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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Strange time of year

The season of change and love is upon us, while we look towards the spring, we reflect upon the birth of new life, new growth and a new wardrobe of clothes. It’s a strange time of year really, for many of us the sun is shining brightly and we can feel the summer is just around the corner. We want to get out those t-shirts and shorts and hang out at the beach. Come out of our winter hibernation, but it’s still not quite warm enough. I see Mummy getting ready in the morning pausing at her summer dresses and trying on her t-shirts only to opt for the warmer style of long sleeve tops layered with a sweater or cardigan and wishing for the cool wind to give way to the hot summer sun.

The stores are now moving into their spring ranges and in just a few weeks the summer ranges will be available to buy. For many the weather is still cold and although you want to bring some colour and sunshine into your wardrobe it seems just a little too early. While we are working on new products all the time at Zuma the Dog HQ and our summer styles have been ready for many months, some of our classic styles are still great for this time of year.  Your little ones can still be warm yet still have a summer look about them and still stand out in a crowd.

We are pleased to announce that our classic range is still going strong and with its launch in stores across Lisbon, Portugal we know our bright yellow and orange hoodies and tops have got a lot of mileage yet. Torino, moda infantile e juvenile on Avendida da Igreja in Lisbon were the first to acknowledge the bold style of our brand and saw the value in our bright colours for all year round. With more following suit, soon children all over Portugal will be glowing in the excitement that wearing Zuma the Dog styles brings.

Of course we sell our brand worldwide and also via our website www.zumathedog.com. Visit us on Facebook and even Tweet us we love to hear from you.

Much Love


Zuma XX