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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Dull and Boring! Not for Zuma

Today, while shopping for something nice for my son, I couldn’t help but be disappointed by what was available to buy. I thought I would try out somewhere new to us on the high street to see if I could find something a little different.
We are off on a little trip in a couple of weeks and wanted to get something light, bright and fun for my 3 years old to wear. While browsing through the rails of clothes piled high I soon understood that nothing was jumping out at me, as I stepped back to look at the whole picture I realised, the whole range was dark, dull and boring!!!!!
This is typical for most children’s high street retailers. The trend is almost the same as adults. I don’t want my son wearing this!!! I don’t want my child being dressed as an adult at 3 years old. This is his chance to be a kid. His time to play and have fun. His time to be bright and enjoy his childhood. Dressing our kids like little adults takes away from their innocence.
I return to the office this afternoon determined to keep the essence of Zuma the Dog alive. Keep reminding people that kids must remain kids for as long as possible. That they need to have fun in their lives and their clothes should reflect that fun. has all the brightness and fun a child needs.

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