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Thursday, 11 April 2013

A brighter side to life

So I am now three weeks into my therapy and despite one tiny relapse last night Mummy thinks I´m doing very well. My therapist says I´m progressing so well that as from next week we are able to reduce our sessions. I have to say I do feel so much better, calmer and feel less anxious and able to cope without being continuously attached to Mummy. I think I will always have some small issues, but for the most part able to move on and live life “semi normal”, for me.

Me and Nick from SurfnPaddle
Just like our clothing brand demands, we are all looking towards to the brighter side of life and as my anger issues start to fade away, new opportunities and doors are opening up and I´m seeing the fun I could have missed out on if I hadn’t have got my act together. This week I went Stand up Paddle boarding or SUP as the pros call it. It was such a surprise and a great treat. As you all know the beach is my most favourite place to be and now I have the freedom to use the sea as my playground also.  I have to say I was a little nervous at first, but as soon as I found my sea legs I was excited about this new experience. My teacher Nick from SurfnPaddle in Cascais was very good and gave me lots of encouragement. He even let me have a go with the paddle while Mummy was at the shore filming.
At the helm
So now that I´m on the mend Mummy has time to concentrate on business again. Turns out she´s started working with a company called Ship& Duck and licensing agreements to take Zuma the Dog into new product categories and markets. One she is considering is mobile game apps. Wouldn´t that be great! What do you think?

Our sales team continues to grow with reps in the USA, Australia, UK, and Portugal & Spain and a new deal with UAE to be confirmed. Life really is looking up for this little pup and I am so happy to have the love and support of my fans, friends and family.

Much Love


Zuma xx