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Monday, 1 August 2011

Zuma's New Friend

We are very lucky to have a new friend come to help out in the crazy world of Zuma the Dog. Mummy kept it as a surprise from me, but for the next two weeks we have the help from Fashion design graduate Charlotte Lovell our brilliant new intern from Somerset College of Art & Technology. Excitedly as I always am when meeting new people, I gave her the full Zuma the Dog meet and greet, with slobbery kisses, hugs, relentless ball / stick / stone giving and woofing. I think I’ve charmed her enough and sure she is completely in love with me now. MMmmmm I wonder if I can get her to cradle me and rub my tummy? What do you think?
After a quick orientation and strict instructions from Mummy to ignore me where possible, she was soon put her to work designing logos for our new sound chip T-shirt. It’s great to get a new fresh approach to some design aspects of our business. Mummy is a great designer, but it’s always good to get another person’s input in design. This can lift the whole look of the brand and stop it from becoming stayed. We like to move things on and keep our ideas cutting edge and fun, so you, our customer get the best we can achieve.
There are so many different aspects to running our business and over the next two weeks Charlotte will get the chance to be a part of each challenge we face every day. We are really quite a relaxed little office, but from Design, development, shipping, sales and distribution, marketing and PR, book keeping and accounts, as a small business owner Mummy turns her hand to all of these different areas and hopes she can give Charlotte the opportunity to learn from her. That’s if she doesn’t put het off first. LOL Oh! Maybe I’ll put her off!
Zuma the Dog has a great selection of kids designer clothes. You should visit our website now and check it out for yourselves.
Mummy has got more Facebook and Twitter marketing to do and is telling me she needs her laptop back now. It seems to take me ages to type these blogs. Must have something to do with paws and no thumbs maybe.
I’ll see you next week
Much Love

Zuma XX

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