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Friday, 26 October 2012

Zuma's Expecting

Wow!!! With just eight week to go till Christmas we are fast approaching the busiest time of year for shopping. I'm sure you are all Halloweened out and can't wait to start your Christmas shopping. Mummy has been frantic buying gifts which I thought were for me, but found them on the dining room table this morning and Master C tearing the wrappers off them with sheer excitement and delight. I guess it must be his birthday and I’ve been forgotten about again. But that’s fine as I’m expecting Santa is going to be extra busy this year with all the gifts my fans are going to be sending me. Have you put yours in the post yet?
As the build up to Christmas goes on most of you are looking for gifts and ways to spend your money wisely treating your little ones and looking towards the online flash sale and voucher sites. Mummy has been busy working with many of your favourites to try and bring the best offer of Zuma the Dog winter items she can to you. This week it’s the turn of Savvy Mummys. Starting on the 30th October we have an outfit option available to you at almost 60% off, a winter warmer that will keep your little one snug while looking stylish and bright. As in most cases with the flash sales sites they are members only, so in order to make the most of this offer pop along today and register in plenty of time and your reminder will be emailed to you in time for the promotion.

Remember we have other items on our own website from softtoys, to books, which make great gifts and our greeting cards are perfect for your little ones to give to their friends.

Master C rushed off to school quickly this morning wanting to show off his birthday boy’s badge to all of his buddies. He left the wrapping paper all over the floor and I’m now going to assist Mummy by tearing it into tiny shreds and spread it across the floor. I’m sure she’ll appreciate it as it’ll be much smaller and easier to get in the trash bin. Gosh! I love it that I’m so helpful. Wonder Dog should be my new name, Zuma the wonder dog. MMMMMMmmmmmm I like the sound of that.


Much Love


Zuma XX

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