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Monday, 17 January 2011

Blue Monday

On Twitter today I see that the British expression of the day is Blue Monday. At first I was hoping this was a way in which us Brits were now describing the weather and was expecting to open the curtains to find beautiful bright blue skies. Alas, no, when pulling back the curtains this morning I find the usual grey, dullness that has become what we are all used to and expect.
Blue Monday is a term that the media are now describing the day when everyone receives their credit card bills and can now see the true cost of Christmas. “Yay”! I say to the media for finding another way of bringing more negativity to an already depressed nation.

Zuma the Dog, on the other hand strives to bring colour and happiness into the lives of children and their parents with our bright colourful, fun styles. We are working on some great new styles for our spring /summer 2011 range, which is guaranteed to lift your spirits and bring a little sunshine into your lives. With our January Sale continuing till the end of the month, it is now even cheaper to get that sunshine.

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