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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

"Ouch" My nose!

OUCH!!!!!! I cut my nose on Monday morning while out for a walk with Mummy and Stephen (my Daddy). I was running through a field of Elephant grass, minding my own business and then out of the blue I felt a stinging sensation. A blade of grass caught me on the end of my nose, just like a paper cut. There was a lot of blood and Mummy was very worried. She rushed me back home to clean up the wound, but one lick from my super healing tongue fixed it in a flash. It’s still a little sore, but I am ok and back to zooming around like I always do.
This week at the Head Kennels of Zuma the Dog, it’s been quite productive. We launched a new campaign to gain more fans on Facebook and worked on the new images for our “Print & Colour” button, which i mentioned last week. Mummy came up with some great images, which are a play on the word “Zuma”. We have Zumazilla, Conzuma and Satzuma amongst others. You should check them out. Go to and download them. Great fun for the kids to colour in!
Facebook has been very busy. We launched new campaigns to gain for fans, which include a giveaway and the June promotion of 20% off all STOCK items. To get involved, just simply follow this link and “Like” our fanpage. There you will be able to see the discount codes which will enable you to get the discount through our website Also by “Liking” our fanpage you could be in the running for winning one of our Zuma the Dog hoody’s. Yay!!!!!
So, it’s all go go go here and Mummy, as always, is striving to come up with the most fun and colourful designs for our customers and I am, as always “woofing” my opinion to make sure Mummy is kept on her toes. I’m sure by next week my nose will have recovered and I will be back to my normal cute self.
Have a wonderful week

Much Love

Zuma XX

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