Colourful Clothes for Cool Kids



Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Who would have believed that buying children's clothes would have been anything but a joy. Most primary schools have some sort of uniform that they avoided when most of us were young, meaning that the little darlings don't need half of what they once did.
So why is it that boys' and girls' clothes lack the sort of vibrancy and variety that we want in every other part of our children's lives. It's almost as if a uniform imposed on them in the schools is now being imposed on them by the stores, too. Boys have their colours, girls have theirs and both follow the regimented designs of the High Street.

There is another way, by checking out where the woofilicious new wonder in children's fashion has a range of t-shirts, jeans, hoodies and accessories in colours that will stand out among the drab boys' and garish girls' colours

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