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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Colour Me Better

Great news, Daddy Zuma is back on his feet and able to play again, well, almost. I think it will still be some time before he's able to take part in the kind of play I enjoy. While he was getting better from his accident he worked on some of the new print and colour pictures of me which are on my website. I'd rather run around the garden or a beach all day, but when we're stuck inside I like to see pretty pictures of me which other people have done. Mummy has put eight different drawings of me on the website, including three which are specially done for Halloween. Now that Halloween is nearly here the weather is drawing in and there is less time for outside play, why don't you get creative? Colour in one of my pictures and then tweet them to me. There's Franken Zuma, Jacko Zuma and Zuma Potter to choose from.


You can find my twitter account, and so many other things about me on the website. Every picture I get I'll share with all my other friends so they can see how well you've done.

I look forward to see what you all come up with and show the world how talented you all are.

Much Love

Zuma XX