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Monday, 19 September 2011

Zuma's in with the Colour

Gosh I can see Mummy turning blue from the cold. Wowee! She really is not used to this autumn weather and it’s not really that cold yet. How will she cope when the winter really kicks in? So, with the change in the weather Mummy decided to go out and buy Master C some new winter clothes as he had grown out of last year’s outfits.
Mummy took me along with her and I really couldn’t believe what I saw. It was very disappointing, I have to say. Living at home here with in my family environment, I’m surrounded with colour, brightness and happiness and I thought that was the way the world is. Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be? Mummy always makes sure Master C is wearing something bright. Not only to make him stand out, but bright clothes are thought to uplift a person’s mood. Make them feel better within themselves. I guess there must be a kind of psychology behind the art of dressing.
While we try to promote happiness within the lives of our children, giving them a good, honest loving environment to grow, this should also reflect within the clothes we chose to dress our children in. While browsing the stores this weekend I could see the annoyance upon the expression of Mummy’s face. Not one single bright item available to buy for a 4 year old boy. What is the matter with the UK high street today? Why does it force us to cloth our children in such dark and dingy colours of grey and black. Knitted sweaters with grey and black stripes, black fleece hoodies, black and white checked shirts and black puffy coats. Really? Should I say anymore? The winter months are tough enough with the lack of light. Why depress our children more by dressing them in such a morbid fashion?
This disappointing shopping trip has spurred Mummy and me to drive our campaign forward and change the point of view of the British public and high street buyers when it comes to children’s fashion. Zuma the Dog is all about the bright, all about the love and all about colour. We want our kids to reflect the love that the world has. Forget about the dark side of fashion and our kids should not have to see the dark side of life. Promote colour and love from their early years and see them grown into bright, happy, colourful adults. That is what the world really needs, a generation of children growing up knowing only the bright side of life. Dress them in Zuma the Dog and see them love what they wear.
At Zuma the Dog we hold a colourful range of kids designer clothes, kids designer jeans and girls designer hoodies and you can also buy from our “outlet shop” on Facebook, where you can get up to 50% off last season stock, or follow us on Twitter.
If you would like to enquire about buying wholesale and stocking Zuma the Dog for winter or pre-order for summer 2012, please contact Mummy via email at or find the “wholesale” page on our website, where you can email your interest there.
I can see Mummy is shivering, so I best go and make her a cup of tea and curl up around her feet. My fur will keep her warm and make her feel much warmer.

Much Love

Zuma XX

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  1. I just love Zuma The Dog clothing. If I had a small child I would buy everything here. How adorable.