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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Zuma's Big Brother Budget

I'm writing this as the Government is getting ready to tell us how badly we're going to get stuffed in this emergency budget thingy.
Thankfully it doesn't look like Cameron and his mates are going to slap VAT on children's clothes. That would be a bit of a disaster for parents who are already struggling to pay the bills or get a decent job.
Shopping around you end up with a choice, quality clothes that cost more, or cheaper stuff that fades and frays pretty quickly and don't last until the kids outgrow them. Getting 17.5% added onto any price you pay is going to hurt - so the best way to avoid that is to re-use the clothes you have already - especially if they are timeless, hardwearing and exciting.
Zuma the Dog is a well made and good quality product. We do not make anything in pink or blue. Bright colours only that both boys and girl can look great in. This makes our brand long last and unisex which means it can be passed down from your big brother or sister, or even your friends' children.
Check out to start the new big sister or big brother trend in handmedowns.

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