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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Press Release

Mummy has been busy again and look what she has been up to..............

Press Release

Glastonbury based business owner, Mum-entrepreneur and owner of the kids lifestyle brand Zuma the Dog, Samantha Morgan announced this week that a license agreement has been made between Zuma the Dog and the Dragon’s Den contestant Brain Craik author and creator of Popagami(R).

Free download now available on
The origami lover wowed the dragons last October with his new take on paper folding and has since approached Samantha to develop his lovable pets into a dog styled for Zuma the Dog. It will be accompanied by a book to help children develop their language skills. “With the world becoming such a smaller place the emphasis is on language and giving children the opportunity to learn more than one language early in life is becoming more prevalent,” Said Samantha “and partnering up with Brian and his Pop-ettes gives us the opportunity to take my Zuma the Dog brand into new categories, creating more brand awareness whilst developing a product that is indicative to our brand philosophy.”

Samantha pictured with the first pop-ette
prototype and the cheeky inspiration, Zuma

“Zuma the Dog fans everywhere should expect great things from the fusion of Popagami puppets,” said Philip “Working with Samantha the author of the Zuma the Dog books, a new “cutting-edge” dimension can be added!” 


Samantha’s original story books “The Adventures of Zuma the Dog” have already been translated into bilingual stories for children growing up in multinational families. Based on personal experience, Samantha believes in getting children to interact and playing games with such activities like Popagami gives a child confidence and promotes good self esteem, while helping with their language development.

To kick off the partnership four free downloads have been made available on the brands website www.zumathedog.com Click on “Print and Colour” and you can download, colour and create. The books will be available to buy through any good retailer and online in time for Christmas and makes a wonderful accompaniment to the clothing line which already exists.