership four free downloads have been made available on the brands website www.zumathedog.com Click on “Print and Colour” and you can download, colour and create. The books will be available to buy through any good retailer and online in time for Christmas and makes a wonderful accompaniment to the clothing line which already exists. 

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Yes yes and yes I’m sure you can tell by Mummy’s recent Facebook posts that I’ve recovered from my little leg injury and back to my old tricks, like a mini whirl wind I’ve been undoing all the work Mummy has been putting into the garden and to get back at her for her recent humiliation of name calling and dug up her newly planted lavender from the borders and pooped on them Ha Ha Ha. Now my pseudo name has gone from Cone Head the Barbarian to The Great Shatsby and wonders what other names my very humorous Mummy can come up with next for me. Master C and Daddy were calling Limp Biscuit at one point last week. No wonder I have issues!
Product in store at Kids & Design
I can’t really complain we all have a lot of fun and do so many things and without our family fun and banter my Zuma the Dog range wouldn’t be as creative and colourful as it is. I’m sure. We are so very nearly close to the middle point of 2013 and can’t believe how fast time is moving and looking back we have had some successes as our little brand grows. This month we started to supply a new boutique store in Cascais, Portugal called Kids & Design. Right in the centre of town and stocking other brands, all with a bright colourful, fun concept. It’s so good to be situated in such a great spot and sure Zuma the Dog will do very well in such a prominent position

Store front window display

Yellow shirt in store window
"How much is that puppy in the window?"

This month also brought us our new sales agent from Dallas, USA. A long time coming and very excited that we finally have representation covering eight of the southern states of the USA. We know we have a strong demand in the USA and so happy that we can finally supply that demand and make more happy customers. Boutiques and stores all over the USA will have our brand and we will do our very best to inform you where they are as soon as stock is delivered. If you are a boutique owner and wish to get in touch with our agent then please email me here zuma@zumathedog.com and Mummy will be happy to forward details on to you.

New samples winging their way to our agent in Dallas

Now I’m back to full health I’m looking forward to heading back out for more paddle boarding lessons. Mummy had a new rash vest made for me and I want to wear it out so everyone can see how cool I am. I wonder what humiliating new name I’ll get next week.


Much Love


Zuma XX


Thursday, 11 April 2013

A brighter side to life

So I am now three weeks into my therapy and despite one tiny relapse last night Mummy thinks I´m doing very well. My therapist says I´m progressing so well that as from next week we are able to reduce our sessions. I have to say I do feel so much better, calmer and feel less anxious and able to cope without being continuously attached to Mummy. I think I will always have some small issues, but for the most part able to move on and live life “semi normal”, for me.

Me and Nick from SurfnPaddle
Just like our clothing brand demands, we are all looking towards to the brighter side of life and as my anger issues start to fade away, new opportunities and doors are opening up and I´m seeing the fun I could have missed out on if I hadn’t have got my act together. This week I went Stand up Paddle boarding or SUP as the pros call it. It was such a surprise and a great treat. As you all know the beach is my most favourite place to be and now I have the freedom to use the sea as my playground also.  I have to say I was a little nervous at first, but as soon as I found my sea legs I was excited about this new experience. My teacher Nick from SurfnPaddle in Cascais was very good and gave me lots of encouragement. He even let me have a go with the paddle while Mummy was at the shore filming.
At the helm
So now that I´m on the mend Mummy has time to concentrate on business again. Turns out she´s started working with a company called Ship& Duck and licensing agreements to take Zuma the Dog into new product categories and markets. One she is considering is mobile game apps. Wouldn´t that be great! What do you think?

Our sales team continues to grow with reps in the USA, Australia, UK, and Portugal & Spain and a new deal with UAE to be confirmed. Life really is looking up for this little pup and I am so happy to have the love and support of my fans, friends and family.

Much Love


Zuma xx

Friday, 22 March 2013

A more serious note - Part 2

With spring time fast approaching we start to notice new growth in our garden and new life appearing in the fields with the birth of lambs and baby cows. The cycle of new life and beginnings is starting again and Easter gives us the chance to celebrate those new beginnings. I too am celebrating a new beginning for me. Some of the questions in my last blog edition have been answered and help has been found for me.
Easter cards available to buy online at www.zumathedog.com

It took a lot of research and some phone calls and digging around, but we did find a connection with Dog behaviour and domestic violence and a suitable therapist / trainer has been found to help me with my issues. I have always had trouble trusting people since my abuser left and the trainer is now able to translate my troubles to Mummy, so that she has the best understanding in helping me. After my first consultation my therapist’s description of me was “extremely traumatised”. Finally! Someone who understands me! Many humans don’t expect dogs to have real feeling and emotions and my new therapist is able to articulate those emotions to Mummy making them more real for her. She now has some understanding of what happened to me as a puppy when she wasn’t around and in helping me she has to relive some of the memories she had put to bed. Perhaps this is therapy for both of us?
Me and Mummy working together to help each other
 It´s only been the first week and there really is a long way to go, but already I am making progress. German Shepherds, for some reason are not my favourite breed of dog and I have always tried to pick a fight with any that I meet. This week I have spent most of my time with a very nice and well behaved one and not one single urge to go and eat him. So, for me that’s a huge improvement. At home I am much calmer, I feel more serene and less anxious. Less of a desire to hide under Mummy’s feet, which I´m sure Mummy is happy about.

If I keep this up Mummy has promised me a big surprise and I´m going to work hard to make improvements each week. I will be able to move on from my trauma and live a full and happy life like many other dogs. You know what though? In all honesty, I am a Jack Russell and it is in my nature to be naughty, so don’t count on me being 100% perfect.


Much Love


Zuma XX

Friday, 15 March 2013

A more serious note - Part 1

Most of the time my blogs trend towards the humorous side of life and the fun I have most of the time as a carefree doggy living the dream with my own kids lifestyle clothing brand. They say that people (personalities) hide behind humour and I believe this is the case for most part of my life. We are all a little naughty at times and many of us have issues and this edition of my blog will give you a little in site to why I am naughty at times. It´s not just down to my breed.

Mummy and I are extremely close and we hold each other very dear. We look to each other for support and have helped each other through difficult times. We are survivors of domestic violence and as it´s been a few years since our abuser left we still have a sense of co-dependence in order to get through our trauma. I was a young pup of only two years old when our abuser left. The first two years of my life was difficult. I was witness to Mummy being hit and shouted at and even hospitalised and when Mummy wasn´t around the attention was drawn to me. Mummy has no idea what happened to me and I have no words to tell her, but she can see in my eyes the fear and trauma that I endured. She was witness to the occasion beating that took place in front of her, but she always scooped me up into her arms to protect me, so for the most part the beatings were done without her knowledge.  A lot of my time was spent hiding behind sofa´s or growling at Mr Abuser in the hope he would stop his torment and the state of stress and hyper sensitivity I currently live in is what I have only known. Mummy loves me very much and shows me a lot of love and encouragement to help me with my fears of Human men, but she feels that my anxiety is getting out of control and beyond any help she is qualified to give me.

I have seen over the years that there are a lot of help for survivors of domestic violence of the human kind. You can just Google it and where ever you look help is available. There are regular cases  in the news where women speak out as survivors to show encouragement  and help to those still enduring their traumatic experience.  Mummy has had much human support and has been able to work through her issues and come to some sort of peace and moved on. I, on the other hand can´t seem to move on and ask, but what about the dog? What about the family pet? We have emotions and feelings. We have trauma and issues. We have flashbacks and memories that we need to come to terms with.

 I am the silent witness and feel that I have been forgotten about throughout this whole healing process, where is the help for me? How do you help a dog that for 99% of the time shows love and goodness and affection yet for the 1% is fearful and anxious and has no trust for Human men? How do you help a dog who is a survivor of domestic violence?

A question for Cesar Milan I believe or perhaps we should look a little closer to home? I have a feeling some of my questions are about to be answered.

Much Love

Zuma XX

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Strange time of year

The season of change and love is upon us, while we look towards the spring, we reflect upon the birth of new life, new growth and a new wardrobe of clothes. It’s a strange time of year really, for many of us the sun is shining brightly and we can feel the summer is just around the corner. We want to get out those t-shirts and shorts and hang out at the beach. Come out of our winter hibernation, but it’s still not quite warm enough. I see Mummy getting ready in the morning pausing at her summer dresses and trying on her t-shirts only to opt for the warmer style of long sleeve tops layered with a sweater or cardigan and wishing for the cool wind to give way to the hot summer sun.

The stores are now moving into their spring ranges and in just a few weeks the summer ranges will be available to buy. For many the weather is still cold and although you want to bring some colour and sunshine into your wardrobe it seems just a little too early. While we are working on new products all the time at Zuma the Dog HQ and our summer styles have been ready for many months, some of our classic styles are still great for this time of year.  Your little ones can still be warm yet still have a summer look about them and still stand out in a crowd.

We are pleased to announce that our classic range is still going strong and with its launch in stores across Lisbon, Portugal we know our bright yellow and orange hoodies and tops have got a lot of mileage yet. Torino, moda infantile e juvenile on Avendida da Igreja in Lisbon were the first to acknowledge the bold style of our brand and saw the value in our bright colours for all year round. With more following suit, soon children all over Portugal will be glowing in the excitement that wearing Zuma the Dog styles brings.

Of course we sell our brand worldwide and also via our website www.zumathedog.com. Visit us on Facebook and even Tweet us we love to hear from you.

Much Love


Zuma XX