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Monday, 15 September 2014

Back to School

So, this week is Back to School week. I don’t know about you, but it has certainly been a very long summer break. Master C certainly needs to be back amongst his friends and Mummy really needs to get back into work mode and get her focus back to ME and all things that surround ME! Ten weeks is really far too long for the schools to be closed in my opinion.

I spent a good chunk of my time hang out with my favourite trainer, playing at his farm and being generally quite spoilt, while Mummy and Master C gallivanted across the globe in search of inspiration for new styles and Mummy tells me she even wrote a new Zuma the Dog book. Can’t wait to start seeing that come to life.

Mummy said she was sorry that I couldn’t come with her and was sad I couldn’t experience all the fun they had in Brazil and England. She took stuffed Zuma with her to make up for it and it does look like he had a great time. To be honest though, I know I had the best time where I was and as much as they enjoyed seeing lots of new things and making friends with strange new creatures, rolling around in a dusty old farm, digging up rotten old balls and long walks on the sunset beach is a much better holiday for me.
Apparently Stuffed Zuma got really good at photo bombing and here are some of Mummy's snap shots to prove it. 
Relaxing and enjoying the river in the Rainforest of Brazil
"Look Mummy, this is where they grow Bananas"
"Don't you think this would make a great location for a photo shoot for Zuma the Dog?"
The locals are so friendly
Super fun ride on the cable car. Mummy and Daddy zipped lined down this.
Awesome view of Balneario Camboriu from Unipraias Adventure park
We loved all the animals and birds at the Botanical Gardens in Joinville
A romantic trip through the Rain Forest by train
So many palm trees at Rua da Palmeira


I am relaxed and ready to face my public and enjoy what is ahead for Zuma the Dog. New school term equal new adventures for us all. Bring them on!


Much Love


Zuma XX