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Monday, 23 January 2012

Zuma's Great Escape

HHHmmmmpppfffff!!!! Why do humans have to talk so much? Why
do they have to tell each other everything? My little garden escape hole has
been discovered by Mummy all because the neighbour told her I was in their
garden chasing the cats around. That’s my fun foiled for now.
Those brilliant badgers keep making me
new holes in the fence so no matter how many times Mummy covers them up new
holes appear each day. There’s always some way of me getting out and visiting
the neighbours. Two doors down even offered me some water. Brilliant! They
never seemed to tell me off or chase me away, so I thought they wanted me to
play in their garden.
Big boxes of stock have been leaving the house just lately
and Mummy tell me they are for a big order from the American e-tailer Zulily.
Firstly they need to have new labels put in them to comply with US import regulations
so we all went up the warehouse and counted out all 3100 units ready for the processer.
What a job! Master C who can barely count to 10 got most of the boxes mixed up
and I really was too cold to do anything so spent most of the time sat in a
bush waiting for everyone to finish. I’m the star of this set up and I don’t
want to die of the cold thank you. Mummy said we all needed to work as a team,
but really? Moi? What could I possibly do?
It took a few hours, but eventually the job was finished and
all the stock was sent off and now we are getting ready for its return at the
end of the week. Our sales event is being held on http://www.zulily.com/ next week. So all of our
American fans please keep an eye out for it as you may be able to pick up a
If you want to check out our full range of kids designer
, t-shirts and kids designer jeans then please hop over to http://www.zumathedog.com/ and also come visit us
on Facebook and Twitter. We love to hear from you.
It’s time for me to go sniffing out some more badger holes. I
can hear the neighbour’s cat calling to me and I really want to see what she

Much Love

Zuma XX

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Zuma's Indulgent Christmas

It seems so long ago now, but really only a couple of weeks. Christmas for us was really wonderful. Mummy had some brilliant news about our big move. Daddy S came over from Portugal and spent the whole of Christmas and New Year with us. Mummy is obviously less stressed, as busy as she is, still finds time to sing as loud as she can (really badly mind) and mess about play rough housing with Master C and me. I love this new less stressed Mummy. She’s ace!
We were all very spoilt over the holiday season and even I am carrying a few extra pounds. I was given a basket of special homemade terrier biscuits, which I’ve been told were made just for me, by a Zuma the Dog fan (Thank you Stacey). Gosh, I’m, so lucky. They were actually quite yummy and didn’t last long. They were like cat nip for dogs; I had absolutely no self control over them. You should try them, Facebook Paw Prints by Masquerades and order some for your pampered pooch.
Mummy is back to full swing with work and with our latest big order from America, we will soon be out of stock with our winter styles and Mummy will be ordering in our spring / summer stock. We have some great new Ideas here and would love for you to Facebook us with your comments. What would you like to see in our range? We strive to come up with fun and funky ideas for your little ones to enjoy and love to hear what you think of our ideas. After all it’s you that buy’s our product, so it’s you that matters.
To see our full range of kids designer hoodies, kids designer jeans and boys designer t-shirts visit our website www.zumathedog.com. You can also find us Twitter too search zumathedogshop. We would love to see you there and please introduce yourselves as we love to meet our Zuma the dog fans and friends.
I know my first blog of this year is short and sweet, but we are on a deadline and Mummy needs all the help she can get. Yes! Me being helpful! A part of my new year’s resolution. I wonder how long I can make it last?

Much Love

Zuma XX