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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Zuma's Moving Adventure

Oh my good gracious!!! What an adventure!! Mummy said we
were moving, but I didn’t quite understand what that meant until now. Over the
last two weeks I couldn’t understand why Mummy was making sleep downstairs in a
big plastic box. I thought she didn’t love me anymore and couldn’t work out
what I had done. I kept finding little white and blue pills in my food too. I
always eat up my food so went with it and ate them too. After a few days the
box became almost like home and I accepted it and calmed down enough to sleep
in it every night. Something very strange has come over me and rather than the
usually panic mode of anxiety that usually takes over my body, a calm wave of
acceptance that everything is really ok has taken its place. I like this
Two days ago Mummy bundled me into the box and packed me
into the car with Master C, a whole bunch of suitcases and Grandad drove us all
off to a very strange place where they put me onto what they call a pallet and
fork lifted me onto a very big metal bird. Crikey! It was a bit scary. It was
quite dark and at one point I was thrown to the back of my box. I thought I was
going to be sick, but managed to keep it down. I don’t remember too much, but I
know it took a while and when I was eventually fork lifted out of the big metal
bird it was very sunny and hot outside. Looking out of my box I could see Mummy
and Master C getting out of the big metal bird too, but from another exit. I
barked to let them know I was there, but I don’t think they could hear me. They
got on a bus and went off in a different direction and I was driven off to
somewhere miles away from Mummy.
After another hour of waiting I was finally reunited with
Mummy, Master C and Daddy S. It was so amazing to see everyone together. I was
so happy. I thought I was lost and forgotten about. Mummy tells me we are in a
place called Portugal and this is where she has been coming all this time to
prepare a home for me and Master C. I love it here already. I am relaxed and
enjoy the freedom that I couldn’t get back in the old home. I have been out for
dinner with my family and power walked Mummy to the beach this morning and met
the sea for the first time. Woweeee those waves are big!! I’ve dug a big hole
in the sand and found a ball to bring home. I feel happy and inspired and ready
to help Mummy design a whole new range for Zuma the Dog. Let’s just hope I can
keep up this new positive attitude and not go back to my naughty old ways. He
he he he he he.

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Much Love

Zuma XX

Friday, 9 March 2012

Zuma's almost on the move

I must be paranoid because there are some odd things happening right now. A big boxy cagey type thingy arrived at the house last week and Mummy is making me eat all my dinners in it. My toys are all in there and every now and again I find little treats and tip bits in there too. Mummy was sleeping with my towel all last week and now that’s been put in the box too. I guess it’s supposed to make me go in there, but I’m not so sure, something is really very odd about the whole situation.
I do recall Mummy saying when she got back from her last trip that the next time she goes away I would be going with her, but I thought I'd go along with my packed suitcase like her and Master C. Not sure if this box has anything to do with it, but it’s freaking me out. I’ve also found a package of anti anxiety pills with my name on it too. What is that all about? I don’t get anxious? Do I? Hyper sensitive maybe, but not anxious.
Anyway, this week at the Headquarters of Zuma the Dog we’ve been working on new products. Our favourite has to be the crochet hat. With its floppy ears and googly eyes, it really is very cute and would make any child feel loved. While sourcing this product, Mummy decided to go down a different route and go local. She found someone very near to our HQ who could make these special hats be hand and with all the love and fun that our brand stands for. These are not mass manufactured, but made to order only, which mean your child will be thought of during every stitch in the making of this product. I love this hat so much that when Mummy tried it on me I wouldn’t take it off. Imagine that, Zuma wearing a Zuma hat. Too funny
To order you very own Zuma the Dog hat visit our website www.zumathedog.comand look for Crochet Hat. You’ll also be able to check out our other products while you shop.
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Mummy has just made my dinner which she is just serving up in the box. I’m gonna go and woof it down quickly and hopes she doesn’t shut the door on me in the mean time.
Much Love

Zuma XX