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Monday, 5 May 2014

Lights! Camera! Action!


This year seems to be flying past so fast, spring has certainly settled in and before we know it summer will be here. There has been so many bank holidays just lately and Master C has been off school, so Mummy has had less time for me. I’ve spent some time woofing at the postman and the builders working on the house next door and dreaming about what I would do if they accidentally fell off the wall and landed in the garden. I’m pretty sure I would give them a nice fright, just for my own pleasure. It’s funny seeing humans jump when they hear my high pitch woof.

Mummy and Master C have spent some time over the Easter break being creative and making animated movies starring yours truly. Master C has had fun creating his characters, making the Popagami army and drawing the scenery and I’ve enjoyed watching them focusing on ME! Even though it is indirectly. The movie has made me out to be the hero (as I am), fighting the evil alien invaders and It’s been nice seeing my human family have fun together doing creative activities. For a small boy Master C really does have a great imagination. The result is pawsome! Check it out here and feel free to share his talent. It would be dogtastic to see this go viral!

I’m pretty sure Mummy will find a way to use this as a way to market my clothing brand. There is always something going on here at Zuma the Dog HQ and often I get dragged into being involved one way or another. I'm seven and a half now and getting too old for all this silliness! I think I’m going to just sit here for a while, staring out to the garden and dream up other ways the world can focus it’s attention on me.

Much Love


Zuma XX