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Monday, 12 December 2011

Zuma's Newsflash: Santa........

Ooooohhhhh I just can’t help myself!!! The temptation is
just too great and the doggy tourettes keeps kicking in without my knowledge.
Mummy’s chocolate advent Calendar smelled far too good and I did it again. I
fell into a blind frenzy and before I knew it Mummy’s calendar was in pieces on
the floor and silver foil bits all around me. I’m so sorry Mummy and I know it’s
really bad for me, but I just cannot help myself.
My favourite daily visitor, the postman has been bringing
more letters than usual and with the excitement of a giant box arriving the
other day, I really over did it. So happy to see the postman that I ran and ran
and ran all around the house as fast as I could and ooppppsss!!! I knocked
Mummy’s beautifully decorated Christmas tree all over the floor. Gosh if I’m
this excited to see the postman imagine what it’s going to be like when Santa
comes. I may have to lock myself away so I don’t eat his cookies and the reindeer
food and also lick him to death. That wouldn’t really be fair on the other
children of the world.
“Newsflash: Santa was
unable to deliver all of his toys on Christmas Eve because of a short encounter
with Zuma the Dog, who licked and covered him in so much doggy slobber that he
drowned. Interviews for new Santa commence on New Year’s Day. Click here to
Can you imagine what a disaster that would be?
I know that Zuma equals, naughty, but that is in more of a
fun, energetic, bouncy, colourful way, much like our kids clothing range. You
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yourselves as we love to meet our new friends.
Everyone in my family got emails from Santa last Tuesday including
Daddy S, who isn’t even here that often. I guess they are all on the nice list.
I didn’t get one, so I’m off to help an old lady cross the street and see if I
can get back onto the good doggy list.

Much Love

Zuma XX

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Zuma's Chocolate Attack

There’s a distinct smell of Christmas in the air. I have
seen the advent calendar go up and Master C open the first door this morning. The
excitement is building and Master C is definitely on his best behaviour. I do
believe he wants Santa to visit, but was wondering if the same good boy for Santa
rule applies for Doggies? Though possibly my attack of doggy tourettes on
Tuesday evening may have ruined any chances of Santa coming for me this year.
Mummy and Master C had popped out for a while and the smell
of Christmas chocolate was so intoxicating I just had to go and find it. I
really couldn’t help myself and the wardrobe door was open just enough for me
to squeeze my nose in. I searched
through the pile of presents all wrapped up at looking sparkly, pulling them
out one by one and sticking my nose under the wrapping paper to see if they
smelled of chocolate. The fluffy white slippers distracted me for a few minutes
while I rolled around with them and licked and rubbed my snout into their
softness. I could smell the chocolate at the bottom of the bag so pulled and
tore at it until I got to them. Aaahhhhhh finally!!! Hershey’s Kisses, my
favourite. I was only going to have one. Honest! But the next thing I can remember is Mummy
coming into the bedroom finding me asleep on my side legs out straight with a
half empty packet of chocolate by my side. The bedroom was a bombsite,
Christmas presents, wrapping paper and little pieces of gold foil all over the
floor. Mummy was really not amused. She didn’t have to say a thing. I could see
it on her face. Oh Gosh! What have I done now?
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I’m now on strict supervision. All the Christmas presents
have been put high out of the way and Mummy is keeping a very close eye on me.
I guess I need to be on my very best behaviour if I want Santa to visit me too.

Much Love

Zuma XX

Monday, 7 November 2011

Zuma's Big Bang

BANG!!!!! POP!!!! WHOOSH!!!! WHIZZ!!!!! That’s about the
extent of my weekend. It was Guy Falks night here in Blighty and Mummy decided
to take Master C to a friend’s house at Weston-Super-Mare pier to watch the
fireworks display. Mummy didn’t want to leave me in the house all on my own
with the noises from the night’s festivities going off, so I went too.
I can understand now why Mummy has been giving me these
little pills every so often as usually these types of noises scare me so much I
shake and have to hide under the bed for hours. This time I was pretty calm and
relaxed about it and snuggled in my beanbag until it was all over, which didn’t
take long. I have to say what I did see of the display was very beautiful and
the colours were amazing and reminded me a lot of our Zuma the Dog range with
its bright colours of orange and green and yellow. Colours are always a great
way to lift a mood and these fireworks really lifted mine. Or it could have had
something to do with all the attention I was getting from the other people at
the house. I was the main focus of attention of course and had lots of hugs and
kisses from all the children who came to visit. I believe it was my best night
out in the world ever with lots of fun and celebration.
At Zuma the Dog there is always a reason for celebration and
fun. We surround ourselves with craziness that enables us to create these
colourful designs for your children to love and wear. We feel our styles should
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them in Zuma the Dog.
To see our full range of kids designer hoodies, kids
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Mummy is still giving me those calming pills and the more I
have the more love and affection I get too. MMmmmmmm they must be good, but can’t
help wondering why she’s still giving them to me. There must be more fun
festivities or events coming up that she hasn’t yet told me about. Oh Gosh!!!!
The move!!!! That’s coming up in about six weeks. AAarrhhhhh It must be
something to do with that. OOOOOO know what going to happen to me?
Time to hide I think.

Much Love

Zuma XX

Monday, 31 October 2011

Zuma's busy time

We just had the busiest half term week ever!!! It was so
much fun, filled with family, friends, gifts and love. Oh! And lots and lots of
food. It almost felt like Christmas. Auntie M visited for Master C’s birthday
and she even commented on my cute looks and good behaviour. So, for that I
decided to remain good and cute and do as I was told all week.
Master C’s party was a success and I spent the whole time
being loved and petted by all the children who came to the party. I love
children so much. They are so much fun and full of energy, just like me. I did
feel a little sick that evening though and feel hoovering up all the leftover
food that fell to the floor was probably not the best idea. I know now why
Mummy doesn’t allow me to eat human food, my tummy ached all night. :0(
We are back to the old routine now; things have quietened
down with Master C back at school and Auntie M on a flight back to America. I’m
a little melancholy about the calmness and know I’m going to miss Auntie M, but
delighted at the same time that Master C had a great party and recalling all the
brilliant, colourful outfits the children wore for this celebration.
At Zuma the Dog, everyday there is a reason for celebration
and fun. We surround ourselves with craziness that enables us to create these
colourful designs for your children to love and wear. We feel our styles should
be worn everyday as our children should be surrounded by fun and colour and love
every second of their lives. Every chance we can we should celebrate having our
children in our lives and the best way to do that is by dressing them in Zuma
the Dog.
To see our full range of kids designer hoodies, kids
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I have a Halloween party to get ready for now and trying
very hard not to think about all that chocolate that Master C will get while
trick or treating.

Have a spooky Halloween night. Much Love

Zuma XX

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Calm down Zuma It's only party season

Woweeeee It’s all happening now, a really busy time for
everyone leading up the Christmas. It’s especially a busy time for Mummy with
our big move looming upon us and the Christmas orders starting to come in. But
before all of that we have Master C’s birthday, Halloween, Carnival and Guy Falk’s
night. Oh! And a visit from Auntie M from America to co-inside all of that.
OOOo yeah! I love Auntie M! She calls me the devil dog, so I’m just extra
naughty around her, only to keep up with my nick name. He he he he. Mmmmmmm I
wonder what knew designer outfit of hers I can chew this time?
A lot of hyper sensitive dogs (or special needs as Mummy
calls me) find it difficult to cope in such busy times like these and with all
the fireworks and celebration noises that happen around this time, it’s always
good to find a nice quiet place for your doggy to feel comfortable and secure.
Mummy gives me a herbal remedy that smells a lot like my birth Mummy. These pheromones
help to calm me down (if that’s at all possible) and I feel much better about
the whole festival season.
As I mentioned before the Christmas sales season is starting
to kick in, but you still have time to buy for Halloween. Our selection of
greeting cards are designed for all the celebration seasons in mind including Halloween
and in true Zuma the Dog style our designs are fun and bright with Zuma the heart
of each creation. If you buy now for Halloween you should also think about
buying for Christmas too and save on the shipping costs and buying early for
Christmas means you’ll be organised and ready for the big day in plenty of time
and won’t need to have any herbal remedy to calm you down like Mummy is giving me.
Our bright, colourful range of kids designer clothes, boys
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or find the “wholesale” page on our website, http://www.zumathedog.com/ where you can email
your interest there.
And, just for the record I WILL be wearing my dinosaur
costume out trick or treating this Halloween.
Much Love

Zuma XX

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Zuma Zilla

We had a fabulous time this weekend. Making the most of the unusually hot weather for this time of year and visiting friends at the coast. I was an extra good doggy and Mummy was very proud of my behaviour. I didn’t try to eat anyone at all. No growling or barking. I made it quite a stress free day.
Mummy said that as I was such a good boy, she bought me a surprise gift and you know what? I wish she hadn’t bothered. There’s me minding my own business. Looking forward to the lovely bone or fresh homemade biscuits that she usually rewards me with for good behaviour, but Oh no! Mummy was well off the mark this time! I know Master C’s birthday and Halloween is coming up, but really? A dinosaur costume? You have got to be joking! You are not getting me into that!
After a little bit of protesting and woofing, I finally realised that for once this wasn’t about me, but about Master C. I know how much happiness he would get out of seeing me dressed like a dinosaur for his birthday party, so I decided to try it on. I do look ridiculous and it’s not very comfortable, but as long as it makes my Master C happy on his big day, then that’s all that matters.
Dressing up is a very important part of a healthy childhood and wearing fun clothes that make your kids feel great is all a part of the Zuma the Dog philosophy. Our bright, range of colourful kids designer clothes, kids designer jeans and girls designer hoodies will always put your kids in the mood for fun and laughter, which help to build confidence and good self esteem. You can also enjoy our concept samples and buy from our “outlet shop” on Facebook, where you can get up to 50% off or follow us on Twitter.
If you would like to enquire about buying wholesale and stocking Zuma the Dog for winter or pre-order for summer 2012, please contact Mummy via email at sam@zumathedog.com or find the “wholesale” page on our website, http://www.zumathedog.comwhere you can email your interest there
Mummy has now put up an image of ZumaZilla, (that’s me in my dinosaur costume) in our print and colour section of the website for you to download and print for you to colour in. Great! The humiliation of my good deed just keeps on coming. Thanks Mummy!

Much Love

Zuma XX

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Zuma's feeling Popular

Sitting here on Mummy’s lap writing this blog, I am feeling quite happy and content, for a while at least. We are amidst our celebration as we reached our 3000 plus fan goal on Facebook last night. After all the hard work Mummy has put in recently, we finally made it. We are not stopping there, of course. This is just one goal in many that we will conquer over the next coming months.
As a gift to our loyal and new Facebook fans, Mummy has released a discount code for our website which gives you 40% off our winter stock at the checkout of www.zumathedog.com. The code FB3000, valid only for one week and will be deleted at midnight of October 3rd 2011. It’s not often Mummy feel this generous, so my advice is, get in there quick while you can and make the most of it. Christmas is just around the corner and you might as well start shopping sooner rather than later. I know Mummy has already started her Christmas shopping. I keep seeing parcels being delivered to the house. MMMmmmmm I wonder how many of them are for me?
Here at Zuma the Dog headquarters we hold a colourful range of kids designer clothes, kids designer jeans and girls designer hoodies that will brighten up any ones Christmas. If the huge 40% discount is not enough for you, then you can also buy from our “outlet shop” on Facebook, where you can get up to 50% off last season stock, or follow us on Twitter.
If you would like to enquire about buying wholesale and stocking Zuma the Dog for winter or pre-order for summer 2012, please contact Mummy via email at sam@zumathedog.com or find the “wholesale” page on our website, where you can email your interest there.
While I’m working here at the laptop I can see a leaflet with pictures of dogs on it. I wonder what that could be. Oh! It’s says “because dogs get stressed too”. Do you know what that is about? Oh dear! Mummy obviously has something planned for me. MMmmmmmm I think that’s my cue to finish up and go and see what mischief I can get myself into. Catch you next week.

Much Love

Zuma XX

Monday, 19 September 2011

Zuma's in with the Colour

Gosh I can see Mummy turning blue from the cold. Wowee! She really is not used to this autumn weather and it’s not really that cold yet. How will she cope when the winter really kicks in? So, with the change in the weather Mummy decided to go out and buy Master C some new winter clothes as he had grown out of last year’s outfits.
Mummy took me along with her and I really couldn’t believe what I saw. It was very disappointing, I have to say. Living at home here with in my family environment, I’m surrounded with colour, brightness and happiness and I thought that was the way the world is. Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be? Mummy always makes sure Master C is wearing something bright. Not only to make him stand out, but bright clothes are thought to uplift a person’s mood. Make them feel better within themselves. I guess there must be a kind of psychology behind the art of dressing.
While we try to promote happiness within the lives of our children, giving them a good, honest loving environment to grow, this should also reflect within the clothes we chose to dress our children in. While browsing the stores this weekend I could see the annoyance upon the expression of Mummy’s face. Not one single bright item available to buy for a 4 year old boy. What is the matter with the UK high street today? Why does it force us to cloth our children in such dark and dingy colours of grey and black. Knitted sweaters with grey and black stripes, black fleece hoodies, black and white checked shirts and black puffy coats. Really? Should I say anymore? The winter months are tough enough with the lack of light. Why depress our children more by dressing them in such a morbid fashion?
This disappointing shopping trip has spurred Mummy and me to drive our campaign forward and change the point of view of the British public and high street buyers when it comes to children’s fashion. Zuma the Dog is all about the bright, all about the love and all about colour. We want our kids to reflect the love that the world has. Forget about the dark side of fashion and our kids should not have to see the dark side of life. Promote colour and love from their early years and see them grown into bright, happy, colourful adults. That is what the world really needs, a generation of children growing up knowing only the bright side of life. Dress them in Zuma the Dog and see them love what they wear.
At Zuma the Dog we hold a colourful range of kids designer clothes, kids designer jeans and girls designer hoodies and you can also buy from our “outlet shop” on Facebook, where you can get up to 50% off last season stock, or follow us on Twitter.
If you would like to enquire about buying wholesale and stocking Zuma the Dog for winter or pre-order for summer 2012, please contact Mummy via email at sam@zumathedog.com or find the “wholesale” page on our website, where you can email your interest there.
I can see Mummy is shivering, so I best go and make her a cup of tea and curl up around her feet. My fur will keep her warm and make her feel much warmer.

Much Love

Zuma XX

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Zuma's Stuffing his Face

Yay!!!! (nom nom nom nom) I’m so excited! (nom nom nom) Mummy and Master C are home! (nom nom nom nom) and (nom nom nom), she brought me some yummy (slurp) new home made terrier treats (cough cough). MMMmmmmmm. You should never talk with your mouth full, but these apple and special doggy chocy biscuit treats are sooooo goooood I can’t help myself. (schluuurp! Burp!). Oh! Excuse me! Ha ha ha.
So! While I’m stuffing my face, this reminds me of last week’s temper tantrum over Master C’s duvet, I tried to sew it back together, but the stuffing got the better of me and instead of putting it all back in and stitching it together. I ended up pulling it all out and making it worse. I don’t know what it is with me and fluffy stuffing, but I just can’t help myself around it. Nothing is safe; it’s like dog nip for Zuma’s. Anything that contains stuffing just has to be unstuffed. I like to knock the stuffing out of everything. Anyway, I decided to come clean about the whole thing and put the duvet in Mummy’s room for her to see when she got back. Nothing has been said so far so, phewey, I think I got away with that one, for now.

I can see that Mummy is busy catching up with little jobs, so I’m having a little look through our website right now. Mummy has been a busy bee, as I can see a lot of changes and updates that have been made. Oh and a lot new images too. We decided our images needed to be updated a few weeks ago and while Charlotte was here we had everything photographed on our mannequin or kiddiquin as we call it. These images look so much better than the flat images and give for substance and depth to our styles. As our customer you can see how our product looks on a body, hood up, hood down, front and back views, where needed. You should go take a look at www.zumathedog.com and see our great range of kids designer clothes, kids designer jeans and kids designer hoodies. Remember you can also buy from our “outlet shop” on Facebook, where you can get up to 50% off old stock, or follow us on Twitter.
To enquire about buying wholesale and stocking Zuma the Dog for winter or pre-order for summer 2012, please contact Mummy via email at sam@zumathedog.com or find the “wholesale” page on our website, where you can email your interest there.
Mummy is not happy about me spilling doggy treat crumbs all over her laptop, so I guess I better go and bask in the sunlight and work off those treats.
Much Love

Zuma XX

Monday, 5 September 2011

Zuma's Season of Celebration

Only one week to go till Mummy and Master C get back from their trip and when they called over the weekend they were saying how much they were missing me. Aaaaawwww, they do love me after all and now I feel bad for getting really upset and eating Master C’s duvet. OOooopppsss! Think I’m gonna have to hide it somewhere so I don’t get into trouble when they get home.
Summer is definately over and most of you will be back at school by now. Those past six weeks just flew by, didn't they? I usually get a little melancholy around this time of year, what with the summer coming to an end and the night’s drawing in, but when you really think about it, it’s actually a great, colourful time of year. Not only is there a lot of change in nature, with the leaves turning beautiful shades of yellow and orange (my favourite colours), but it’s also a time for celebration. One being Halloween! I love this holiday the best and have even been known to go out with Master C trick or treating dressed in matching pumpkin outfits.
As we are now taking orders for winter Mummy has also added Halloween Greeting Cards to our range. These cards are available in packs of 10 with envelopes, in two fun designs with me at the centre of each. These can be purchased exclusively through our website, www.zumathedog.com or our Facebook fanpage shop as an add on to your E-tail order or purchased as a wholesale order.
Here at Zuma the Dog we hold a great range of kids designer clothes, kids designer jeans and girls designer hoodies and you can also buy from our “outlet shop” on Facebook, where you can get up to 50% off sale items, or follow us on Twitter.
To enquire about buying wholesale and stocking Zuma the Dog for winter or pre-order for summer 2012, please contact Mummy via email at sam@zumathedog.com or find the “wholesale” page on our website, where you can email your interest there.
I’ve gotta go now as I need to email this to Mummy, who wants this entry for her deadline and I also have some sewing to do. I Think I should drag out the duvet from its hiding place and patch it up before Mummy and Caleb get home. Should start now really at its not easy sewing with paws. Gonna take me a while I think.
Much Love

Zuma XX

Monday, 29 August 2011

Zuma's Looking Ahead

I’ve returned home from a brilliant week of fun on my Doggy holiday. The weather was a little bit rubbish, but I got to run free everyday for hours and hours with all of my doggy friends and I think I lost a small amount of that porkiness that was building up around my middle. Mummy says I always look slim lined after she gets back from her trips. Mmmmm maybe I don’t get fed enough while she’s away? Note to self: Make sure I ask for seconds and wear Nanny down by begging for more food. OK, think that should do it!
I can definitely feel an air of autumn in the breeze already and so I am doing my best to not think about winter and look ahead to the summer of 2012. This will be my first summer living in Portugal and we all have a lot to do before we get to that point. I know Mummy has been thinking about summer 2012 for a while now, not just from our big move perspective, but also from our business point of view.
Our range in manufactured in China, which has a long turn around. We like to always look ahead, almost one year ahead, so we can make sure we have all the stock needed for that season. We already have our stock for winter 2011/12, and so now we are working on new ideas, samples and lead times for our summer range. Many of our samples are ready and images can be viewed on our website www.zumathedog.com. We are ready to take pre-orders for wholesale as we need to place our factory orders by the end of the year to get them in time for spring/ summer 2012. Some of our ideas take quite a bit of developing, so items like our sound chip top may need to be put on hold and introduced mid season.
At Zuma the Dog we hold a great range of kids designer clothes, boys designer jeans and girls designer tops and you can also buy from our “outlet shop” on Facebook, where you can get up to 50% off concept samples and production samples or follow us on Twitter.
To enquire about buying wholesale and stocking Zuma the Dog for winter or pre-order for summer 2012, please contact Mummy via email at sam@zumathedog.com or find the “wholesale” page on our website, where you can email your interest there.
My paws are aching from all that running around and now typing and I must email this blog off to Mummy as she has a deadline to meet.
Much Love

Zuma XX

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Zuma's Week of Fun

The pink suitcase is packed, so Mummy and Master C are going back to Portugal very soon. Mummy says that she is only doing one more trip after this one and then I get to go with her. Looks like I’m soon going to be starting my new life in Portugal too. Yipeeeee I can’t wait!! A new place to live, new doggy friends to meet and a massive beach for me to dig in. Think I’m going to love it. Mummy also said there are mountains nearby too for me to climb and Daddy has promised to walk me every day.
When Mummy goes away she always makes arrangements for me to go somewhere fun. This week I’m staying with M at my doggy day care. I’m going to have so much fun. We go out all day running and running and running, with possibly a little digging. I have a great time gossiping with my doggy friends and playing catch with them. I get a lot of cuddles too. I did notice the last time I went to doggy day care that the weather is starting to change a bit. It was very wet and much cooler. I had to do a lot more running to stay warmer and was soaking wet and filthy by the time M dropped me off home. This must mean the summer is soon coming to an end and autumn is on its way.
It’s lucky that Mummy thinks ahead as we already have our winter stock of hoodies, jeans and long sleeve tops and are ready to take wholesale orders in time for transitional and winter shopping and also E-tail sales. We ordered in plenty of our best seller, the fluffy fleece hoody, which is guaranteed to keep your little one snugly and warm in the coldest of winter months. Our jeans with the distinct “Z” embroidery on the back pockets are so cool they will make your child stand out from the crowd and with their adjustable waistband will grow with your child making these jeans a key item of clothing in your child’s wardrobe.
To be a stockist of this bright new brand of kid’s designer clothes check out our website www.zumathedog.com and email your interest via the wholesale page. We also have some great offers at our >>;“Outlet Shop” on Facebook. This is where you can buy concept samples and production samples at up to 50% off. Come and find us at our Facebook fanpage Zuma the Dog and also on Twitter.
I can hear M calling me for my walk now, so I have to go. Please have a good look about on our website and I look forward to seeing you next week.
Much Love
Zuma XX

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Zuma's day out

Well what a lovely weekend I had with Mummy and Master C. We went to stay with a friend in Weston-Super-Mare, right at the seaside. Mummy was a little unsure about taking me as she thought that all that moving about and crowds of people might upset me, but I’m so glad she decided to take as I had such a brilliant time. We walked for miles and I have to admit, I was pretty tired at the end of the day. We took Master C to the Steam Fair, where he could sit on the rides and go around and around and around. I was so dizzy just watching him I’m surprised I wasn’t sick. We took a long walk along the beach where we saw Donkey’s and ponies. I didn’t want to get too close to them and I’m glad I didn’t. One took a very large wee and if I had been there I’m sure I would have been covered. They have absolutely no manners when it comes to potty training. At lease I am discreet and pick up after myself LOL.
All in all I had a wonderful day and hope Mummy will take me with her again.
As the day drew in and weather started to turn and couldn’t help thinking that we are now in mid August and only a few more weeks until the nights get darker and the Autumn will come upon us. This is usually the time of year we all like to get snugly in time for winter and make our winter weather purchases. Here at Zuma the Dog we have been thinking about Winter for some time and are ready with our Winter Stock of hoody’s and jeans. But what we have also looked at this year is Zuma the Dog pyjamas. There are a very cute set made up of a logo t-shirt with an all over print pant. Our concept sample which is at our office is in orange, but we are looking to order these in green and yellow too.
We are currently taking pre-orders on this style for wholesale and in order to get these in time for Christmas we need to place our order with the factory within the next 6 weeks If you are a small boutique and would like the opportunity to stock these for Christmas, please contact Mummy through our website http://www.zumathedog.comon the wholesale page or on the contact tab of our Facebook fanpage. At Zuma the Dog we have a great selection of designer kid’s clothes available for all to buy. Come and visit us now.

Much Love

Zuma XX

P.S. The pink suitcase is out again, which means Mummy must be back off to Portugal again soon.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Charlotte's Web

Hi, it’s Charlotte here, the new intern here at Zuma the Dog HQ. I am afraid to inform you that Zuma has runaway, No only joking he has decided to take a little holiday for himself and enjoy doing what he loves best playing ball, running around, chasing people, the usual doggy things. So I’m afraid you’re stuck with me for this blog.

Well here’s a little about me, my name is Charlotte, I’m from the lovely city of Bristol. I’ve always took and interest in fashion and in which for the past 5 years it is a subject in which I have been studying, and have now finally graduated from Somerset College of Arts and Technology, after 3 years (a very long 3 years). Although I am going to miss the Student lifestyle of Takeaways, late nights, lying in bed and mess!! I suppose its now time to take the plunge in to the real world, Bit scary but hey, we will see how it goes.

My time at Zuma the dog all began when Sam (Zuma’s Mummy) offered me the placement after seeing my work at our graduate degree show held at the college back in June. A few emails later and my first day arrived and I was ready to roll. After settling in and or course a lovely cup of tea, it was time to meet the star himself, Zuma. I was soon greeted with cuddles, woofing and big slobbery kisses, and after a few games of fetch I think we’ve become quite good friends.

In my first couple of days I started of by creating some new logos for the new exciting sound chip t-shirt, which will come in 5 bright fabulous colours, this should be available next year. Over the last week I have learnt that there are many different aspects to having your own business. From design, development, shipping, sales and distribution, marketing and PR, book keeping and accounts, There’s a lot to remember, good job Sam knows what she’s doing. I’ve also been social networking, using sites such as facebook and Twitter. Heard a lot of the Celebs use twitter, never known what it’s about but I do now, And today I’m trying my hand at my first Blogging experience.

All in all I’ve really enjoyed my time here. I have learnt a lot about the business met some nice people and been given a lot of advice. Zuma the Dog deffinately gets a big thumbs up from me! So visit the website www.zumathedog.com to se a great range of cool designer kids clothing available to buy and maybe start your Christmas shopping early, Only 4 months to go!!

I think that’s about it really, well it’s been fun,

So in the words of a Bristolian

Cheers me babbers


Monday, 1 August 2011

Zuma's New Friend

We are very lucky to have a new friend come to help out in the crazy world of Zuma the Dog. Mummy kept it as a surprise from me, but for the next two weeks we have the help from Fashion design graduate Charlotte Lovell our brilliant new intern from Somerset College of Art & Technology. Excitedly as I always am when meeting new people, I gave her the full Zuma the Dog meet and greet, with slobbery kisses, hugs, relentless ball / stick / stone giving and woofing. I think I’ve charmed her enough and sure she is completely in love with me now. MMmmmm I wonder if I can get her to cradle me and rub my tummy? What do you think?
After a quick orientation and strict instructions from Mummy to ignore me where possible, she was soon put her to work designing logos for our new sound chip T-shirt. It’s great to get a new fresh approach to some design aspects of our business. Mummy is a great designer, but it’s always good to get another person’s input in design. This can lift the whole look of the brand and stop it from becoming stayed. We like to move things on and keep our ideas cutting edge and fun, so you, our customer get the best we can achieve.
There are so many different aspects to running our business and over the next two weeks Charlotte will get the chance to be a part of each challenge we face every day. We are really quite a relaxed little office, but from Design, development, shipping, sales and distribution, marketing and PR, book keeping and accounts, as a small business owner Mummy turns her hand to all of these different areas and hopes she can give Charlotte the opportunity to learn from her. That’s if she doesn’t put het off first. LOL Oh! Maybe I’ll put her off!
Zuma the Dog has a great selection of kids designer clothes. You should visit our website www.zumathedog.com now and check it out for yourselves.
Mummy has got more Facebook and Twitter marketing to do and is telling me she needs her laptop back now. It seems to take me ages to type these blogs. Must have something to do with paws and no thumbs maybe.
I’ll see you next week
Much Love

Zuma XX

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Zuma's Frenzy Celebration!

Yay!!!!! Yay!!!!! Yay!!!!! Mummy is back from her trip to Portugal and I am back in my home with the two key members of my little family. I had a wonderful time myself at Auntie V’s playing in her garden, but I’m happy to be back. So happy in fact that I licked Mummy’s face so much I don’t think she need’s wash for a week, in my opinion anyway. She was completely covered in yummy dog slobber. I caught her scrubbing her face quite vigorously only moments after. Mmmmmm I was pretty sure I did a good job cleaning it.
Mummy said that her trip was brilliant, working more on the house, meeting new people and a lot of Zuma the Dog networking. Daddy S believes we can get the Adventures of Zuma the Dog published in Spain and Portugal, so Mummy’s new task is to have the books translated. Wouldn’t that be great!!! Zuma the Dog books available in three languages. Now what is the Portuguese word for dog? MMmmm, I think it’s Cow? Cao? Zuma the Cao! doesn’t quite have the same zing to it, but, anyway I’m sure it will be fabulous as always.
In celebration of my family’s return we are launching another Facebook Friday Frenzy. This is open to all of our Facebook fans, Twitter and blog followers and will be held on Friday 5th August 2011, between 8pm and 10pm GMT. This is where you can get 40% discount on ALL STOCK items when using the code FFAUG5 at the checkout of www.zumathedog.com. Cool hey? You must be quick though, as this frenzy offer will only be open for two hours and after 10pm GMT the offer will be closed. Just a two hour window for you to grab your Zuma the Dog bargains.
My advice would be to check out our sweaters. At this discounted rate you would get brilliant value for money. Kids still need something to keep them warm in those summer evenings and a Zuma the dog sweater would be a great option. Particularly in the vivid orange and yellow they are available in. They really do show off the intensity of our summer season.
Mummy needs the laptop back now so for this blog I guess its Adeus and Boa tarde.
Much Love

Zuma XX

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Zuma's Summer Break

Aaaaaahhhhhh. Peace at last!! Mummy and Master C dropped me off at my Auntie V’s house on Saturday before they headed off to the airport. I was so excited to see Auntie V and Uncle Karl I almost did a little wee. I’m not sure they’d be too happy if I had actually wee’d myself. Does anyone do a line in doggy diapers by the way?
So this week I am the pampered pooch, (ha ha get it? Diapers? Pampered?). Anyway, playing in the garden, going for extra long walks and going to the pub for a pint or two in the evenings. That would actually be water and not cider.
The weather is still great and I can’t help wondering what the weather is like for Mummy in Portugal. The dogs there must get very hot and overheated with the temperatures they get, which reminds me of some more advice I was given last week. When you have a long haired dog, please remember to make sure when cooling them down, it’s their skin than needs to be cooled and not their fur. The fur soaks up the water and is warmed by the sun and by their body heat, which intern will make your doggy even hotter. So, spraying with water using a hose pipe is probably not the best idea, but to make sure doggy has a paddling pool with cool water that he can lie in if necessary. I’m luck with my short fur; it’s easier to get water to my skin.
Mummy phoned me earlier today, to tell me she had arrived in Portugal safely and that she had met some new doggy friends for me to meet when I get there at the end of the year. She also mentioned the new “Factory Outlet Shop” that was launched on Facebook this week. This is a place that is exclusive to our Facebook fans, where they can purchase our first development samples or end of line stock at really low prices. To have a look for yourself, follow this link http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Zuma-the-Dog/105101743853?sk=app_138996027389 and grab yourself a bargain! If you want to purchase from our current range then please go to www.zumathedog.com
Lots of new styles and developments are happen and there is always fun at the Headquarters of Zuma the Dog. Keep checking in and share my Dog Blog with your friends to see what's new with Zuma the Dog the kid’s cool lifestyle clothing brand.

Much Love

Zuma XX

Monday, 27 June 2011

Too hot to Trot

Things have been pretty quiet around here for me just lately. The recent hot weather has made me feel a little queasy, so I’ve just settled for chillin out in the garden or snuggling under Mummy’s duvet. Hot weather is not so good for dogs. I’m lucky as a short haired Jack Russell, but there are some breeds of dog that are very fluffy and get overheated very easily in scorching hot weather. Over heating with dogs can lead to heart problems, so it’s always important to let your owners know when you are hot. Panting is a good sign. This also helps with your cooling process.
When it’s hot like this Mummy will always put out lots of water for me and fills up the paddling pool with cold water so I can jump in and cool off whenever I need to. She also puts a little sun cream on the end of my nose, just to protect me from the sun. I have white bits that need looking after and dogs can get sunburn too you know.
Mummy looked like she had a busy week. As an advisor for the BA (hons) Fashion course at Somerset College of Art & Technology, she went to give a prize to a lucky fashion student who will now be coming to help out with the business in August. She also met some lovely people who are in Fashion, cloth manufacturing and the arts in and around our local area. Having our intern though will be so much fun. There are plenty of things she can do. I think Mummy is planning to give her a great design project, which involves the sound track I did a couple of weeks ago. Looks like my woof will be coming to life on Zuma the Dog t-shirts very soon. You’ll have to keep an eye out for the sample when it comes and give us your opinion. Mummy usually previews all of our new samples on our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Zuma-the-Dog/105101743853 Come and have a look.
The suitcases from last week are now fully packed, which means Mummy and Master C will be heading off very shortly. I’m going to spend 3 weeks with my Auntie Venetia and Uncle Karl. So much fun is coming my way and I think I’m going to wee myself with excitement. My tail just cannot stop wagging. It may wag so much I might just take off.
Anyway, I’m sure I will have some stories to tell you about my adventures with V and Karl and in the mean time please remember to check out my website www.zumathedog.com.
Much Love

Zuma XX

Monday, 20 June 2011

Zuma's Facebook Frenzy

Well last week was such a brilliant success for Mummy. She worked really hard all week on Facebook promoting and pushing our Zuma the Dog brand that we achieved our week’s goal and got to 300 fans. One lucky fan now has a Zuma the Dog hoody winging it’s way to them right now. So, from now on the only way is up, up, up and Mummy is busy preparing for the new goal of 600 fans, where one lucky fan will win one of our long sleeve top. http://www.zumathedog.com/prod/7/long-sleeve-top-yellow.
Our June promotion is still running, where you can get 20% discount at our website www.zumathedog.com on any of our STOCK items. All you have to do is enter the code FBZUMA6 at the checkout. But remember you only have until midnight on 30th June 2011 to make the most of this offer. So quick, quick chop, chop get those paws clicking.
I have actually had a bit of a quiet week. Apart from my usually weekly visit to Doggy Day Care and the trip under the fence to visit the children next door, not much has happened. Mummy has got the suitcases down from the attic, which must mean she is heading off back to Portugal again. I can see Master Caleb has filled one suitcase with toys already, so I guess it can’t be long before they go. Mummy keeps telling me that soon I will be flying to Portugal with her, which could be fun I suppose. But actually I quite like being left behind. It means I get to go play at Auntie Venetia’s house. I love going to Auntie V’s. She lives in the country and has lots of fields for me to run around in and rabbit holes for me to dig. She even takes me to the pub and out for dinner. Brilliant times to come. I can’t wait. Also, I have to mention that she is our official company photographer and spends a lot of time taking pictures of me. :0D I love it!! All attention on me and me alone. To see some of her amazing pictures you should check out http://www.firetopphotography.co.uk/ My last few words this week is to remind you to check out our fanpage on Facebook, “Like” and “Share”. While you’re at it, make the most of our June offer too.

Much Love

Zuma XX

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

"Ouch" My nose!

OUCH!!!!!! I cut my nose on Monday morning while out for a walk with Mummy and Stephen (my Daddy). I was running through a field of Elephant grass, minding my own business and then out of the blue I felt a stinging sensation. A blade of grass caught me on the end of my nose, just like a paper cut. There was a lot of blood and Mummy was very worried. She rushed me back home to clean up the wound, but one lick from my super healing tongue fixed it in a flash. It’s still a little sore, but I am ok and back to zooming around like I always do.
This week at the Head Kennels of Zuma the Dog, it’s been quite productive. We launched a new campaign to gain more fans on Facebook and worked on the new images for our “Print & Colour” button, which i mentioned last week. Mummy came up with some great images, which are a play on the word “Zuma”. We have Zumazilla, Conzuma and Satzuma amongst others. You should check them out. Go to http://www.zumathedog.com/13/print-colour and download them. Great fun for the kids to colour in!
Facebook has been very busy. We launched new campaigns to gain for fans, which include a giveaway and the June promotion of 20% off all STOCK items. To get involved, just simply follow this link http://www.facebook.com/pages/Zuma-the-Dog/105101743853 and “Like” our fanpage. There you will be able to see the discount codes which will enable you to get the discount through our website www.zumathedog.com. Also by “Liking” our fanpage you could be in the running for winning one of our Zuma the Dog hoody’s. Yay!!!!!
So, it’s all go go go here and Mummy, as always, is striving to come up with the most fun and colourful designs for our customers and I am, as always “woofing” my opinion to make sure Mummy is kept on her toes. I’m sure by next week my nose will have recovered and I will be back to my normal cute self.
Have a wonderful week

Much Love

Zuma XX

Monday, 6 June 2011

Zuma's pushing the button

Now what a surprisingly nice week we had for half term? Mummy was able to get a few things done, but as my owner, Caleb was off school, we spent most of our time playing in the garden and going to the park and hanging out with friends.
Mummy had a couple of meetings to go to and with us off school or doggy day care she had to take us along with her. It was so much fun watching Mummy trying to be professional while Caleb was squawking for attention. I’m usually pretty good. I like to sit under the desk and find some wires to chew or a computer to cock my leg against (Got to make sure everyone knows I’ve been to visit). ;-) That usually keeps me quiet, but the people who Mummy was meeting with didn’t find it very amusing. I have no idea why?
This week was catching up with our web design company week, Evosite ltd. They have just moved to new offices and Mummy wanted to be nosey and have a little look. We also discussed new ideas and ways to develop our website and take it forward into our highly competitive market. We have many new ideas, but one stood out the most, which we are going to put into work immediately.
We strive to make shopping with Zuma the Dog a fun experience for both parent and child. We want our customers to keep coming back and always receive a high level of service. We also want to make our website not just about shopping, but also an interactive experience for your child too. So from the very beginning we have included our “print and colour” button, which enables you to download a PDF file of me, Zuma the Dog. This you can either print straight away or save to your hard drive and print another day. We love this option so much, that Mummy is busy creating new images of me with some of my friends, which can be added to our “print and colour” button and gives you more choice.
To make the most of our interactive option just come and visit us at www.zumathedog.com and click on the “print and colour” button at the bottom left hand side of the screen. As always you can also find us on Facebook. Look for Zuma the Dog, “Like” and share with your friends for a chance to win one of our hoody’s. We love to meet our new friends and hear what you have to say about our woofilicious brand and we hope you have a wonderful week.
Much Love

Zuma XX

Monday, 30 May 2011

Zuma the Dog's big day out

Well, my Little Zuma fans, what a brilliant weekend? Mummy was so busy I thought she was super mum for a while. I worried Mummy though, when I got lost in our next door neighbours garden. I was really a bit naughty, but I couldn’t help it. The badgers had dug a rather large hole under the fence and I just couldn’t help but take a look. The garden next door just looked sooooo pretty and green, it just drew me in. I spent some time sniffing about and before I knew it I had forgotten where the hole was. I could hear Mummy over the fence calling for me, but I just couldn’t find my way home. Thankfully Mummy found the hole and showed me where it was. I was so happy to be back that I jumped straight into her arms and wouldn’t leave her side for the rest of the day. Phewy!!! Thank goodness for my Mummy.
Sunday was our trip out to the NCT Taunton Pregnancy and Baby fair. We had such a wonderful time. I spend most of it sat on my bean bag watching all my new friends go by, while Mummy set up the shop, made new friends while talking about Zuma the Dog and what we stand for. She gave out flyers, balloons and stickers to all the young Zuma the Dog fans.
My favourite part was having my tummy tickled by some of my new little friends, while Mummy read her new book “Zuma likes to Dig” to everyone during story time. Oh, yeah and the bestest time of all was seeing my favourite Auntie Venetia. She is the coolest. I get to go and stay with her when Mummy has to go off travelling. She spoils me rotten, I get to go for really big long walks, trips to the pub and she even takes me camping. Love her (lick lick lick).
Lots of Zuma the Dog products were sold and by raising our profile, a successful day was had. We even got to talk about our new ideas going forward and showcase our styles for the new season. Our new friends have now joined us on Facebook and Twitter. You can too by finding us on FB as Zuma the Dog and twitter as zumathedogsam. Don’t forget to drop in and have a look at our website too www.zumathedog.com.

Much Love

Zuma xx

Monday, 23 May 2011

Zuma the Dog's mixing it up

My Mummy has been really busy during the last week working on a new T-shirt idea for Zuma the Dog. She has decided to include a sound chip in one of our styles, so that when pressed you can hear me “woof woof woof”. I think this is a brilliant idea. All of my fans can now hear me talk to them. I love it.
So this week Mummy is taking me off to the recording studio so I can lay down my woofilicious tunes and watch them get mixed up doggy styli. Well, actually between you and me I think they are just gonna put a microphone in front of me and hope I bark in the right direction. But it should all be good fun anyway and a lovely trip out. I love trips out with Mummy.
Mummy has done some great logo designs to go with our sound chip and I’m sure you will love them too. They are in our usually bright colours with a touchy feely Zuma the Dog logo in casing the sound chip, which will add that little touch of woofilciousness to it. We are hoping to have this new style available for our next seasons launch, so will keep you updated and post pictures as soon as possible. I love this idea so much that I’m trying to convince Mummy to also use it on a hoody style for winter too. What do you think? If you want to make a comment please do so below or find us on twitter, search zumathedogsam, also on Facebook. I love to hear from our customers and fans and will always try to reply whenever I can. Mummy says that great customer service and a one to one relationship with your customers is the best PR you can get. There’s nothing better than word of mouth recommendations either. This is why Zuma the Dog will always do their best to give their customers the best shopping experience possible.
Mummy is also taking part in the NCT pregnancy and baby fair this Sunday at Taunton County Cricket ground. If you would like to come and meet me in the flesh or furry if you prefer, hear the stories that Mummy has written about me on my adventures and buy your very own Zuma the Dog outfit, then pop along at 10 am and also claim your Zuma the Dog balloon.
Well, I’m off on another little adventure, which I will tell you about next week and remember, Zuma the Dog loves you and don’t forget to check in on our website www.zumathedog.com

Much Love

Zuma XX

Monday, 16 May 2011

Too much to Woof about

My Mummy say’s I have far too much to say for myself. Woof, woof, woofing, about this that and the other. She is very busy these days with the business, creating cool new designs for your little stars to wear and our big move to Portugal. So, she has decided to put me in charge of our Zuma the Dog blog.
I get up to all sorts of naughty doggy things like woofing at the postman and eating the letters as they come through the door, digging really big holes in my Mummy’s lawn to bury my tasty bones in and chasing after joggers in the park. I do love to see if they can beat me in a race. I like to keep busy, just like my Mummy and I’m always off having an adventure somewhere, (well, Mummy calls it “getting into trouble”). But most of the time I am very cute, loving and adorable and have a very keen eye on what looks great on small children.
Jack Russell terriers are very opinionated and while Mummy comes up with new ideas and sources new products for our range, you can be rest assured I am there to woof my approval or bark my disapproval. All of our designs are created with love and your child’s innocence at mind. We believe children should stay as children for as long as possible and should not be exploited and sexualized in the way we are witnessing in our high streets today.
As a Jack Russell, I am all about love and fun, with my bright and bouncy personality. Mummy wants this to reflect in our designs and I whole heartedly agree with her. Between us we will endeavour to produce cool clothes for your colourful kids, a brand that you will always want your child to wear and feel comfortable knowing that our little team has designed these clothes with you in mind.
Well, I’m off on another little adventure, which I will tell you all about upon my return. Remember, Zuma the Dog loves you and don’t forget to check in on our website www.zumathedog.com

Much Love

Zuma XX

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Zuma the Dog in love with Valentine's Day

I have noticed over the last few years that as my son gets older there’s an increasing popularity for children to send Valentine’s cards to their school friends. We here at Zuma he Dog think that you should always have the opportunity to spread the love and show your friends and family that you love them.
With Valentine’s Day looming you’ll find yourself trawling through the internet looking for something a little different this year. That’s why we have put together a small pack of Zuma the Dog valentine’s cards that your child can send out to their friends. Each pack contains 10 cards with 2 designs and envelops.

We love to spread the love wherever we can and to get your hands on a pack of these very special cards go to www.zumathedog.com and find them in accessories

Monday, 24 January 2011

Is China set to swallow the world's money?

While thinking about growing my business and setting a place for its future, I start to wonder about my manufacturing and how the whole world has turned to China to create all the knick-knacks and trinkets that we feel we need for our everyday lives. Without a doubt China has been brilliant at providing us with well manufactured, cheap items that has kept the mass market price point down and with this they have been able to grow their economy providing jobs for their hard working employees.
We all seem to be getting carried away with this idea of cheap products and it does feel like the whole world has jumped on this band wagon, but I can’t help but stop for a minute and think about what is happening to all the money that china is receiving from the world.

On this note Zuma the Dog has decided to make things fairer. We have decided to share our manufacturing and bring some of it back to the EU. Portugal seems to be a country that needs some help. They are known to be able to do small order quantities with fast turn arounds. Their quality is comparable to China and I don’t need to worry about factoring in the duty costs.
I know this will not make a massive difference to the world economy, but to us we feel like we are doing our little bit to help. You will still receive the same great branding and quality from www.zumathedog.com that your kids will enjoy for years to come.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Dull and Boring! Not for Zuma

Today, while shopping for something nice for my son, I couldn’t help but be disappointed by what was available to buy. I thought I would try out somewhere new to us on the high street to see if I could find something a little different.
We are off on a little trip in a couple of weeks and wanted to get something light, bright and fun for my 3 years old to wear. While browsing through the rails of clothes piled high I soon understood that nothing was jumping out at me, as I stepped back to look at the whole picture I realised, the whole range was dark, dull and boring!!!!!
This is typical for most children’s high street retailers. The trend is almost the same as adults. I don’t want my son wearing this!!! I don’t want my child being dressed as an adult at 3 years old. This is his chance to be a kid. His time to play and have fun. His time to be bright and enjoy his childhood. Dressing our kids like little adults takes away from their innocence.
I return to the office this afternoon determined to keep the essence of Zuma the Dog alive. Keep reminding people that kids must remain kids for as long as possible. That they need to have fun in their lives and their clothes should reflect that fun.
www.zumathedog.com has all the brightness and fun a child needs.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Blue Monday

On Twitter today I see that the British expression of the day is Blue Monday. At first I was hoping this was a way in which us Brits were now describing the weather and was expecting to open the curtains to find beautiful bright blue skies. Alas, no, when pulling back the curtains this morning I find the usual grey, dullness that has become what we are all used to and expect.
Blue Monday is a term that the media are now describing the day when everyone receives their credit card bills and can now see the true cost of Christmas. “Yay”! I say to the media for finding another way of bringing more negativity to an already depressed nation.

Zuma the Dog, on the other hand strives to bring colour and happiness into the lives of children and their parents with our bright colourful, fun styles. We are working on some great new styles for our spring /summer 2011 range, which is guaranteed to lift your spirits and bring a little sunshine into your lives. With our January Sale continuing till the end of the month, it is now even cheaper to get that sunshine.

Check out www.zumathedog.com for more great fun loving styles you can dress your little ones in.

VAT Increase

Here's a little reminder to all. Zuma the Dog is not effected by the VAT increase, so therefore all of our clothing products remain the same great price for the same great quality. You may want to take advantage of our January sale with 25% off selected sweaters and long sleeve tops. www.zumethedog.com