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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Zuma's Chocolate Attack

There’s a distinct smell of Christmas in the air. I have
seen the advent calendar go up and Master C open the first door this morning. The
excitement is building and Master C is definitely on his best behaviour. I do
believe he wants Santa to visit, but was wondering if the same good boy for Santa
rule applies for Doggies? Though possibly my attack of doggy tourettes on
Tuesday evening may have ruined any chances of Santa coming for me this year.
Mummy and Master C had popped out for a while and the smell
of Christmas chocolate was so intoxicating I just had to go and find it. I
really couldn’t help myself and the wardrobe door was open just enough for me
to squeeze my nose in. I searched
through the pile of presents all wrapped up at looking sparkly, pulling them
out one by one and sticking my nose under the wrapping paper to see if they
smelled of chocolate. The fluffy white slippers distracted me for a few minutes
while I rolled around with them and licked and rubbed my snout into their
softness. I could smell the chocolate at the bottom of the bag so pulled and
tore at it until I got to them. Aaahhhhhh finally!!! Hershey’s Kisses, my
favourite. I was only going to have one. Honest! But the next thing I can remember is Mummy
coming into the bedroom finding me asleep on my side legs out straight with a
half empty packet of chocolate by my side. The bedroom was a bombsite,
Christmas presents, wrapping paper and little pieces of gold foil all over the
floor. Mummy was really not amused. She didn’t have to say a thing. I could see
it on her face. Oh Gosh! What have I done now?
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I’m now on strict supervision. All the Christmas presents
have been put high out of the way and Mummy is keeping a very close eye on me.
I guess I need to be on my very best behaviour if I want Santa to visit me too.

Much Love

Zuma XX

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