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Monday, 19 July 2010

Summer Sales

Hi everyone I am a new intern at Zuma the Dog, so far I’m having a really good time and learning a lot about the industry. Having recently been shopping I thought I would comment about the madness going on in all the shops. Sales are everywhere and customers have been going crazy for all their holiday clothing.
Unfortunately my initial excitement, was only there for a short period as I quickly realised some of the rubbish that had been put on to the rails to bulk out the stock. Although my shopping trip was not a complete loss, I opted for the non-sale rails and was presently surprised by what I found for my summer holidays.
So my advice is this: Only do the sales if you know what you’re looking for, getting a bargin is always a good feeling but buying a timeless piece will leave you feeling better for years to come.....
Much like the few pieces I brought this week Zuma the Dog provides children with great, hardwearing clothing that is always in style. The bright colours used in this collection are iconic to the brand, it really brightens up everyone’s day. And let’s not forget you can order online so you’ll beat the crazy crowds.

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