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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Zuma's Frenzy Celebration!

Yay!!!!! Yay!!!!! Yay!!!!! Mummy is back from her trip to Portugal and I am back in my home with the two key members of my little family. I had a wonderful time myself at Auntie V’s playing in her garden, but I’m happy to be back. So happy in fact that I licked Mummy’s face so much I don’t think she need’s wash for a week, in my opinion anyway. She was completely covered in yummy dog slobber. I caught her scrubbing her face quite vigorously only moments after. Mmmmmm I was pretty sure I did a good job cleaning it.
Mummy said that her trip was brilliant, working more on the house, meeting new people and a lot of Zuma the Dog networking. Daddy S believes we can get the Adventures of Zuma the Dog published in Spain and Portugal, so Mummy’s new task is to have the books translated. Wouldn’t that be great!!! Zuma the Dog books available in three languages. Now what is the Portuguese word for dog? MMmmm, I think it’s Cow? Cao? Zuma the Cao! doesn’t quite have the same zing to it, but, anyway I’m sure it will be fabulous as always.
In celebration of my family’s return we are launching another Facebook Friday Frenzy. This is open to all of our Facebook fans, Twitter and blog followers and will be held on Friday 5th August 2011, between 8pm and 10pm GMT. This is where you can get 40% discount on ALL STOCK items when using the code FFAUG5 at the checkout of Cool hey? You must be quick though, as this frenzy offer will only be open for two hours and after 10pm GMT the offer will be closed. Just a two hour window for you to grab your Zuma the Dog bargains.
My advice would be to check out our sweaters. At this discounted rate you would get brilliant value for money. Kids still need something to keep them warm in those summer evenings and a Zuma the dog sweater would be a great option. Particularly in the vivid orange and yellow they are available in. They really do show off the intensity of our summer season.
Mummy needs the laptop back now so for this blog I guess its Adeus and Boa tarde.
Much Love

Zuma XX

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