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Monday, 30 April 2012

Zuma's new clothes

Hummmmpppffffff!!!! I don’t know what Mummy is trying to do to me. As much as I love the beach, my poor little self is not used to 3km runs every day. I blame Auntie M. She came last week for a visit and made us run to the beach and back every morning. The first day was such hard work I was actually sick on the boardwalk. Now I’m so exhausted after each run, I’m unable to get up to much. Just lying around in the sun or moving to my bean bag when it gets too hot and then to my water bowl for a little drinkies every now and again. I do believe it’s a little plot to keep me out of mischief, but you just wait as soon as I get used to this new regime I’ll be back to my naughty self. With all this beauty that surrounds me I really shouldn’t grumble and be grateful that Mummy has brought me to a place where I can be free and inspired to get up to fun things that, in turn makes Mummy happy and inspires her to create new ideas for our Zuma the Dog clothing brand. Brand awareness is increasing and sales are picking up, which means Mummy now has to come up with a new range. She’s busy researching, jotting down things I get up to and making up new slogans to go on to t-shirts and hoodies. She’s got a few goodies up her sleeve and can’t wait to see her new designs. You should really check out the styles we already have at Kids designer jeans, boys designer hoodies and girl designer t-shirts. Come and see us on Facebook and Twitter too. We love to hear from our fans. After all, your opinion counts. I need to get back to my lazy lying around. Need to let Mummy know that she is killing me off with all this exercise. See you next time (hopefully).


Much Love Zuma XX

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