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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Zuma's Summer Break

Aaaaaahhhhhh. Peace at last!! Mummy and Master C dropped me off at my Auntie V’s house on Saturday before they headed off to the airport. I was so excited to see Auntie V and Uncle Karl I almost did a little wee. I’m not sure they’d be too happy if I had actually wee’d myself. Does anyone do a line in doggy diapers by the way?
So this week I am the pampered pooch, (ha ha get it? Diapers? Pampered?). Anyway, playing in the garden, going for extra long walks and going to the pub for a pint or two in the evenings. That would actually be water and not cider.
The weather is still great and I can’t help wondering what the weather is like for Mummy in Portugal. The dogs there must get very hot and overheated with the temperatures they get, which reminds me of some more advice I was given last week. When you have a long haired dog, please remember to make sure when cooling them down, it’s their skin than needs to be cooled and not their fur. The fur soaks up the water and is warmed by the sun and by their body heat, which intern will make your doggy even hotter. So, spraying with water using a hose pipe is probably not the best idea, but to make sure doggy has a paddling pool with cool water that he can lie in if necessary. I’m luck with my short fur; it’s easier to get water to my skin.
Mummy phoned me earlier today, to tell me she had arrived in Portugal safely and that she had met some new doggy friends for me to meet when I get there at the end of the year. She also mentioned the new “Factory Outlet Shop” that was launched on Facebook this week. This is a place that is exclusive to our Facebook fans, where they can purchase our first development samples or end of line stock at really low prices. To have a look for yourself, follow this link!/pages/Zuma-the-Dog/105101743853?sk=app_138996027389 and grab yourself a bargain! If you want to purchase from our current range then please go to
Lots of new styles and developments are happen and there is always fun at the Headquarters of Zuma the Dog. Keep checking in and share my Dog Blog with your friends to see what's new with Zuma the Dog the kid’s cool lifestyle clothing brand.

Much Love

Zuma XX

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