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Thursday, 15 February 2018

President Zuma the Dog refuses to step down!

An important announcement 
I would like to take this moment to address the recent events in which there are rumours of my imminent resignation. So that there is no confusion I would like to confirm I am still the president and muse of the children’s entertainment brand Zuma the Dog and the rumours you hear are in fact, fake news.  

I am still just a dog who lives and plays in the Swiss Alps. Over seeing the work my Mum does that has made me the adorable character you all know and love.  The allegations of corruption are simply untrue, unless you consider my barking profusely as the postman and growling at empty plates until I am given the left overs a violation of my presidency and then, of that I am guilty. 
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I hope this statement has prevented any confusion. I can confirm I work hard at being cute (and its not always easy) for the benefit of my fans and followers. I demand the best efforts of those around me and give my Mum a hard time if she doesn’t walk me enough and take enough photos of me for you all to keep up with my day to day life. I act to the best of my ability for you all, to be naughty enough to inspire my Mum to create new stories and merchandise for you all to enjoy. I pledge to you all, my beloved fans that I will continue with my outstanding work and with that I refuse to step down from my presidency.

Until next time

Much Love

Zuma xx

Ongoing President of Zuma the Dog

Entertainment character