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Monday, 3 February 2014

Happy New Year and happy year of the horse! It already seems like ages ago and January seems to fly by so fast. For many it’s been an interesting start to the year. With snow storms in the USA, high winds and rain battering most of the west coast of Europe bring destruction and floods to many households. It’s almost in a biblical sense.
Boardwalk blown away by winds
High tides destroy Praia do Guincho

The destruction we saw in Portugal was sad. The beaches torn up and we lost my favourite boardwalk to the beach from high winds, but I am fortunate that the beach is still there and I am able to run and play like any other day. My thoughts go out to those from home who are not so fortunate. My home county of Somerset has been hit so badly by the storms almost all of the levels are submerged in water. Mummy recalls times as a child when the river near her home would burst its banks and the field below her childhood home would fill up with water, but never in her days has she seen such massive floods and so much devastation. She remembers that after the floods came the freeze and the field below her home would freeze over and all the children from the neighbourhood would come to ice skate. The floods brought fun and fond childhood memories not destruction of homes and loss of business to the farmers.
Burrow Bridge Mount in the Floods

Somerset Levels overcome with floods
I was told by a family member that the local council stopped the dredging of the rivers in Somerset many years ago due to cutback by the government. With global warming and the extra rain that has been falling the rivers have not been able to cope, bursting their banks and causing these floods. I’m sure there is more to it than that, but surely the cost of this devastation out ways the cost of keeping the rivers clean? Here Mummy has found and interesting video which touches on the real cause of the problem.
It’s so sad to see my home where I grew up covered with water and seeing very little help coming. It’s been almost two months since the start of the floods in Somerset and will anything be done to compensate these people? A message to the UK government: Remember, Charity begins at home!
Much love
Zuma XX