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Monday, 5 September 2011

Zuma's Season of Celebration

Only one week to go till Mummy and Master C get back from their trip and when they called over the weekend they were saying how much they were missing me. Aaaaawwww, they do love me after all and now I feel bad for getting really upset and eating Master C’s duvet. OOooopppsss! Think I’m gonna have to hide it somewhere so I don’t get into trouble when they get home.
Summer is definately over and most of you will be back at school by now. Those past six weeks just flew by, didn't they? I usually get a little melancholy around this time of year, what with the summer coming to an end and the night’s drawing in, but when you really think about it, it’s actually a great, colourful time of year. Not only is there a lot of change in nature, with the leaves turning beautiful shades of yellow and orange (my favourite colours), but it’s also a time for celebration. One being Halloween! I love this holiday the best and have even been known to go out with Master C trick or treating dressed in matching pumpkin outfits.
As we are now taking orders for winter Mummy has also added Halloween Greeting Cards to our range. These cards are available in packs of 10 with envelopes, in two fun designs with me at the centre of each. These can be purchased exclusively through our website, or our Facebook fanpage shop as an add on to your E-tail order or purchased as a wholesale order.
Here at Zuma the Dog we hold a great range of kids designer clothes, kids designer jeans and girls designer hoodies and you can also buy from our “outlet shop” on Facebook, where you can get up to 50% off sale items, or follow us on Twitter.
To enquire about buying wholesale and stocking Zuma the Dog for winter or pre-order for summer 2012, please contact Mummy via email at or find the “wholesale” page on our website, where you can email your interest there.
I’ve gotta go now as I need to email this to Mummy, who wants this entry for her deadline and I also have some sewing to do. I Think I should drag out the duvet from its hiding place and patch it up before Mummy and Caleb get home. Should start now really at its not easy sewing with paws. Gonna take me a while I think.
Much Love

Zuma XX

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