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Monday, 27 June 2011

Too hot to Trot

Things have been pretty quiet around here for me just lately. The recent hot weather has made me feel a little queasy, so I’ve just settled for chillin out in the garden or snuggling under Mummy’s duvet. Hot weather is not so good for dogs. I’m lucky as a short haired Jack Russell, but there are some breeds of dog that are very fluffy and get overheated very easily in scorching hot weather. Over heating with dogs can lead to heart problems, so it’s always important to let your owners know when you are hot. Panting is a good sign. This also helps with your cooling process.
When it’s hot like this Mummy will always put out lots of water for me and fills up the paddling pool with cold water so I can jump in and cool off whenever I need to. She also puts a little sun cream on the end of my nose, just to protect me from the sun. I have white bits that need looking after and dogs can get sunburn too you know.
Mummy looked like she had a busy week. As an advisor for the BA (hons) Fashion course at Somerset College of Art & Technology, she went to give a prize to a lucky fashion student who will now be coming to help out with the business in August. She also met some lovely people who are in Fashion, cloth manufacturing and the arts in and around our local area. Having our intern though will be so much fun. There are plenty of things she can do. I think Mummy is planning to give her a great design project, which involves the sound track I did a couple of weeks ago. Looks like my woof will be coming to life on Zuma the Dog t-shirts very soon. You’ll have to keep an eye out for the sample when it comes and give us your opinion. Mummy usually previews all of our new samples on our Facebook page Come and have a look.
The suitcases from last week are now fully packed, which means Mummy and Master C will be heading off very shortly. I’m going to spend 3 weeks with my Auntie Venetia and Uncle Karl. So much fun is coming my way and I think I’m going to wee myself with excitement. My tail just cannot stop wagging. It may wag so much I might just take off.
Anyway, I’m sure I will have some stories to tell you about my adventures with V and Karl and in the mean time please remember to check out my website
Much Love

Zuma XX

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