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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Zuma's in protection mode

Having now finished beating up on and eating the last of the
cushions that live on the sofa, I’ve now turned my attention to anything I see
lying around the front room. The house is now almost empty of furniture and
Mummy and Master C have disappeared again with the suitcases. There’s not much
left for me to chew on, so I guess it’s gonna have to be the book Nanny has
left on the side. Nanny is here taking real good care of me as always. She
tells me the next trip Mummy does I’m going with her and she can’t wait for me
to go. She’s says if I tear up another one of her books she’s going to tear me
up into little pieces. I can’t understand why. What does she mean by that? I’m
only doing what Jack Russell’s do. I’m protecting her by letting her know
people are on the property. Not my fault she leaves her things lying around. A
bit more gratitude for the free protection, thank you very much! I don’t know.
These humans just don’t know how good they have it with me around.
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I need to get back to Nanny and make sure she is ok. I guess
if Mummy is back next week it can only be a short time before I leave with her
on the next trip. I got some packing of my own to do and better get on with it.

Much Love

Zuma XX