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Friday, 18 December 2015

Little Dog signs Licensing Agent

So, this is why Mummy has been so busy just lately. Would have been nice to know she was signing me to an agent. I guess now I can say "Talk to my agent!"
Zuma the Dog finds growth through Licensing

Glastonbury based start up Children’s brand Zuma the Dog is excited to announce they have now signed a Licensing Agent. Those Licensing People based in North Yorkshire is set to grow the brands awareness outside its original clothing line.

  TLP will represent Zuma the Dog, with an initial project being a TV series aimed at 4-6 year olds to be broadcast worldwide via its YouTube Channel Zuma the Dog TV. This will open up Zuma the Dog to an international market and give the ability for the brand to extend outside its current online market with licensed products such as stationary, plush collectibles, toys, gifts and apps. Award winning marketing company Weird Lime will be heading up all the marketing to compliment all licensed products. “This is an exciting step forward for Zuma the Dog”. Says owner/creator Samantha Morgan “we are really looking forward to working with TLP and Weird Lime and will continue to make sure Zuma the Dog’s core brand philosophy stays in the forefront of the TV series and any new licensed products.”

Samantha will continue to concentrate her efforts on the clothing line and hopes the licensed products will bring more brand awareness and free up time for her to continue designing fabulous fashion for kids.

Little Stuffed Zuma is all ready
for Christmas
What exciting news this is to end what has been a fabulous year for the whole family. I can't wait to see myself on TV and going over right now to subscribe to Zuma the Dog TV. I suggest you do the same to be sure you get the very latest on the TV show.         
With Christmas just around the corner there is still time to get your hands on some of our award winning Zuma the Dog products and our books make great stocking fillers too.
We hope you enjoy this special time with your families and we will be back in the New Year with more news and updates about our TV series and other escapades from Zuma the Dog HQ.

Much Love

Zuma XX

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Zuma's Fashion Doldrums

As if facing the change in the British weather and the depressed feeling you get at the end of the summer, knowing that all you have to look forward to is six months of long cold winter nights followed by morning visits from Jack Frost, bundling the kids into their thick coats, hats and scarves and scrapping ice off the car windscreen wasn't enough, after scouting around the local supermarkets to find Master C something interesting to wear for the next season, I was dumbstruck to see the lack of interesting options available.

Too dull for kids!
Still lucky, during mid August to experience what often seems a very short summer for the UK in recent years, I thought it would be nice while shopping with Nanny Zuma to get a quick clothing shop done (knowing it’s Master C’s growing season). Enjoying the sunshine and still feeling quite summery I entered the boys section of the supermarket only to be faced with the most dullest, boring and downright dreary clothing range I could possible see. There was absolutely nothing exciting or inspiring about the styles and quite frankly not willing to dress my fun, colourful, playful little boy anything this store had to offer.

I don’t want to sound like a moaning mini, but having worked as a designer supplying stores like these for many years, I believe their buyers are playing it too safe by not offering an alternative to grey, black and white stripes, grey on grey checks with an accent of red and white. I actually thought I’d walked into the school uniform department at first until I realised this was the only row available for boys clothes.

Shame on you ASDA! Shame shame shame for lacking imagination and balls to try something new. With a consumer spend of £3.4 Million, (figures based on tax year 2008-2009), I’m pretty sure you can come up with something better, more exciting, more original than what you already currently stock. Why play it safe for the sake of margins and profit?

Same dull colours in Europe

Our children deserve to dress age appropriate, fun, colourful and bright.  Supermarkets and other high street chain stores can do so much better than this. It’s time to stop forcing bland winter fashion doldrums on our children, particularly stocking colours like this during August.  Winter is tough enough! Dress to impress not dress to depress!

Lucky for you guy’s Zuma the Dog can save the day and brighten up those winter fashion blues. ;-)

Much Love

Mummy Zuma XX

Wednesday, 8 July 2015



So, it looks like Stuffed Zuma had the time of his life while he was on his travels with Mummy and Master C. Nope! I’m not jealous at all. Jack Russell’s don’t know what it feels like to be jealous. We just don’t have it in us! MMmmmmmm

Don’t get me wrong, I had a wonderful time playing at the farm, but they don’t need to rub it in that I got left behind with all their posted instagram photos. I guess in Mummy’s mind she sees it as a way to gain more inspiration for her books and clothing line and I do believe she has a few things up her sleeve……………….. I feel another trip coming on.

While she gets back into the swing of work mode, lots of phone calls and meetings are taking place. I know she has some ideas and really wants to get my Zuma the Dog brand back into the UK high street. I believe a plan is being hatched and with any luck I can tell you all about it next time my paws are ready to type. It’s been super hot here this week and the ground has been really too hot for walking on. In need my walkies, but my little paws have gotten just a bit too hot for my liking, which is why it’s not so easy typing today.
Now if you don’t mind, I’m off to poop under Mummy’s bed to get her back for not taking me with her and don't forget to check out all our social media from our office daily antics.


Much Love

Zuma  XX