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Friday, 23 July 2010

The Big Society

I've not long got back from my summer hols, so I could tan my sizzling little bod, and while I was catching up on Zuma The Dog orders Dave Cameron was banging on about the Big Society.
Actually it makes a bit of sense. I don't want to pay loads more tax to keep on helping the government and local council to pay for things you and I don't really want or need. And it's far better for me and my neighbourhood to take over or save things that we do want if the politicians won't give them money any more. We can run them the way we want then as we are the best judges of what suits us.
And then I thought back to the time when I set up Zuma The Dog when I was desperate to find my son clothes that suited him. You can travel anywhere in the country and all the shops have the same lines of boring, garish or adult-type clothes for boys and girls.
I reckoned I could do it better, and when I see him, his friends or kids I see in the streets wearing the sweaters, t-shirts and hoodies I can't help thinking that I made the right decision. I and my customers know what we want and the best way to get that is to do it yourself.
It was tough starting out but Dave Cameron will be so proud of me!!

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