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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Calm down Zuma It's only party season

Woweeeee It’s all happening now, a really busy time for
everyone leading up the Christmas. It’s especially a busy time for Mummy with
our big move looming upon us and the Christmas orders starting to come in. But
before all of that we have Master C’s birthday, Halloween, Carnival and Guy Falk’s
night. Oh! And a visit from Auntie M from America to co-inside all of that.
OOOo yeah! I love Auntie M! She calls me the devil dog, so I’m just extra
naughty around her, only to keep up with my nick name. He he he he. Mmmmmmm I
wonder what knew designer outfit of hers I can chew this time?
A lot of hyper sensitive dogs (or special needs as Mummy
calls me) find it difficult to cope in such busy times like these and with all
the fireworks and celebration noises that happen around this time, it’s always
good to find a nice quiet place for your doggy to feel comfortable and secure.
Mummy gives me a herbal remedy that smells a lot like my birth Mummy. These pheromones
help to calm me down (if that’s at all possible) and I feel much better about
the whole festival season.
As I mentioned before the Christmas sales season is starting
to kick in, but you still have time to buy for Halloween. Our selection of
greeting cards are designed for all the celebration seasons in mind including Halloween
and in true Zuma the Dog style our designs are fun and bright with Zuma the heart
of each creation. If you buy now for Halloween you should also think about
buying for Christmas too and save on the shipping costs and buying early for
Christmas means you’ll be organised and ready for the big day in plenty of time
and won’t need to have any herbal remedy to calm you down like Mummy is giving me.
Our bright, colourful range of kids designer clothes, boys
designer jeans
and girls designer
will be the perfect gift for your little ones this winter season, keeping
them snug and warm. The bright colours will also make them stand out during the
grey winter months and add a touch of cheeriness for you all. You can also enjoy our concept samples and buy
from our “outlet shop” on Facebook,
where you can get up to 50% off or follow us on Twitter.
If you would like to enquire about buying wholesale and
stocking Zuma the Dog for winter or pre-order for summer 2012, please contact
Mummy via email at
or find the “wholesale” page on our website, where you can email
your interest there.
And, just for the record I WILL be wearing my dinosaur
costume out trick or treating this Halloween.
Much Love

Zuma XX

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