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Monday, 20 June 2011

Zuma's Facebook Frenzy

Well last week was such a brilliant success for Mummy. She worked really hard all week on Facebook promoting and pushing our Zuma the Dog brand that we achieved our week’s goal and got to 300 fans. One lucky fan now has a Zuma the Dog hoody winging it’s way to them right now. So, from now on the only way is up, up, up and Mummy is busy preparing for the new goal of 600 fans, where one lucky fan will win one of our long sleeve top.
Our June promotion is still running, where you can get 20% discount at our website on any of our STOCK items. All you have to do is enter the code FBZUMA6 at the checkout. But remember you only have until midnight on 30th June 2011 to make the most of this offer. So quick, quick chop, chop get those paws clicking.
I have actually had a bit of a quiet week. Apart from my usually weekly visit to Doggy Day Care and the trip under the fence to visit the children next door, not much has happened. Mummy has got the suitcases down from the attic, which must mean she is heading off back to Portugal again. I can see Master Caleb has filled one suitcase with toys already, so I guess it can’t be long before they go. Mummy keeps telling me that soon I will be flying to Portugal with her, which could be fun I suppose. But actually I quite like being left behind. It means I get to go play at Auntie Venetia’s house. I love going to Auntie V’s. She lives in the country and has lots of fields for me to run around in and rabbit holes for me to dig. She even takes me to the pub and out for dinner. Brilliant times to come. I can’t wait. Also, I have to mention that she is our official company photographer and spends a lot of time taking pictures of me. :0D I love it!! All attention on me and me alone. To see some of her amazing pictures you should check out My last few words this week is to remind you to check out our fanpage on Facebook, “Like” and “Share”. While you’re at it, make the most of our June offer too.

Much Love

Zuma XX

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