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Monday, 7 November 2011

Zuma's Big Bang

BANG!!!!! POP!!!! WHOOSH!!!! WHIZZ!!!!! That’s about the
extent of my weekend. It was Guy Falks night here in Blighty and Mummy decided
to take Master C to a friend’s house at Weston-Super-Mare pier to watch the
fireworks display. Mummy didn’t want to leave me in the house all on my own
with the noises from the night’s festivities going off, so I went too.
I can understand now why Mummy has been giving me these
little pills every so often as usually these types of noises scare me so much I
shake and have to hide under the bed for hours. This time I was pretty calm and
relaxed about it and snuggled in my beanbag until it was all over, which didn’t
take long. I have to say what I did see of the display was very beautiful and
the colours were amazing and reminded me a lot of our Zuma the Dog range with
its bright colours of orange and green and yellow. Colours are always a great
way to lift a mood and these fireworks really lifted mine. Or it could have had
something to do with all the attention I was getting from the other people at
the house. I was the main focus of attention of course and had lots of hugs and
kisses from all the children who came to visit. I believe it was my best night
out in the world ever with lots of fun and celebration.
At Zuma the Dog there is always a reason for celebration and
fun. We surround ourselves with craziness that enables us to create these
colourful designs for your children to love and wear. We feel our styles should
be worn everyday as our children should be surrounded by fun, colour, quality
and love every second of their lives and the best way to do that is by dressing
them in Zuma the Dog.
To see our full range of kids designer hoodies, kids
designer jeans
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introduce yourselves as we love to meet our new friends
Mummy is still giving me those calming pills and the more I
have the more love and affection I get too. MMmmmmmm they must be good, but can’t
help wondering why she’s still giving them to me. There must be more fun
festivities or events coming up that she hasn’t yet told me about. Oh Gosh!!!!
The move!!!! That’s coming up in about six weeks. AAarrhhhhh It must be
something to do with that. OOOOOO know what going to happen to me?
Time to hide I think.

Much Love

Zuma XX