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Friday, 22 March 2013

A more serious note - Part 2

With spring time fast approaching we start to notice new growth in our garden and new life appearing in the fields with the birth of lambs and baby cows. The cycle of new life and beginnings is starting again and Easter gives us the chance to celebrate those new beginnings. I too am celebrating a new beginning for me. Some of the questions in my last blog edition have been answered and help has been found for me.
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It took a lot of research and some phone calls and digging around, but we did find a connection with Dog behaviour and domestic violence and a suitable therapist / trainer has been found to help me with my issues. I have always had trouble trusting people since my abuser left and the trainer is now able to translate my troubles to Mummy, so that she has the best understanding in helping me. After my first consultation my therapist’s description of me was “extremely traumatised”. Finally! Someone who understands me! Many humans don’t expect dogs to have real feeling and emotions and my new therapist is able to articulate those emotions to Mummy making them more real for her. She now has some understanding of what happened to me as a puppy when she wasn’t around and in helping me she has to relive some of the memories she had put to bed. Perhaps this is therapy for both of us?
Me and Mummy working together to help each other
 It´s only been the first week and there really is a long way to go, but already I am making progress. German Shepherds, for some reason are not my favourite breed of dog and I have always tried to pick a fight with any that I meet. This week I have spent most of my time with a very nice and well behaved one and not one single urge to go and eat him. So, for me that’s a huge improvement. At home I am much calmer, I feel more serene and less anxious. Less of a desire to hide under Mummy’s feet, which I´m sure Mummy is happy about.

If I keep this up Mummy has promised me a big surprise and I´m going to work hard to make improvements each week. I will be able to move on from my trauma and live a full and happy life like many other dogs. You know what though? In all honesty, I am a Jack Russell and it is in my nature to be naughty, so don’t count on me being 100% perfect.


Much Love


Zuma XX

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