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Monday, 16 May 2011

Too much to Woof about

My Mummy say’s I have far too much to say for myself. Woof, woof, woofing, about this that and the other. She is very busy these days with the business, creating cool new designs for your little stars to wear and our big move to Portugal. So, she has decided to put me in charge of our Zuma the Dog blog.
I get up to all sorts of naughty doggy things like woofing at the postman and eating the letters as they come through the door, digging really big holes in my Mummy’s lawn to bury my tasty bones in and chasing after joggers in the park. I do love to see if they can beat me in a race. I like to keep busy, just like my Mummy and I’m always off having an adventure somewhere, (well, Mummy calls it “getting into trouble”). But most of the time I am very cute, loving and adorable and have a very keen eye on what looks great on small children.
Jack Russell terriers are very opinionated and while Mummy comes up with new ideas and sources new products for our range, you can be rest assured I am there to woof my approval or bark my disapproval. All of our designs are created with love and your child’s innocence at mind. We believe children should stay as children for as long as possible and should not be exploited and sexualized in the way we are witnessing in our high streets today.
As a Jack Russell, I am all about love and fun, with my bright and bouncy personality. Mummy wants this to reflect in our designs and I whole heartedly agree with her. Between us we will endeavour to produce cool clothes for your colourful kids, a brand that you will always want your child to wear and feel comfortable knowing that our little team has designed these clothes with you in mind.
Well, I’m off on another little adventure, which I will tell you all about upon my return. Remember, Zuma the Dog loves you and don’t forget to check in on our website

Much Love

Zuma XX

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